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Technology is rapidly changing the way we live our lives. It has a knock-on effect on many things, but what does it mean for you and software testing? Here we take a look ahead to see what the world of QA can expect in 2018.

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The Agile methodology for software development focuses on releasing high-quality software regularly. Thorough software testing forms an important part of achieving that aim, in . . .

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CTO’s must think about 2018 as the year they focus on QA as a pathway to growth. QA presents an opportunity to deliver exceptional experiences for customers. Yet many CTO’s are unsure of what they should be doing with their QA. Here are . . .

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You’ve probably been in this scenario before: you’re in a meeting where someone has asked  questions about the metrics you use to assess value in your testing work. Questions, such as, how do you define metrics (and therefore achieve . . .

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Continuous testing? Shifting left? What about automation testing? How do all of these things tie together and are they the same thing? The landscape for QA right now can be incredibly confusing and difficult to traverse. Luckily for you . . .

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Can you QA everything? This sounds like a pretty loaded question at the outset but what we’re asking is can you ensure the complete quality of your app or website? This question should really be focused on whether you need to QA . . .

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What does the future hold for QA?


Regular readers of our blog will know that we feel the ability to test at the speed whilst improving quality is the future of QA.


Read on to learn about:

  • How to blend and optimise your QA
  • How to . . .
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