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How do you ensure your product operates across all devices?

We’ve all heard the term ‘well it worked on my device’ in response to the identification of bugs found whilst testing. With thousands of devices in the world, how can your testing team confidently test all combinations to guarantee your app's usability? The costs involved to ensure you have appropriate device coverage would be astronomical.

Device farms or simulators are a reasonable alternative to ensure compatibility, but these do not ensure that real devices replicating real world issues are used.


Global App Testing offers real devices used by real people in real locations

Our crowd of professionally vetted testers are able to take care of all your compatibility testing needs, boasting thousands of device and OS combinations.

  • Over 200,000 device / OS/ network combinations

  • 70,000 professionally vetted testers in over 189 countries

  • Specify what devices and operating system combinations you require

  • Usability feedback to maximise product quality across all devices

  • In depth reporting of issues including crash logs, steps to reproduce, videos and more

Due to the sheer number of testers and devices within our crowd, there is no better alternative to compatibility testing than Global App Testing.

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Top Testing Capabilities to ensure the coverage of your product

Real Device Testing

Global App Testing carries out all testing on real devices for real world results.

Compatibility Testing

Our crowd can provide a series of tests on different devices, browsers and operating systems to ensure product compatibility.

Cross Browser Testing

Test whether your website works correctly when accessed by different browsers.

Operating System (OS) Testing

Ensure that your app or webpage works correctly with new OS versions.

IoT Testing

Ensure that IoT devices cooperate with your app and operate exactly in accordance with the specific local requirements.

Voice Testing

Test the compatibility of different devices when using voice to utilise your product. 

Exploratory Testing

Through unscripted testing, our crowd will test your product on specific devices to identify edge case bugs or issues.

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"Global App Testing is tool agnostic so we’ve integrated their test execution into our existing workflow and tools. The whole team finds it easy to use and we now are testing more often and earlier in our release cycle"

Nick Popivici, CEO at VitaMojo



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