GAT TechTalk #5 – Journey to DDD Through the Land of Dungeons, Dragons and Other Daemons

On the 4th October 2022, Global App Testing (GAT) Engineering team hosted the highly anticipated fifth addition to the TechTalk series, which you can watch below. Besides being a gripping insight into the best practices of ruby architecture, it gives us at GAT a chance to share our work here with the broader engineering community, and present a giveaway of swag and prizes at the end. 

It’s called “Journey to DDD - Through the Land of Dungeons, Dragons and Other Daemons”, and it's presented by our very own Ruby enthusiast, Piotr Brych.


Watch this webinar recording to learn:

  • Elements of "Domain-Driven Design – how ruby can help you achieve better architecture
  • A "DDD" journey based on real-life projects and challenges from GAT 
  • Several quests for you – and the learnings of attendees of the webinar
  • The pros & cons of "event storming" 
  • Our challenges and solutions that arise during the implementation of bounded context


During the session, we were asked to recommend resources for getting started with DDD. With pleasure, we are adding the list below for everyone that want to learn about Domain Driven Design:

For starters:

  1. Welcome to Domain-Driven Design (DDD) by the DDD crew
  2. DDD resources Miro Map - by Mateusz Nowak
  3. Modular Monolith: A Primer - by Kamil Grzybek
  4. Domain-Driven Rails e-book + example app - by Arkency

A bit more advanced:

  1. Modular Monolith with DDD (c#) - by Kamil Grzybek
  2. DDD by examples (java) - by Jakub Pilimon, Arkadiusz Kondas
  3. DNA - Droga Nowoczesnego Architekta - course
  4. Bounded Contexts - Eric Evans - DDD Europe 2020
  5. Is Domain-Driven Design Overrated? • Stefan Tilkov • GOTO 2021
  6. Context Maps - a deep dive - Michael Plöd - KanDDDinsky 2019
  7. Learning Domain-Driven Design: Aligning Software Architecture and Business Strategy
  8. Patterns Principles and Practices of Domain Driven Design

And you can read this at the end:

  1. Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software


A Q&A segment with the attendees offers a great platform to openly discuss expectations of current methods and standards used across the company.

To round off the event, everybody was invited (and encouraged) to participate in a quiz in which the three best scores were showered with GAT swag.

Many thanks to all who attended on the day! For those unable to attend, we look forward to seeing you at future GAT initiatives. 

And remember to keep your eyes peeled, as GAT TechTalk #6 is in the works. In the meantime, if you're interested in our current open positions, you can find them here.  

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