The Best Rainforest Alternative 

Thinking of building a new web or mobile application? Chances are, you’ve probably already heard of app testing. It’s pretty critical in the SaaS community, and for good reason. Without regular app testing, you risk putting your software’s usability on the line. 



If you’re looking to scale your applications across multiple platforms, web app testing is a must. Not sure where to start? Your best bet is to use an app testing platform—it will just streamline the process so much better. 

To help you, we’re going to run the rule over one of the leading app testing platforms in the industry; Global App Testing. And, explain how it measures up as an alternative to Rainforest QA. 

Read on to learn about:

What is Global App Testing?

Who is Global App Testing for?

Why do you need Global App Testing?

Global App Testing Vs. Rainforest QA

Why is Global App Testing the best Rainforest alternative?

Why choose Global App Testing?

Improve your product releases and develop consistent, high-quality applications time and time again


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Speak to a QA Expert

What is Global App Testing?

In short, a simple, all-in-one functional app testing platform for engineering & QA teams, and beyond.

Global App Testing delivers a suite of test management tools to help businesses create quality tests and manage their testing activities from one central location. 

Our testing platform can be split into three key areas: Test management, test execution, and tests results and analysis. Let’s take a look at all three in turn to give you a better understanding of what Global App Testing can do for your business.

Test management:

Tests can be executed directly via the Global App Testing platform and API, and businesses have a range of 60,000+ vetted testers to choose from. 

Test execution:

Experience speedy test execution with our app testing platform. Easily get rid of high-impact bugs during your test runs by scaling test coverage, thus increasing release velocity with a speedy test case turnaround time (30 to 150 minutes). Our test suite also gives you access to exploratory testing that is ready for use within 24 to 36 hours.

Have access to 24/7, around-the-clock test resources for continuous testing capabilities, so your team can focus on what’s most important, and free up more time to analyze your test strategy and results.

Test results and analysis:

Once any technical issues are found, you can set about fixing the most important bugs first. 

With our wide range of bug reports, you can easily share and recreate issues to prevent similar bugs from occurring in the future. You don’t have to worry about collecting any of this data yourself - we’ll work behind the scenes to provide you with the information you need to make better development decisions.

Benefits of Global App Testing

Continuous integration

Our app testing platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing DevOps and CI/CD tools, and this continuous integration will help enhance your workflows and business processes. 

Global App Testing also integrates with some of your favorite productivity and project management apps including Jira, Trello, GitHub, TestRai, lBasecamp, Asana, and Slack. 

All-in-one platform

Have access to all your test management tools and create high-quality testing scenarios from one central location. Our all-in-one platform boasts a wide variety of testing capabilities to ensure you hit on all the key spots when rolling out your new software. 

Our QA solutions include: exploratory testing, test case execution, usability testing, mobile app testing (for applications aimed at mobile devices of all types), and web app testing, so there’s something for everyone.

Experience a quick and speedy test management solution like no other with Global App Testing. Manage, create, and plan out your testing scenarios yourself, or hire our team to do the hard work for you.

Speedy test execution

Have the best of both worlds with seamless integration and fast, high-quality testing, delivering speedy test execution and the chance to execute tests using a wide cross-section of testers.

Effective test results and analysis

At Global App Testing, we will provide you with key data and information, so you can make smarter development choices. This means you can easily unearth bugs and prioritize the most critical issues first, enabling you to improve on the user experience before rolling out your software. 

We’ll also provide you with detailed bug reports so you can share and resolve issues ASAP. Our platform monitors all bugs, giving you the visibility you need to make sure your users get the best experience possible. From snapshots and step-by-step test execution details, to videos of your issues, you’ll have everything you need to get quality assurance, no need to automate.

Who is Global App Testing for?

Our best-in-class functional app testing is ideal for development teams or individuals looking to roll out software products on the web or mobile. We understand the challenges of QA, and have designed our software testing platform to uncover high-impact bugs before they reach your end-users.

Whether you have a specific QA goal or want to make ownership easier with engineering and QA teams, there’s something for everyone. Boasting a wide range of testing capabilities from crowd and automation testing to web and mobile testing, our platform will help you get maximum results with little effort.

Why do you need Global App Testing?

Available for both mobile applications and web applications, Global App Testing can help businesses and QA engineers build apps and software that are scalable and free of bugs. Test your application’s usability, functionality, and consistency before rolling it out to end-users, ensuring that there are no errors or bugs within your system. 

