Poll: Speed of Release vs. Quality

With release cycles getting shorter, there is a growing need to increase the speed of releases without compromising quality. But which is more important to you and why?

Firstly, both speed and quality are extremely important. However, there might be times when speed trumps quality, and vice versa, based on your company stage, industry and your goals. From our experience of working with our clients, some have to prioritise one or the other.


If you need to release new features regularly to keep your users engaged, speed is more important. For a company like CityMapper, who release real-time updates, releasing quickly is vital. But if you rely on delivering a good user experience to keep customers coming back, quality is crucial. LiveSafe for example have to be super focused on quality for the safety of their users. 


As part of our ongoing series this year, we're asking you to let us know what's more important in your organisation; speed or quality? Be a part of our anonymous poll - we'll be revealing the answers in an upcoming blog post so make sure you're subscribed to keep up to date!


Your responses will provide valuable insight to other QA professionals as well as our testing community.


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