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10 Regression testing tools to consider in 2024

It's known for updates, bug fixes, and new features to cause errors or generate bugs within software usually. However, if you implement regular regression testing, you can notice and flag afflicted codes to safeguard against any issues these modifications may have caused. 
On the search for the perfect regression testing solution?

Look no further: an in-depth look at the all-time best 10 regression testing tools is just what you need.

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Challenges of doing regression testing in-house

Executing regression tests is challenging for customers due to various factors:

  • It is time-consuming, especially for complex systems, as many companies lack the necessary time, personnel, or resources for regular testing. 
  • Resource constraints, including hardware and software, further limit the capacity for extensive regression testing.
  • Successful regression testing requires expertise and specific skills, such as a thorough understanding of testing methodologies. 
  • The financial aspect, involving costs for hiring additional staff or investing in specialized tools and equipment, poses a challenge for companies aiming to perform effective testing. 

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Considering these challenges, trusting professionals becomes essential, and exploring the most outstanding regression tools in the market is the next step.

Top 10 regression tools to try out today

1. Global App Testing


Why is Global App Testing included in this list?

Global App Testing is a holistic end-to-end solution for software testing and quality assurance to help you develop and release high-quality products. It's a valuable resource for developers, providing support across all stages of functional app testing and extending its assistance beyond beta testing. 

How does it work?

GAT stands out by assisting teams at every testing stage, from planning and structuring the testing framework to executing beta testing and analyzing results. It is instrumental in elevating apps from "good" to "amazing" swiftly, enhancing usability, and increasing value for investors and customers.  Simultaneously, GAT contributes to the seamless operation of the development process.

Key features

  • GAT provides an intuitive interface for easy test creation and management and the ability to execute tests using a vast pool of over 90,000 professional testers.
  • Rapid test execution with an average turnaround time of 60-150 minutes for test cases.
  • The platform allows continuous, on-demand tests, providing 24/7 access to run tests as needed.
  • Simplified conversion of raw data into user-friendly formats, facilitating quick and effective analysis.
  • Detailed insights, bug reports with video recordings, screenshots, logs, and seamless integration with your bug tracking or project management software—all delivered within 24–36 hours. 
  • User-friendly software platform seamlessly integrated into the workflows of 4 major clients, including Jira, GitHub, and others. This integration streamlines the testing process, providing efficiency and ease of use for clients.
  • Enterprise-grade security practices ensure this platform is secure for conducting various tests. Adhering to the rigorous standards of ISO/IEC 27001, GAT prioritizes the confidentiality and integrity of the testing processes.
  • Renowned industry giants like Meta, Google, Microsoft, and Atlassian rely upon GAT services.

Other things to note

GAT provides regression testing conducted by dedicated QA engineers and testers, ensuring quality assurance and swift results. This enables your DevOps team to concentrate on other aspects, with regression testing applied based on your product's stage or maturity as needed.

2. Ranorex Studio


Why is Ranorex Studio included in this list?

Ranorex Studio is a powerful suite with the web driver, Ranorex Spy, and Ranorex API. 
It is designed to help organizations perform efficient automation regression testing.

How does it work?

Managers can quickly review test results, add code methods to a centralized library, and track projects' progress using XML-based reports. Developers can leverage the in-built Ranorex Spy tool to identify, track, and analyze the application's user interface (UI) elements. Additionally, enterprises can use external data sets from tables and CSV or Microsoft Excel files to test workflows.

What do they list as key features?

  • Ranorex Studio operates without requiring manual code, streamlining script creation and maintenance.
  • Advanced object detection and recognition eliminate the manual effort of locating elements, enabling testers to focus entirely on test script development.
  • It supports parallel execution across physical and virtual devices, minimizing test execution time.
  • Upon test execution completion, it delivers detailed and comprehensive reports, facilitating swift analysis for testers.

Other things to note

In addition to these distinctive features, Ranorex Studio offers standard functionalities such as multi-device support and seamless integrations with popular tools.

3. Opentext(ex.Micro Focus UFT)

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Why is Opentext included in this list?

Opentext, previously Micro Focus UFT, is a robust regression testing tool designed for automating functional, regression, and GUI tests. It supports multiple languages, platforms, and tools, offering comprehensive test automation and reporting.

How does it work?

Opentext is an adaptable regression testing tool that caters to automated testing requirements across various domains and technologies.

What do they list as key features?

  • Integrated automation and activity recorder allow you to capture user actions and convert them into efficient scripts for seamless automation.
  • The adaptable VBScript language provides a data-driven, keyword-based approach for customization.
  • AI-driven image recognition engine improves accuracy and is compatible with major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).
  • Enables swift Java, JavaScript, and .Net testing with UFT Developer and ensures continuous integration with strong tool integration.
  • Iterative testing at global and test-specific levels using embedded Excel data tables and creating various mock data for extensive testing scenarios.
  • Seamless operation without firewall rules, ensuring hassle-free execution.