Our all-in-one platform delivers a smooth experience to your QA team, helping them determine whether your app can be successfully executed, downloaded, and interacted with. Make this vital step of the development process a seamless experience so you can bring to market consistent, high-quality products.

Curious about what else Global App Testing can do for your business? Here are some of our key pointers:

  • Streamline your workflow and business processes
  • Access to a range of testing tools and capabilities
  • Access to a scalable app testing platform (get lightning-fast results with testing that’s on-demand 24/7).
  • Find bugs and critical issues before you roll out your software to end-users, resulting in enhanced digital experiences
  • Mobile testing capabilities for software on iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Competitive pricing for base, localized, and enterprise teams
  • Access to 60,000+ vetted testers
  • Increase your software’s release velocity 
  • Increase your team’s productivity and efficiency with our QA system that enables you to do more with less
  • Improve your software product quality by ironing out any bugs in advance with continuous QA testing
  • Access to a global testing framework with real people on real devices
  • Assurance of the highest standards of security, via our ISO 27001 certification
  • 24/7 support from the Global App Testing team
  • Foster a shared culture within your business that values QA

Global App Testing Vs. Rainforest QA

With the need for app testing growing, it’s no surprise that there’s an abundance of platforms out there promising to meet all your testing needs. 

Rainforest QA is just one of many platforms providing users with a suite of testing and management tools, but just because it’s well-known doesn’t make it the best option. At Global App Testing, we do things a little differently. We like to think of ourselves as innovators (after all, we did create Testathon!)

Read on to find out what makes us different to other app testing platforms like Rainforest QA, and why you should choose us as your provider.

Why is Global App Testing the best Rainforest QA alternative?

At Global App Testing, our mission is simple; give businesses and QA engineering teams the ability to instantly and effortlessly find bugs before they impact end-users. While there are a lot of app testing platforms out there, very few have had as much of an impact on the QA and testing industry as we have. 

Alongside our all-in-one testing platform, we’ve created Testathon - an exhibition that brings the best testers together to try out some of the newest, most amazing apps. We strive to innovate; something which is reflected in our Global App Testing delivery to clients. 

Rainforest QA is one of many testing platforms out there, but we believe Global App Testing brings something different to the market: A combination of innovation, hands-on support, and a 60,000+ strong community of testers ready to give your software the green light before deployment.

Feature comparison:     


Global App Testing

Rainforest QA

Detailed bug reports with step-by-step execution details 


Integration with existing bug trackers 

ISO 27001 security certification

✕ (only ISO 27002)

Access to a 60,000+ strong community of local and global testers

DevOps and CI/CD tool integrations 

Functional testing  

Scaling strategies with on-demand experts 

Access to 24/7 test resources

Cross browser testing  

Generate revenue with a partner program  


Key features of Global App Testing

Fast results & analysis

Get fast and actionable test results with our detailed bug reports and data, so you can make any necessary changes ASAP. After you’ve run a test, we’ll provide you with the data and information you need to make improvements and fix the bugs and errors that matter most. 

With our filtering and grouping system, you’ll be able to easily prioritize and manage resources and data, helping you pinpoint key problem areas without any of the hassle.

We’ll give you access to detailed bug reports that offer visibility on any issues your product or software is encountering. We’ll provide you with step-by-step test execution details, as well as screenshots, screen recordings, and metrics to help you improve your product before rolling it out to end-users. 

Not only does this give your application and software quality assurance, but it ensures that your team is focusing on the bugs that matter most, rather than scrambling from one bug to the next.


Our QA platform comes with a host of advanced integrations to make for more seamless workflows and digital experiences. From DevOps & CI/CD tools to bug tracking software and productivity and time-planning integrations, we’ve got you covered. 

Integrations can help increase productivity and efficiency amongst your team at work, as well as free up resources and stop your employees from toggling between different applications. If company data is all secure and stored within one central location, it makes for a smoother work experience.

Some of our most popular integrations include:

  • Jira
  • GitHub
  • Azure DevOps
  • Trello
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Sprintly
  • Basecamp
  • Asana
  • DoneDone

Access to real testers

Execute tests and check for bugs with 60,000+ live testers on our platform and via API. At Global App Testing, we combine crowdtesting and automation to give you quality assurance before rolling your product out to end-users.

