Scalable exploratory testing for mobile and web app development teams.

Our testers take an unscripted, deep-dive into your product to discover the highest-impact bugs before they reach your users. Our team of experts will make sure your app is fully functional before it goes to market.

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Test your app on your terms.

We’ve created an environment where you can rely on us as little or as much as needed. Our elastic QA process allows for on-demand testing with minimal preparation. Every exploratory test uses 15–20 professional testers who are armed with the best practices to locate reproducible bugs within your app.


Cross edge cases off your list of worries.

Our rigorous onboarding process finds the best of the best and our testers never cut corners. Our internal moderation team ensures that only the highest of actionable bugs ever make it to you.

When you trust us with your testing you’ll get:

  • A reduction in your development time

  • Faster release cycles for your product

  • App launch peace of mind

Receive actionable results.

Exploratory testing results need to be detailed enough to provide insight and direction. Your comprehensive test results will come back to you in 24–36 hours and include:

  • Real-time reporting during the process

  • Reproducible bug reports including video, screenshots, logs and other information

  • Seamless integration with your bug tracking or project management software



Enhance your QA tech stack.

Our app testing solutions are engineered to integrate seamlessly with the DevOps and CI/CD tools you already use and enhance your existing workflows.

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Instead of testing the top 500 apps as planned, partnering with Global App Testing allowed us to increase our testing surface area by an order of magnitude within the same time window.”
Reagan Wiliams, Platform

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