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Full end-to-end
functional testing

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  • Test execution at speed (via a crowd)
  • Test management
  • Bug report/analysis
  • Unlimited user licenses
  • API access
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) via Google



For companies that have users in multiple countries

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  • Everything in Base
  • Localise your testing on real devices in 189 countries
  • Select testers that match your geographic needs



Enterprise-grade testing for teams who require customisation and scale

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  • A customised plan for your app testing needs
  • Additional enterprise Single Sign-on (SSO) options

Be confident before your next app release.


Access scalable testing resources


Improve mobile app and website quality


Increase software development velocity


Extend test coverage to 10x more devices


Find bugs impacting local users


Define the Right QA strategy

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Frequently asked questions

What is an exploratory test and how many platforms does it cover?

An exploratory test is an unscripted, deep-dive into your mobile app or website. Typically 15-20 testers are given a time-boxed period to explore your application to find the most critical, impacting bugs affecting your users. Each exploratory test represents one platform (Web/Mobile Web, Android or iOS).

How do we provide testers with a build?

You can deliver mobile app builds to us in a variety of ways. Some companies choose to use distribution platforms such as Testflight or Hockeyapp, whereas others provide direct APK or IPA files. We're quite flexible in how we can get your build into the hands of testers. We can test in production or test environments - the choice is yours. Speak to our team to discuss your unique situation.

Do you offer one-off tests?

No. Our testing has been designed to help companies improve their mobile app or website quality by taking a long-term approach to QA. We believe by completing a one-off test, you only receive information relative to a single release, and this method doesn't give your team the knowledge necessary to deliver an incredible experience to your customers. Our plans can be designed to fit any release cadence - please speak to one of our team members for more information.

How do you select your testers to ensure they are professionals?

All testers go through a rigorous selection process before they can begin working with our crowd. The selection process includes confirmation of their registration information, signed NDA's and other documents. Each tester is then required to pass an online assessment that tests their QA knowledge and experience.

What do you mean by localised testers?

Localised testers are testers who live in the location you wish to have your mobile app or website tested in. If you have a global mobile app or website you need to test on individual cellular networks and local hotspots to identify unique bugs our localised testers are able to provide linguistic bugs as part of our exploratory testing.

How many countries can we localise in?

We have testers in over 105 countries to test in as many countries as you need with very few caveats. Exploratory tests are completed on a per country basis (1 test per country). Test cases are typically done in batches and you can select which countries are executed in your batch.

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