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Exploratory Tests

Our testers explore the application to confirm the app is functioning as expected. They utilise their own experience and background in testing to find reproducible crashes and real world bugs

from 10 per month
6 per month
3 per month
Test Case Credits*
from 4,000 per month
2,000 per month
1,000 per month
Localised Testers

Perform tests in specific locations based on your needs.

Bug Tracker Integration

Get Bugs imported directly into your bug tracker

Bug Verification

Verify that bugs found by our team have been fixed

Dedicated Customer Success Manager
QA Strategy Workshop

Dedicated support and resources for helping you plan and execute your QA strategy including QAOps integration.

Test Suite Creation Service

This is a collection of test cases that are created in order to test the core flows and functionality of your application. Fair usage policy of 150 test cases applies.

As part of your onboarding
As part of your onboarding
Test Cycle Turnaround
24 - 48 hours
48 hours
48 hours

* Fair usage policy of 10 instructions per test case used. Test cases with over 10 instructions will be billed at 1 additional test case per 10 additional instructions.

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For teams with small testing needs or just starting their testing.

$2,900 per month


For teams with a few apps, and regular release cycles that need to scale.

$5,200 per month


For teams with apps that require localised, enterprise grade testing.

from $15,840 per month
Custom Solutions


Speak to our team to custom build a solution for your organisation.

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“Instead of testing the top 500 apps as planned, partnering with Global App Testing allowed us to increase our testing surface area by an order of magnitude within the same time window.”

Reagan Williams

Platform at Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an exploratory test and how many platforms does it cover?

An exploratory test is an unscripted, deep-dive into your mobile app or website. 15-20 testers are given a time-boxed period to explore your application and find the most critical, impacting bugs affecting your user base. Each exploratory test represents one platform (Web/Mobile Web, Android or iOS).

What do you mean by localised testers?

Localised testers are testers who live in a specific location that you wish your mobile app or website to be tested in. If you have a global mobile app or website you need to test on individual cellular networks and local hotspots to identify unique bugs. Localised testers are able to also provide linguistic bugs as part of exploratory testing if you need them to.

How many countries can we localise in?

We have testers in over 105 countries so you can test in as many countries as you need with a few caveats. Exploratory tests are completed on a per country basis (1 test per country). Test case credits are typically consumed in batches and you can select in which country the batches are executed in.

Do you offer one-off tests?

Our testing has been designed to help companies improve their mobile app or website quality by taking a long-term approach to QA. By completing a one-off test, you only receive information relative to a single release. This method doesn't give your team the knowledge they need to deliver incredible experiences for your customers. Our plans are designed to fit any release cadence - speak to one of our team for more information.

How do you vet your testers to ensure they are professionals?

All testers go through a rigorous selection process before they can begin working with our crowd. The selection process includes confirmation of their registration information, signed NDA's and other documents. Each tester is then required to pass an online assessment that tests their QA knowledge and experience.

How do we provide testers with a build?

You can deliver mobile app builds to us in a variety of ways. Some companies choose to use distribution platforms such as Testflight or Hockeyapp whereas others provide direct APK or IPA files. We're quite flexible in how we can get your build into the hands of testers. We can test in production or test environments - the choice is yours. Speak to our team to discuss your unique situation.

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