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Software testing services assess the quality, security, and performance of software applications. With Global App Testing you can get started straight away. 

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Software testing services: what are they?

Software testing services assess the quality, functionality, security, and performance of software applications. With Global App Testing we aim to identify defects, ensure compliance with requirements, and enhance your user experience to deliver growth anywhere in the world.

Getting started 

It's easy to get started with Global App Testing – just send us a message to chat to one of our QA consultants. You can start testing with us straight away; but we undertake a 100-day ramp up. That helps us 


Different types of test available through testing services 

There's a number of different types of software testing service available by types of test. We've listed the ones available through global app testing and crowdsourced testing in general. 

Usability testing

Usability testing 

Usability testing evaluates barriers to users completing goals in your software. One example of this is think-out-loud testing, in which you can watch users “think out loud” as they test. Global App Testing offers powerful targeted controls and projects to ensure that your usability tests are with the relevant users and offer valuable insights to help remove barriers to success for your users.


Accessibility test

Accessibility testing 

Accessibility testing ensures software is usable by individuals with a disability or impairment, conforming to accessibility standards and guidelines to provide equal access and usability for everyone.  We’re also proud to work with Inclusive Access, so we can provide user panels in which users with real experience with impairments examine your software.


L10n & i18n

Localization & Internationalization testing 

Localization testing ensures software can adapt to different languages, cultures, and regions accurately. Internationalization testing focuses on designing software to be easily localized without code changes, promoting global usability and acceptance. That makes localization and internationalization testing one of the most complex things to run in-house.


Functional Testing 

Functional testing examines individual software functions to verify they meet specified requirements. It validates inputs, outputs, and interactions, ensuring accurate results and proper system behavior. With Global App Testing, functional testing is done through a mixture of test cases and exploratory tests, where “exploratory tests” invites our tester community to dig into. 



Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing assesses how well software performs across various devices, browsers, operating systems, and network environments, ensuring consistent functionality and user experience. The difficulty of device management in-house can make this a great choice to outsource, as every device and operating system is available with GAT.



Targeted UX Testing

User Experience (UX) testing goes beyond functionality to assess how users interact with software, focusing on emotions, attitudes, and overall satisfaction to improve engagement and enjoyment. With GAT, we offer rapid international surveys with sophisticated demographic controls to allow you to route your test to the right user, whatever device they use and wherever they are in the world. 


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Benefits of software testing services with Global App Testing

We're proud to offer a huge number of benefits for your teams, across QA, product, and engineering.

QA team

Benefits for your QA team

  • Avoid being the bottleneck slowing down software releases
  • Improve software quality with comprehensive testing services.
  • Save time and effort with efficient testing methodologies.
  • Focus on strategic work, enhancing the overall development process.

Engineer team

Benefits for your engineering team

  • Free your in-tray from QA tasks, boosting your productivity.
  • Prevent bugs from reaching production with rigorous testing.
  • Accelerate software releases, meeting market demands quicker.
  • Increase automation for robust and consistent testing.

Product team

Benefits for your product team

  • Enhance product UX through thorough testing and refinement.
  • Identify issues impacting commercial performance before launch.
  • Pinpoint barriers to user success, enhancing user satisfaction.
  • Expand your user base globally with reliable, high-quality software.

FAQ software testing services 


What are the different types of software testing services?

Besides software testing services offering different types of test, there are also different categories of service to consider.

Crowdtesting with Global App Testing

Crowdtesting is a dynamic testing approach where a diverse group of external testers, often from different backgrounds and locations, evaluate a software application's functionality, usability, and performance. This method leverages the collective insights of this distributed crowd to uncover a wide range of potential issues and provide real-world feedback. 

Crowdsourced testers interact with the application in various scenarios, devices, and environments, simulating real user conditions. This approach enhances test coverage, accelerates testing cycles, and provides a fresh perspective. 


User testing and panels 

User testing involves real end-users interacting with a software product to evaluate its usability and overall user experience. 

Participants perform tasks representative of how the software will be used in real life, providing valuable insights into pain points, navigation challenges, and satisfaction levels. 

User testing helps validate design decisions, enhance user interfaces, and align software functionalities with user expectations. By observing users' interactions and gathering direct feedback, developers can make informed improvements that lead to more intuitive, user-centric software.


What are some reputable providers of software testing service 

Global App Testing 

In a digitally connected world, your app and/or website’s's success hinges on its ability to work seamlessly wherever it’s used. Our services are designed to guarantee your app's functionality across diverse locations, languages, and devices.

With a global network of experienced testers, we assess your app's performance under real-world conditions, identifying and resolving potential issues before they impact user experience. From language localization to network responsiveness, our comprehensive approach guarantees a mature and reliable final product.

Ensure your app is ready for a global audience and show your dedication to quality and user happiness. Partner with us to refine your app and confidently introduce it to the world. Because when it comes to your app's performance, quality matters everywhere.


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