Why you should use GAT x Jira

You can receive the results from your GAT tests back into your Jira, meaning you can

Get GAT bugs in your Jira workflow

If you're Jira user, you can get bugs straight to your Jira within your workflow where they can be reviewed. 

Unlock cross-team collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly between teams with the social productivity feature Jira unlocks. 

Jira bug items

GAT Jira features

Export bugs as Jira tickets

Put your bigs exactly when they need to be with this integration; into your Jira workflow ready for your developers to fix them.

Add test cases via Zephyr

Use Zephyr by Smartbear to augment Jira to make the product capable of handling test cases. 

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"We've integrated Global App Testing test execution into our existing workflow and tools. The whole team finds it easy to use"

Nick Popivci
CEO at VitaMojo

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