Top 10 QA Blogs to Follow in 2021

6 best QA blogs to follow in 2024

Nowadays, every CTO is thinking about how their team can learn and grow this year. In order to supercharge your QA team and wider strategy, it's important to keep on top of trends, theories, and valuable content from thought leaders in the industry. Sharing and discussing articles from software testing professionals is something we encourage at Global App Testing, and we recommend you do the same with your team!

What’s the significance of blogging in the software industry today?

The software testing industry has seen significant growth in the number of blogs dedicated to the field, driven by the rise of digital platforms and the sharing of knowledge by QA leaders and professionals.

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These QA blogs are of great relevance for several reasons:

Knowledge sharing and thought leadership

Blogging in specialized areas such as Quality Assurance (QA) has gained significant attention for multiple reasons. It acts as a dynamic medium where experts in the industry can share their knowledge on methodologies, tools, and best practices. This enriches the knowledge pool and establishes these bloggers as thought leaders in the QA community.

Community engagement and networking

Professionals collaborate to exchange experiences, challenges, and solutions, creating a sense of community that fosters personal and professional growth in the QA field.

Educational resource for all

Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned veteran in QA, blogs are invaluable educational resources. They demystify complex concepts, keep readers informed of new trends, and update them on industry developments. This continuous learning process is crucial in a field as dynamic as QA.

Brand building and marketing

Blogging is a powerful tool for brand building, particularly for companies and independent professionals in QA. These entities attract potential clients or employers by showcasing their expertise and differentiating themselves in a competitive market.

SEO and online presence enhancement

Regularly updating your website with quality content can significantly improve your online presence and SEO, allowing businesses and professionals to expand their digital footprint and reach a broader audience.

Interactive platforms for feedback and idea generation

Blogs provide interactive spaces for readers to engage, offer feedback, and spark new ideas and perspectives through comment sections. Such interaction is invaluable for ongoing innovation and improvement.

Documentation and record-keeping

Blogging about QA projects and solutions creates a valuable repository of information. This knowledge base is crucial for future reference and helps track the evolution of practices and technologies in QA.

Influencing industry standards and practices

Influential bloggers have the power to shape industry standards and practices by advocating certain methodologies or highlighting specific issues.

Recruitment and talent attraction

Finally, companies with insightful and engaging QA blogs attract top talent. These platforms demonstrate a commitment to quality and innovation, appealing to skilled professionals looking for opportunities in the field.

That's why we have compiled our 6 best QA blogs that provide brilliant insights into the software testing field and beyond. Check it out below.

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6 best QA blogs you should check out today

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1. Global App Testing blog

Admittedly, we're partial, but the Global app testing blog is a go-to source for regular insights, trends, and best practices in QA. It arms readers with essential knowledge for enhancing their QA teams. Covering everything from crafting the ultimate QA strategy to fostering a culture of quality in your organization, the blog addresses a wide range of pertinent software testing challenges.

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What makes this blog unique?

The Global app testing blog is a rich resource for information on Quality Assurance (QA) and software testing, reflecting over a decade of experience building a QA crowdtesting platform.
Here are key aspects that make this blog unique:

  • In-depth exploration of QA testing: The blog aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the importance of QA testing in ensuring the quality of software products before their release. It covers various activities involved in QA testing, such as identifying and rectifying errors, ensuring seamless user interface and experience, and validating that the software meets customer requirements.
  • Detailed guide on the QA process: A notable feature of the blog is its focus on best practices for QA testing. It advises combining automated and manual testing, integrating testing into agile methodologies for continuous improvement, and crafting effective test cases. It also emphasizes the importance of security-driven tests, like penetration testing, to identify and address software vulnerabilities​​.
  • Selection of appropriate testing and management tools: The blog guides readers on choosing the proper testing and management tools, highlighting the abundance of options available and the need to consider factors like ease of use, cost, integration with existing tools, and scalability​​.
  • Expert interviews: This section includes conversations with seasoned professionals in the industry, providing valuable perspectives on real-life software testing situations.
  • Accessible to everyone: This platform is a valuable resource for software testers with thoroughly researched, informative, and captivating content across all expertise levels.
  • Updated regularly with broad insights: It consistently offers fresh updates, shedding light on various software testing challenges across different platforms. It also provides guides and solutions to these issues.

Also, the Global app testing blog has valuable resources, such as:

1. The bestseller book – "The Leading Quality"

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"Leading Quality" is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to improve their understanding and leadership in quality assurance, particularly in software development. It offers strategic insights, practical advice, and real-world examples to help professionals elevate the quality of their products and drive growth within their organizations. You can also download a free chapter here

2. Alignment webinar series

The series is designed for anyone working in localization, including those looking to enhance their strategies to achieve greater impact in global markets. The webinars feature speakers from globally recognized brands like LinkedIn, Netflix, HubSpot, King, Slack, BBC, and Deliveroo.

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These sessions are a blend of quick talks by industry leaders and live panel discussions, offering an interactive platform to learn about successful localization strategies and practices. This free webinar has garnered significant interest, with over 1,200 registrations and 5,000 on-demand views, indicating its popularity and the value of its content.

2. Software testing news

Software testing news is a dedicated platform that brings the most recent updates and trends in the software testing sector. It offers a wealth of information, including insights from testers, advancements in AI, and quality assurance features, all aimed at enhancing your QA approach. This platform is an excellent resource for those in the industry.

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What makes this blog unique?