On-demand QA

Support your DevOps team with our on-demand QA platform. With Global App Testing, you can easily create and manage tests from a central location, and use UI or API for rapid test execution.

Enterprise grade security

We know just how important it is to keep your software and applications secure - that’s why security is one of our top priorities. 

Global App Testing is built and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This ensures our platform meets the highest quality standards with data hosting and encryption, disaster recovery measures, single-sign in and authentication, and web application and network firewalls. 

We’ve also completed our ISO 27001 audit, which means we meet the highest worldwide security standards.

Types of testing we offer

We offer a wide range of testing capabilities for businesses, increasing your chances of finding bugs quickly.

Our most popular testing offerings include:

Functional testing

A type of black-box testing, functional testing assesses whether your product actually works and can be used by customers the way it’s intended to be. Instead of focusing on processing, functional testing focuses on what the results of processing should be.

Functional testing assesses:

  • How well the features of the product work
  • How accessible the product is
  • Usability and user experience
  • What happens when problems arise, and possible solutions to these problems

Functional testing is key to ironing out any issues early and ensures that the product works as expected.

How it works with Global App Testing:

At Global App Testing, we do the hard work for you and take on your company’s functional testing so you can spend more time on test strategy and analysis. Our testers will help free up your resources, letting you and your team focus on what’s most important.

Functional testing is usually best executed via high-quality testing by real people on real devices, which is something Global App Testing offers its clients. 

Automated testing means that all your simple and repetitive tasks can be checked and given the green-light quickly, while manual testing (via our crowdtesting community or our in-house team) ensures that you pinpoint all the bugs that disrupt the user experience.

Exploratory testing takes a slightly different approach to software testing. Focusing on individual learning and test design, it’s an approach that enables testers to unearth defects and problems that aren’t easily found in other tests. 

The great thing about exploratory testing is that it gets testers to think outside the box and come up with use cases that wouldn’t otherwise be discovered in an ordinary test case.

Exploratory testing assesses:

  • How the product works
  • What kinds of questions should be asked about the product
  • How the product will handle different test cases

Exploratory testing is key to achieving faster development cycles, particularly for an Agile team that needs to refine and develop the product throughout its entire lifecycle.

How it works with Global App Testing:

Experience scalable exploratory testing with our QA platform for mobile and web development teams, and have access to a network of professional testers who are ready to take a deep-dive into your product. 

Uncover bugs and technical issues that might otherwise get lost in translation, ensuring your app is functional and of a high-quality before it’s rolled out to end-users.

The great thing about our exploratory testing is that it’s completely flexible and adaptable to your business needs. Test your app on your own terms, relying on us as little or as much as you need. You don’t have to rely on rigid testing templates.

Our flexible QA system means you have access to on-demand exploratory testing without any of the hassle. For every exploratory test you execute, 15 to 20 professional testers will be used to take a deep dive into your application to help pinpoint critical errors and bugs within your application.

Regression testing

Performed after you’ve made changes or updates to your product, regression testing ensures everything is functioning as it should be, and that the changes haven’t altered your product’s core makeup. 

Regression testing is important because even the smallest of changes can have unforeseen consequences. Testing your product after you’ve made a few tweaks will ensure everything is working as expected, and will give you time to iron out any issues before rolling it out to your end users.

How it works with Global App Testing:

Made any changes to your product’s code or make-up? Give it the once over before deployment with our QA testing platform. Our testers will jump on your product, looking out for any changes after updates or alterations.

Test case execution

Common lingo in the software world, a test case execution is simply a deep dive into the inputs, execution, testing conditions, and testing procedures that all contribute towards how a test is executed.

The whole purpose of test case execution is to determine whether features are operating as expected, and that they meet your industry and customer guidelines. It can also help unearth any errors or bugs within your product before you roll it out to your end users.

How it works with Global App Testing:

Test specific workflows for your web or mobile application with our QA platform. These tasks can often be repetitive, so leave it in the hands of our testers to make sure everything is working the way it should with your product. 

Not only does this free up resources and time for your team to spend on analysis, but it also eliminates the need for test automation engineers. With our network of 60,000+ live testers and our in-house team, there will always be someone to help execute and process tests for your team, enabling you to free up internal resources and focus on high priority activities. 

