Localized QA coverage for web and mobile apps.

Take the guesswork out of global growth by testing your apps in localised settings around the world using real people and real devices. Our solution provides you with a global testing framework that minimizes risk on device configuration.

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Deliver global releases that delight users.

Gone are the days of managing and maintaining expensive architecture that doesn't simulate real-world experiences. Our global network of testers help you improve your apps based on real user data and feedback.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Earn the trust and satisfaction of international users by ensuring bugs don't affect their interactions with your brand and products.

  • Understand bug impact on local users

    Ensure end users feel as though the products you deliver were built for them.

  • Compete more effectively in local markets

    Discover targeted, localised issues that impact your ability to compete against local incumbents.

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Test with real users on real devices for real results.

Cross-browser and cross-device testing are essential to ensure a consistent user experience for all end users. Our solution allows you to leverage real data in context, giving you a competitive edge in the oversaturated app market.


Maximum test coverage in real-world conditions.

Our testers use real devices on real networks to replicate an authentic user experience and provide meaningful feedback for your team.

  • Expert bug moderation by our in-house team of industry professionals

  • Test in 189+ countries to find issues affecting your users on the ground

  • Extensive device/OS/network coverage covering just about any combination



Enhance your QA tech stack.

Our app testing solutions are engineered to integrate seamlessly with the DevOps and CI/CD tools you already use and enhance your existing workflows.

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Instead of testing the top 500 apps as planned, partnering with Global App Testing allowed us to increase our testing surface area by an order of magnitude within the same time window.”
Reagan Wiliams, Platform

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