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 70,000 professional testers | any device and environment | 190 markets | 120+ languages

  • Real-world test coverage in any country and on any device and OS.
  • Receive results in real-time, integrated into your CI/CD workflow.
  • Maximise team productivity and enhance internal QA and engineering teams.
  • Accelerate your automation strategy with our manual testing solution.
  • Functional and usability testing to release high quality software.
  • Launch and maintain growth in local markets.

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Run assessments through experts on the ground in 190 markets.

You know your performance; we have the story. Our experts are in 190 countries and 120 languages to assess your localized product or website. With a selective onboarding process and an internal ranking among our testers, we can ensure that your software is reviewed by the very best.

190 languages

Double check your software for translation, UI, or local cultural mistakes 

We'll make sure your software works as you expect. Based on our experience with multiple localization projects, we've produced a "four pillar" system to ensure that your localized product scores well in access, translation & linguistics, local usability and UI, and cultural nuance. 

Here's how Canva went live in 190 markets with impeccable software

“We needed a localization team which could help us manage our global projects” – that's what Canva's Localization QA manager, Raymond Torcurator, said when he was putting in 15-hour days to manage local users around the world. Today, over 60% of Canva’s users now come from non-English markets and we've made Raymond's job much easier.

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What you get immediately:

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Speak their language

Verify your translation for naturalness and consistency with a native speaker.

Perfect your local UI

Translations can disrupt your UI; we’ll highlight areas for cleanup.

Ensure cultural relevance

Eliminate sentiment risks & commercial blockers via an enhanced NPS.

What you get in the long term:

Better performance visibility

You can know your product performance from HQ.

Higher NPS

When you pay attention, users trust you more.

More local users

Drive signups with a bumper review of your local onboarding.

Tell the story behind the numbers.

If your numbers are better in one country than another, you need to know why. And we can tell you.


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Instead of testing the top 500 apps as planned, partnering with Global App Testing allowed us to increase our testing surface area by an order of magnitude within the same time window.”
Reagan Wiliams, Platform

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