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Last year we wrote about the 4 Testing Trends that (we thought) will affect QA Testing in 2018. How right were we?

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As the last attendee left the room we collectively high fived in excitement… 🙌

Our first GAT Tech Talk took place on October 4th at the BiznesLab in Kraków. It was an excellent opportunity to celebrate the launch of our new office in . . .

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Can Pepsi bring your ancestors back from the dead?

That’s what Pepsi told the Chinese market when they launched their advertising campaign “Come alive with the Pepsi Generation”.

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From CTOs and VPs to Heads of Mobile, Mobile World Congress (MWC) Americas is the must-attend event for anyone working in the mobile industry. This three-day event will be jam-packed with thought leadership sessions from more than 200 . . .

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After London and Cluj Napoca, we are proud to announce the opening of our 3rd international office!

Located in Kraków’s central Zabłocie area and serving as Global App Testing’s engineering hub, the office will accommodate 30 . . .

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The room filled with excitement as the last sticky note was placed on the timeline. I’d never seen such an energy between our product and engineering teams; mostly because they were remote to one another. However, seeing them all in a . . .

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It feels like it used to be so much easier. All you had to do to be successful in the enterprise was dominate your industry. Just think of juggernauts like…

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We are delighted to have this expert blog post from Nishi Grover Garg, a Testing Consultant and Agile Trainer for over ten years. Nishi will talk about what we can learn from the Agile manifesto from a testing perspective but equally . . .

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Anyone can draw, but to draw well, you need to hone your skills, focusing on things like shading and perspective. Some of this will take place in art classes. Most of it will be developed from your experience and practice, something . . .

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"The bigger our app grows, the more QA resources we throw at it... but it's not fixing our quality problem", said the Director of Engineering.

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