We can help you with:

  • Executing tests via platform or API
  • Importing your existing test cases
  • Writing out test cases in English
  • Test case suite creation (though this is entirely optional).

Usability testing

With a focus on improving the user experience (UX), usability testing involves testing your product’s functionality and ease of use by observing live users as they interact with your product. The end goal is to unearth possible areas of confusion and enhance the UX. 

At its core, usability testing is all about ensuring that your product features and purposes are in line with what your customers are looking for. By observing their live testing, you’ll gain valuable insight into things like user needs, user behavior, and customer expectations.

How it works with Global App Testing:

Get instant feedback about your product in real-time with our 60,000+ vetted testers, helping to ensure your final product delivers a seamless digital experience to users. We’ll review linguistics, content, functionality, and more to help uncover any problems with your product.

Web app testing

Web app testing essentially focuses on your web products, running tests to help unearth any problems and ensure everything is operating the way it’s supposed to. Testing a web application before it goes live can help unearth small errors that you might otherwise have missed.

Testing your web app will ensure that it’s:

  • Accessible
  • Informative
  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Secure 

How it works with Global App Testing:

Perform web app testing on nearly any device from your laptop’s Chrome browser to Android OS-driven mobile devices, iPhones, Linux desktops, and iPads, with our QA platform. Our network of testers will run through your web app, helping you iron out any technical issues before launch day.

Mobile app testing

Mobile testing focuses on your mobile products, running tests to help unearth problems and ensure everything is running smoothly. Testing mobile applications before they’re rolled out to end users ensures your product is free of any critical errors or bugs, making for a seamless UX.

Mobile app testing is important because it helps businesses (from small and medium firms to enterprises) to build scalable applications that are accessible and user-friendly across a wide range of platforms. 

Functionality, consistency, and usability are key factors that are checked during mobile app testing, something which can be done via automation or by real testers.

How it works with Global App Testing:

Deliver consistent and high quality mobile applications to your end users with Global App Testing. We use real testers to ensure every problem is spotted and ironed out, and we test in 189+ countries to find issues affecting every kind of user.


Localized app testing is a software testing practice that focuses on a specific locale or region, using real people from the area to run tests and help uncover any issues. This is especially useful if your product has been designed for a particular language or country, as localized app testing can help ensure that it fits the target market well.

Localized app testing is a must for businesses looking to market in global waters, as it ensures that products are high quality in a variety of locales, and that any bugs can be fixed before the product is rolled out to the end user. 

Just think about it. If you rolled out a product that wasn’t 100% vetted and of a high quality, you risk losing users to competitors and other brands, so stay a step ahead by carrying out regular localized testing.

How it works with Global App Testing:

Get localized QA coverage for mobile and web apps with Global App Testing. With 60,000+ testers from around the globe, test your product with real people from the regions you’re most interested in. Our global testing framework ensures that you’ll deliver global products that are suited to the locale—or locales—you’re targeting.

Why choose Global App Testing?

Trusted by the top QA and engineering leaders in the world (think social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft) there’s a reason we have so many loyal clients. Our QA testing platform does more than just provide you with great service and resources, it pushes the industry forward and helps us innovate everyday.

With three offices across the world, we’re a global leader in QA testing and seek to provide our clients with the best solutions and resources. From a 60,000+ strong testing team to our in-house support, there’s something for every business or QA engineering team whether you’re small, medium, or enterprise level.

Improve your product releases and develop consistent, high-quality applications time and time again

Speak to a QA Expert

At the core of our QA testing platform is a drive to help you find bugs and faults ASAP, so you can roll out a high quality and consistent product or software solution to your end users. 

It doesn’t stop there, though. As well as being the brains behind Testathon, a hackathon and meetup for testers, we’ve also created a partner program that you can generate revenue through. 

Simply partner up with Global App Testing and we'll offer all your clients functional testing with on-location device coverage (and PS, that’s something that not even Rainforest QA does!)

Regular QA testing is a core component of any SaaS business strategy, and it all starts with finding a platform that does the most for your organization. 

With a wide range of test management tools and functional testing solutions, Global App Testing has something for every business. Whether you’re looking to simply increase productivity and efficiency amongst your team with our detailed bug reports or are looking to improve the user experience with on-demand testing, we’re here to help. 

Interested in how you can start maximizing your QA strategy to the fullest? Take a deeper look at our QA solutions for development teams for more information on how to get started.

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