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Test cases help you eliminate bugs from your user flows

Validate user journeys and stories

For any product stage, validate a user journey works as expected to ensure that your commercial goals and product work together.

Ensure acceptance criteria are met

Confirm that your software meets your acceptance criteria to submit the software your users need.

Safeguard from regression

Test your products in staging environments so that you can test new releases or prevent regression.

Launch new features confidently

With test cases designed to be incorporated into your release cycle, you can launch faster and with confidence.

Get detailed, actionable test case results which fit your workflow

All the evidence you need to pinpoint the bug

Get test case failure details, including everything you would need to pinpoint the bug, including OS or device details, location, timestamp, video or photo evidence, and even the location of the failure.



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A full test case breakdown with everything you need

Get a breakdown of all of the test cases in a single dashboard, including multiple tester confirmation to verify functionality fully.

We’ve made it easy to launch test cases

We know you’re busy, which is why we’ve worked to make it as easy as possible to launch test cases and fit them with your existing workflows. 

We can write you a TC suite

We can get your TCs written quickly:

  • Convert existing TCs via GAT
  • Get new TCs written
  • Importan from spreadsheet
  • Launch in a few clicks
Launch from your workflow

Compatible with well-known workflow software:

  • Compatible with TestRail
  • Compatible with Zephyr
  • Compatible with Azure
  • Or, launch from our easy UI!
Any SDLC stage

Unless your TCs are unusual we can do them quickly:

  • Design software
  • Development stage
  • Release stafe
  • Live software
Thorough, actionable results

We pride ourselves on giving you results you can use:

  • Full product overview
  • Deep bug analysis
  • 100-day onboarding
  • Critical bug incentives
  • Professional crowd

Speak to one of our testing experts

  • Understand how our solutions can help you
  • Advise on industry best practice
  • Get an estimate for how much GAT costs
  • Give you a platform demo
  • Talk through examples of how we’ve worked with similar companies to yours
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