Receive three types of results in real-time

Test case results

Easily sort through test cases by pass, fail, and tester environment.

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Detailed bug reports

Look at rich, detailed bug reports to quickly pinpoint faulty code.

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Qualitative insights & reports

Get a range of qualitative insights including reports and user surveys.

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Test case results which give you confidence functions work as expected 

Our TC results include an overview dashboard with a snapshot of the test run; plus a report of every TC failure. 

  •  Multiple-tester confirmation
  • Aggregated test result view 
  • Bug video replication
  • Detailed reports per failure 
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Pinpoint the root cause of issues with detailed bug reports


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  • Step-by-step execution details
  • Video of each issue
  • Crash and session logs
  • Details of the environment (device / OS / version / geography) 
  •  Launch reproducibility tests

Qualitative insights & reports leveraging a pool of over 90,000 testers in 190 countries

Raw qualitative feedback and surveys

Get unmoderated insights and results to help you make the best product and market decisions.

Localised qualitative insights

Improve customer experience with insights about your product from on-the-ground testers spanning linguistic issues, cultural nuance, local UX and local access.

Multi-discipline reports

Based on your needs, we can compile comprehensive custom reports, such as competitor benchmarks, to help you improve your product


Features to triage and improve results

Add a tag note or review
Accept / reject issues and add notes or tags

You can triage your results with your team to maximize engineer productivity and spot patterns emerging in your bugs.

Sort by severity level
Sort using tags and or severity level

Your bugs will be sorted in your inbox by severity level, but you can add custom tags of any kind to triage with your team more effectively. 

Leverage Global App Testing capabilities through:

Global App Testing’s UI

Launch, triage and export results via the GAT platform.

GAT’s integrations suite

Launch and receive results within your own workflow in real-time.

API and webhook
Seamlessly Integrate your CI with our API, CLI and Webhooks.
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“The bug reports are great… the developers love them”

Shruthi Ballal found that one of the many advantages of using Global App Testing was the 

Shruthi Ballal
Mobile QA specialist at

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