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Global App Testing Success Stories

airportr 10

How we saved airportr one day per sprint cycle

The baggage freight service found that they were releasing more slowly than required for their international expansion plans to work possible.  They got in touch to expand their business internationally.


How we put on a flight to better accessibility

The online booking marketplace was in a race to capture the cutthroat flight ecommerce market in addition to their hotel business, making them your end-to-end holiday booking partner. They got in touch to deliver higher quality and accessiblity,

log in with facebook 10

Testing 5000 Apps in 4 Weeks with Facebook

Millions of websites and apps use Facebook Login to simplify account creation and login. More than 5000 apps were at risk of going offline, so they partnered with Global App Testing.


Increasing Testing Scale and Release Velocity

Partnering with Global App Testing has been a gamechanger for Dialogue. They are now confident that major disruptions won’t happen again. 


How Global App Testing Helps Canva Captivate and Retain Users in New Markets

Canva needed a localization QA solution that could help them scale and support its internationalization efforts. Since working with GAT more than 60% of their active users are now coming from non-English markets.


Safe and Secure in Over 19 Countries

LiveSafe relies on Global App Testing to ensure that their apps work globally in highly critical situations. Global App Testing has tested in over 19 countries with LiveSafe.


Reducing Crashes and Increasing NPS for Acasa

Acasa had too many bugs and not enough resources to manage them. They realised they did not have the tools in-house to both develop the app AND test it. That's when they turned to Global App Testing.

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