Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan Details

Minimum term:

12 months

Your Customer Success Manager will be on hand to provide dedicated support throughout your contract:

✓ Onboarding including complete QA strategy and integration support

✓ Ongoing Strategic Support

✓ On Demand Technical Support via email or phone

✓ Bug Tracker Integration set up Support

Exploratory Tests:

from 10 per month

Test Suite Creation Service:

Monthly (150 test cases)

Test Cases Executions:

from 4000* per month

Bug Verification:

Includes all bugs reported by GAT

Testing Turnaround:

24-48 working hours


Fair usage policy of 10 instructions per test case used

Aim: Identify and report on broken functionality across the app, or a specific subset of features, including unanticipated user pathways.    

Approach: Testers review the app based on their own expertise. While some guidance is provided in terms of the scope and focus of testing, flexibility is given in testing for edge case scenarios and testers are not supplied with specific scripts.  


✓ Ability to run up to 10 Functional Exploratory test cycles at the same time

✓ Professional testers from our global community specialising in functional software testing

✓ Testing covering a variety of different locations across different device configurations

✓ List of full bug reports imported directly into your bug tracker (or preferred method)

Aim: To create a comprehensive Test Case Suite of pathways simulating anticipated user scenarios throughout the app, for repeated future execution.

Approach: Identify and record user flows throughout features across the app, along with the expected behaviour for such scenarios. These pathways are documented on a spreadsheet or within a test case management platform.



✓ Full Test Case Suite created in your onboarding month*

✓ Creation and design by our in house Domain Experts


NB: If Test Cases are to be provided to GAT, depending on the existing and desired level of coverage, our in house specialists will review existing material alongside the app and identify potential areas for development.

* We are able to continue developing your personalised Test Case Suite beyond your initial set up in the first month. Please contact your Sales Representative for more information.

Scenarios with multiple steps performed once on a single device/browser. For example, a Test Case Suite containing 100 Test Cases performed on 5 devices would be a total of 500. If this was repeated twice within a month, a total of 1000 Test Cases would have been executed in that month.

Aim: Review specific functionality within the app, and confirm is it working as intended.

Approach: Testers move through specific steps of a user flow within the app, and confirm if each stage matches the documented expected behaviour. Any steps within the scenario that are not working as intended are also delivered as bug reports.


✓ 2 hour notice period during normal UK business hours

✓ Failed Test Cases (steps within the scenario that are not working as intended) reported directly into your bug tracker

✓ Smoke Tests: a subset of Test Cases from the full Suite containing only core flows can be selected and run separately, with a faster turnaround.

Aim: To verify that bugs reported by GAT which have been fixed are no longer reproducing on an updated version of the app.

Approach: The GAT Moderation team will attempt to reproduce each bug using one of the original test devices, within as similar conditions as feasible. Where reproducibility depends on a specific environment GAT is unable to recreate, the tester that reported the bug initially the bug will verify if possible.


✓ Verification of all bugs reported by GAT, as needed*

✓ 2 hour notice period during normal business hours

✓ Verification against original device/conditions where possible

✓ Results of verification updated within bug tracker

*A new round of testing (Functional Exploratory or Test Case) will be required to confirm that any such confirmed fixes have not yielded more bugs.


QAOps Training

For your first month a member of our Customer Success team will work closely with you, and provide:
✓ Helpful hints and tips to improve your QA process
✓ Support to get the most out of your plan with your current QA setup
Support to highlight key areas relevant to your testing which will help you get the most out of our product

Technical Support

✓Email based support for any technical queries in using the Global App Testing plans, provided during UK business hours.
Email us at any time if you need support: customersupport@globalapptesting.com.

Bug tracker integration

✓ Moderated bugs reported directly into your chosen bug tracker
✓ Bug verification results are updated directly within your chosen bug tracker

Add Ons


This testing approach aims to verify that the app features work as intended within a specific carrier/connectivity environment, and/or in a specific country or location. This testing is completed by testers based within the target location.

(when selected alongside plan)


Should additional Test Case Creation or Execution be needed in a given month, top up packs can be added to your package at any time.

Not included:

  • Testing services not explicitly defined or laid out in this Plan, or other add on services as offered by GAT
  • Testing services that do not comply with GAT Terms of Service available online. Nothing in this Plan description supercedes GAT Terms of Service content
  • Payment features cannot be tested on a live app environment i.e. no genuine purchases can be made by GAT or our crowd of testers