What is the crowdtesting model?

Global App Testing is a community of testers. Today, there's over 80,000 of us - we're launching and receiving tests in 190 countries around the world. From London to the Pitcairn Islands, we've got a tester nearly everywhere, meaning that you can deliver complex testing, anywhere in the world. 

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The two founders wrote Leading Quality, a book which quickly conquered the Amazon bestseller your quality assurance. 

We've also produced further thought leadership - such as our 2022 playbook "Driving Localization Leadership". 

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Check out the resources to understand Global App Testing better - including careers, resources, tester, community, security policy and thought leadership. 


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Tester Community

To find more about testers community or to apply for testers work, head to our sister site. 


Security Policy

Our clients have some of the highest security standards in the wold, which its why we're committed to security. 

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Thought leadership

Read some of the thought leadership from Global App Testing. 

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London, UK

90-92 Pentonville Rd, London, United Kingdom

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Piață Unirli, 4-5, ap 7, Cluj-Nappoca, Romania 

Kraków, Poland

Wadowicka 7
30-363 Krakow

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