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What is Exploratory Testing?

Posted by Nick Roberts on Apr 25, 2017 7:54:09 AM


In 1984 Cem Kaner coined the phrase Exploratory Testing and used an interesting analogy in a 2008 talk to compare the differences between it and automated/scripted testing before fully defining out exactly what it is. Before diving into exactly what exploratory testing is, imagine for a moment that you are a police crime scene investigator who has been assigned a murder to investigate. But for this investigation you are specifically restricted to a predefined set of scripted actions you can take to get to the bottom of the crime. You cannot deviate from this script and thus are severely hamstrung in solving the murder unless the outcomes of the scripted actions and questions lineup. This is exactly what scripted/automated testing does. It hamstrings the test process only looking for a predefined set of designed questions and thus, the need for exploratory testing.

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The Best Way to Work QA Into Your Agency

Posted by Fahim Sachedina on Apr 19, 2017 7:13:46 AM

How do you manage clients needs and expectations as a mobile app or website development agency? Your client has hired you to deliver an amazing end product within a set of parameters and QA testing is almost always an afterthought. So how do other agencies and consultancy companies manage this process? Global App Testing has been helping app development and consultancy companies manage their budgets, deliver quality applications and grow their client bases. Using crowdsourced QA testing, agencies are delivering more frequently than ever.

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Crowdsourced Testing Packs a Punch Over In-House QA

Posted by Nick Roberts on Apr 11, 2017 12:09:01 PM


Over the past few years, we’ve run into plenty of companies who wonder why they can’t use in-house QA teams to deliver the same results that crowdsourced testers do. It’s a common occurrence because companies assume that using an external vendor like Global App Testing can’t deliver the same value as someone sitting inside their organisation. Yet, there are three fundamental factors that set crowdsourced testing apart from in-house QA; time, cost and quality. These three factors help crowdsourced testing deliver a punch that in-house QA teams can’t match.

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