Why you should use GAT x TestRail

TestRail produces test management and analysis software; global app testing offers rapid test execution by professionals in 190+ countries. It’s a happy marriage.

Import TestRail test cases for GAT tests

If you have an existing suite of test cases in TestRail, you can launch directly into the GAT platform.

Use TestRail’s analytics on tests run through GAT

Use TestRail’s powerful analytical tools to understand your GAT testing and bring better visibility to stakeholders. 

Access to powerful tests without disrupting your workflow

TestRail users can take advantage of Global App Testing's powerful capabilities without changing software.

v3 TestRail x GAT

GAT x TestRail features

Leverage existing test cases in GAT

Take your test case scenarios written for TestRail to GAT’s 90,000 testers. 

Analyze GAT results in TestRail

Bring TestRail's sophisticated analytical tools to bear tests conducted via on Global App Testing. 


"Taking advantage of this integration we have been able to launch tests directly into GAT's crowd... This seamless approach to functional testing has been quick and effective

John Smerek
CTO, LineTen
59 minutes

The automated testing paradox

In partnership with TestRail, the Automation Testing Paradox helps businesses address how to automate more of their tests. 

We discuss where to set that tricky boundary between manual and automated testing. Find out how to scale your testing and see rewards quickly, gain more time to automate and increase test results visibility from a single source of truth.

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