The Quality Leaders Network 'Breakfast Of Champions'

Ed-tech professionals, this one’s for you. Join us at Vintry & Mercer, one of London’s finest luxury boutique hotels, for a discussion on the challenges facing tech leaders in the education, ed-tech and e-learning industry today. 

We’ll cover everything, including:

  • Keeping your customers active and reducing churn rate with proven strategies and frameworks;
  • The most effective methods of monetising your product and getting your customers to pay for the service;
  • Delivering world-class customer experience with QA;
  • Learn the importance of a “Quality culture” and why you must have one in place before (not after) an IT disaster happens;
  • How to align business and engineering objectives to increase growth and revenue.

A range of very special guest speakers from across the industry will be joining us to discuss AI, machine learning and the top trends to prepare for in 2020. 

The discussion will be followed by an interactive Q&A session, plus an opportunity to network with your industry peers, so you can leave the event with new ideas and tactics to implement within your organisation! 

Due to the exclusive nature of the event, and all other QLN events, the breakfast of champions is open to tech leaders and IT Senior Professionals only

See you there! 👋