4. Watir


Why is Watir included in this list?

Watir, which is short for Web Application Testing in Ruby, is a library created to automate the testing of Ruby applications.

How does it work?

Watir uses Ruby's built-in OLE capabilities to automate web browsers.
This tool enables communication between the browser and Ruby by implementing the OLE protocol over the Component Object Model (COM) architecture. 
Thus, it makes it easy to automate web testing and improve the efficiency of the testing process.

What do they list as key features?

  • It offers a performance object with multiple properties, enabling testers to measure a page's performance.
  • The library provides advanced interaction APIs, mimicking user actions on web pages, especially for tasks like form completion.
  • Watir supports major browsers, including Internet Explorer, ensuring comprehensive test case coverage.
  • For those who prefer Python or want an alternative to Ruby, Watir offers Nerodia, a Python implementation powered by Selenium. While in an early stage, it provides a viable option for users outside the Ruby ecosystem..

5. Sahi Pro


Why is Sahi Pro included in this list?

Sahi Pro is a comprehensive regression test automation tool for web-based, mobile, and desktop applications.

How does it work?

It is a user-friendly and lightweight testing tool that doesn't require technical expertise.
Its interface resembles a spreadsheet, making it easy to define business flow steps. With the Sahi Pro recorder, you can record interactions and create tests you can refine and enhance using data integration.

What do they list as key features?

  • It eliminates the need for manual waits by implementing automatic waits, preventing test failures due to inconsistent loading times.
  • Sahi Pro caters to individuals across various domains, ensuring accessibility for business analysts and stakeholders.
  • Detailed reports with graphical representations provide an in-depth analysis of test results, offering execution summaries and facilitating efficient debugging of regression test failures.
  • It minimizes the hassle of browser driver downloads and linking with tests, contributing to overall ease of use.
    Although Sahi Pro is a robust regression testing tool with open-source nature, it's important to note that the free, open-source version may have limited testing features, which could impact its suitability for specific requirements.

Other things to note

Although Sahi Pro is a robust regression testing tool with open-source nature, it's important to note that the free, open-source version may have limited testing features, which could impact its suitability for specific requirements.

6. Avo Assure


Why is Avo Assure included in this list?

Avo Assure is a regression testing tool that offers a seamless and efficient testing experience with a 100% no-code approach.

How does it work?

This tool empowers teams to test various applications with cross-platform compatibility by simplifying regression testing efforts, ensuring comprehensive end-to-end regression testing.

What do they list as key features?

  • Up to 90% of test automation coverage by executing end-to-end regression tests repetitively.
  • Access to over 1500+ keywords that reduce testing time and enhance testing capabilities.
  • Reduced production bugs and mitigated associated business risks, contributing to higher application quality.
  • Seamless integration with various SDLC and Continuous Integration solutions, including Jira, Sauce Labs, ALM, TFS, Jenkins, and QTest.
  • Intuitive analysis through easy-to-read screenshots and videos capturing test case execution.

7. Subject7


Why is Subject7 included in this list?

Subject7, a cutting-edge cloud-based test automation solution, redefines automation practices by offering a "true codeless" platform that consolidates all testing into a powerful ecosystem.

How does it work?

It empowers technical and non-technical users to effortlessly become automation experts, providing a seamless and efficient testing experience.

What do they list as key features?

  • Facilitates the creation and execution of robust test flows without writing a single line of code, ensuring accessibility for all users.
  • Easily integrates with DevOps and Agile tooling through native plugins, in-app integrations, and open APIs, streamlining collaboration and workflow efficiency.
  • Enables high-scale execution of tests in a secure public cloud, private cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments, ensuring flexibility and scalability.
  • Provides flexible reporting of test results, including success/failure indicators and video capture of results for persistent defects.
  • Subject7 is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, adhering to certified business practices and offering enterprise-grade security to protect sensitive testing data.

8. Testsigma


Why is Testsigma included in this list?

Testsigma is a leading automation tool that effectively handles various testing challenges, primarily emphasizing regression testing. 

How does it work?

This versatile platform allows for the seamless automation of web, mobile, API, and desktop tests, all from a single interface. Testsigma accelerates regression testing and encompasses diverse testing types, including data-driven and cross-browser testing.

What do they list as key features?

