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We can help you: 

  • Confirm the specification and acceptance criteria are met
  • Identify failing test cases
  • Identify unexpected bugs
  • Identify usability issues 
  • Confirm the feature matches the design

Development testing will help make your development faster and more seamless

Reduce post-merge issues

Test feature branches; and test new feature early and often as soon as they're implemented.

Test within your workflow

Identify unscripted, edge cases issues, before they hit production with exploratory and acceptance tests. 

Minimize engineering wait times

Streamline your testing workflow by integrating GAT to run hard-to-execute tests. 

Customize your requirements

Test on any platform

Select any OS version with sophisticated customization options. 

Maximize coverage in real-world environments

Test in 190 countries, with specific demographics and device/OS requirements. 

Set complex, customizable instructions

Leverage professional testers to execute complex, hard-to-automate tests. 

Launch on-demand tests via GAT UI, integrations or API

With results back in as little as 15 minutes via our express testing option, you have multiple options for launching tests; 

  • Via Global App Testing platform
  • Via API & CLI
  • Via one of our integrations

See integrations

GAT workflow
3 mins

How does a manual testing company help me automate 30% more tests?

We’re always working to help our clients automate a greater % of their suite. 

Research from TestRail show that business automate over 30% less year on year than they expect.

In this article, we explain how we help our clients automate a greater % of their test suite. 

Speak to one of our testing experts

  • Understand how our solutions can help you
  • Advise on industry best practice
  • Get an estimate for how much GAT costs
  • Give you a platform demo
  • Talk through examples of how we’ve worked with similar companies to yours
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