  • Testsigma simplifies test case creation, debugging, and maintenance with English-based scripting. Complex actions are articulated in plain English for accessibility.
  • Testers can prioritize test suites, ensuring they run before others, enabling efficient testing processes. 
  •  It supports parallel test execution, significantly reducing testing time and enhancing team efficiency.
  • Scheduled tests run at specific times, facilitating routine checks and ensuring timely identification of potential issues.
  • Detailed Reporting with multiple parameters for in-depth analysis, maintaining test quality, and expediting debugging processes.
  • The platform features built-in integrations across domains, from bug management to CI/CD pipelines, streamlining data flow and accelerating the testing phase.
  • Chrome Extension for recording web page actions and converting them into English-based test cases.
  • Free and Open Source Version, ensuring accessibility for users exploring test automation solutions.

9. Katalon Studio


Why is Katalon Studio included in this list?

Katalon Studio is a versatile and user-friendly test automation tool that goes beyond regression testing and covers various phases of the testing process. Trusted by over 100,000 companies in more than 160 countries, Katalon Studio provides a tool and an integrated development environment to facilitate rapid script creation and execution. 

How does it work?

Katalon Studio specializes in functional testing, allowing the development and storage of web, mobile, API, and desktop tests for regression testing. With its Record-and-Playback features, any team member can effortlessly capture test objects and record actions to simulate real user activity.

What do they list as key features?

  • It offers self-healing tests that automatically validate and adapt to changes or broken objects, ensuring robust and reliable test scripts.
  • Leveraging the strengths of Selenium and Appium, it inherits the advantages of these well-established frameworks for seamless test automation.
  • Gherkin, a BDD-based language for low-code test case creation, makes it accessible and easy to understand.
  • Equipped with an advanced in-built debugger, it facilitates rapid error debugging in scripts, enhancing the efficiency of the troubleshooting process.
  • The record-and-playback feature enables you to create tests and capture screenshots effortlessly with just a few clicks.
  • Object Spying feature eliminates the need for manual locator identification in the page code.

10. Testlio


Why is Testlio included in this list?

Testlio is a dedicated regression testing tool that departs from conventional online platforms or downloadable frameworks. 

How does it work?

Its primary focus is alleviating the testing team's workload, following a systematic approach from product understanding to creating optimized regression tests. Testlio is particularly beneficial for small teams where testers are comfortable sharing their work with others.

What do they list as key features?

  • Collaboration with numerous testers on real devices, real browsers (not emulators), and AWS farms, ensuring extensive coverage and reducing the likelihood of device-specific bugs at the user's end.
  • Testers and organizations can seamlessly collaborate within the platform, allowing a combination of manual and automated testing or shared test case writing.
  • Testlio smoothly integrates with popular platforms such as GitHub and CI/CD tools, providing a seamless interface for testing and ensuring compatibility with existing workflows.
  • It incorporates a detailed issue-raising and tracking system, streamlining issue management by consolidating all concerns in a single, organized location.

How to choose regression testing tools for web applications

Choosing the perfect tool for regression testing web applications is critical for success. The decision-making process should consider several essential factors.

Ease of maintenance  

Automated test cases require automatic maintenance with intelligent identification of changes. The tool should include auto-healing tests for UI changes.

Test case prioritization

Effective regression testing requires prioritizing test cases based on relevance. Tools should enable categorizing test cases as high, medium, or low priority, facilitating efficient test execution.

Detailed reports

Regression testing tools should generate comprehensive reports detailing the number of tests run, test case statuses, visual and error logs, and more. This feature enables informed decision-making by tracking test runs across different configurations.

Easy script creation and maintenance

The tool should simplify creating and maintaining test automation scripts, especially in agile delivery practices. Agile requires a high velocity, and the tool should facilitate quick script creation and easy adaptation to minor changes.

Parallel execution

Automation tools should support parallel execution, allowing automated tests to run in multiple environments concurrently. This feature saves time during execution and is crucial for identifying environment-specific variables.

Collaboration capabilities 

Tools should facilitate collaboration within QA teams to review ideal regression test cases, identify duplicates, and communicate effectively about regression risks.

Quick feedback 

Automated regression tests should produce rapid results, enabling quick decision-making during software release. Timely feedback ensures faster issue resolution and a shorter turnaround time for software release.

Reusability and scalability 

It is essential to have a tool that can efficiently manage all affected tests without rewriting every test script after a code change. The ideal tool should support modularization, enabling the creation of reusable test snippets and promoting data-driven testing strategies that you can apply to different scenarios for maximum versatility.

What makes Global App Testing stand out?

  • As a leading company in tech testing, GAT provides access to top-tier software for beta testing processes.
  • Quick and efficient testing enables a rapid progression through the development process.
  • GAT aids in elevating product quality, delivering superior software to customers, and boosting overall profitability.
  • Trusted by companies like LiveSafe, GAT maintains high-security standards, ensuring the safety and security of software.
  • GAT supports the implementation of automation in beta testing processes, streamlining and optimizing workflows.
  • By delivering the right data and information to the right people, GAT empowers teams, facilitating faster bug fixes and smoother teamwork.

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