To give a clearer picture of what the Software testing news blog offers, here are some of its key highlights:

  • Comprehensive coverage: The Software testing news blog is known for its extensive coverage of various software testing and quality assurance topics.
  • Industry news and insights: Provides the latest industry news and expert insights.
  • Best practices: A wealth of best practices related to key aspects of software testing, including test automation, performance testing, and agile testing.
  • Professional Interviews: Features interviews with experienced professionals in the field, offering insights into real-world testing scenarios.
  • Resourceful for all levels: A valuable platform for software testers of all skill levels.
  • Quality content: Offers well-researched, informative, and engaging content.

3. Google testing blog

The Google testing blog primarily focuses on software testing and code health. It features a series of posts under the "Code Health" category, which includes various aspects of writing and maintaining healthy, clean, and efficient code. Additionally, many of these blog posts originally appeared as part of Google's "Testing on the Toilet" series, which are brief educational episodes about software testing and code quality meant to be read quickly.

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What makes this blog unique?

The Google testing blog is unique in several ways:

  • Content on test reliability and code quality: The blog discusses strategies for test reliability, such as the composition of tests managing test binary size and memory usage and the benefits of hermetic servers in end-to-end testing. It also emphasizes code quality, advocating for practices like automation, writing tests first to shape interfaces, and prioritizing teaching code quality over enforcing it​​.
  • Focus on productivity and infrastructure: It offers insights on productivity, stressing the importance of automating only essential tests, speeding up feedback loops, and effective test design. It also provides guidance on infrastructure, suggesting strategies like investing in pre-submit systems, keeping third-party dependencies updated, and releasing early and often​​.
  • Metrics & Logging: It addresses the importance of metrics and logging in software testing, discussing methods like using conditional verbosity in logging, different logging levels for production and development, and automated performance tests for performance-sensitive parts of products​​.
  • Innovative testing practices and roles at Google: It reflects Google's approach to testing, which includes small, frequent releases, concise tests, and prioritizing unit and integration testing with sparing use of end-to-end testing.
  • Regular updates and diverse insight: The Google Testing Blog is updated, providing insights into software testing challenges on different platforms and offering guides and solutions to related problems. 

4. StickyMinds

StickyMinds is a comprehensive online community dedicated to software testing and quality assurance. It's one of the first and most popular communities of its kind, targeting software development professionals. The blog covers various relevant topics, including agile testing, mobile and cloud computing, and much more.

It features in-depth articles, interviews, and how-to advice on the latest developments in software testing written by industry experts. Membership to StickyMinds is free and includes complimentary access to Better Software magazine, conference presentations, white papers, and more.

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What makes this blog unique?

StickyMinds stands out for several unique features:

  • Highly interactive platform: It exclusively focuses on improving software quality throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Established authority: Launched in 2001, it has become a primary destination for software testers, QA professionals, and those interested in software testing.
  • Rich content variety: Offers in-depth articles, how-to advice, and information on the latest test technologies.
  • Comprehensive resource range: Features Q&A discussions, articles, interviews, and presentations, covering areas like test automation, test management, design techniques, agile testing, and more.
  • Insightful and personalized articles: Publishes articles based on first-person experiences and stories, including personal stories, trend analyses, tutorials, and research-based journalism.
  • Interactive and educational: Selection of entertaining, thought-provoking, and skill-enhancing stories.
  • Up-to-date and innovative: Keeps readers informed with the latest information and innovative methods in software testing.
  • Community interaction and archives: Allows members to comment, bookmark articles, participate in Q&A, and access past conference presentations and magazine archives.
  • Weekly updates: Provides regular updates to keep the community engaged and informed.

5. Evil tester

EvilTester is a blog focusing on various software testing and development aspects. It provides a range of content, including posts on specific technical topics, updates from the author, and summaries of content released on both the blog and Patreon. The blog covers a variety of subjects related to software testing, such as exploratory testing, test automation, and technical testing, along with insights into tools like Selenium WebDriver and API testing.

In addition to blog posts, the platform offers a range of resources, including online training courses, books ("Dear Evil Tester"), and a podcast known as "The Evil Tester Show."
It's a valuable resource for software testers seeking in-depth technical knowledge and practical tips.

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What makes this blog unique?

The uniqueness of the EvilTester blog can be attributed to several key aspects:

  • Interactive and practical approach: The blog is not just about theory. It includes cheat sheets and real-world examples to help readers understand and apply concepts in their work.
  • In-depth technical content: Posts are not merely overviews but often deep dives into specific topics, like test automation, offering substantial technical detail and insights.
  • Personal experience and first-hand insights: The author often shares personal experiences and learnings, providing a unique, relatable, and informative perspective.
  • Regular updates and summaries: The blog provides monthly content summaries, keeping readers updated on the latest posts and discussions.

6. Software testing lead

Software testing lead is a dynamic and growing online platform offering up-to-date and engaging technical content. It features a team of experienced professionals and writers who share their knowledge and expertise with readers. The site is popular for providing straightforward answers to complex technical questions from experts in the field. Its content is crafted to be easily understandable, even for those without a technical background, making it a valuable resource for a wide audience.

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What makes this blog unique?

Here's a detailed overview of what makes this blog unique:

  • Wide range of topics: The blog covers various topics within software testing. It includes articles about QA outsourcing, QA testing certifications, pen testing as an integral part of technology, mobile testing challenges, etc.
  • Focus on security testing: Much of the blog is devoted to security testing. It reviews top security and penetration testing companies and discusses the significance of cybersecurity in the digital era.
  • The latest industry news: The blog stays updated with the latest developments and news in software testing. This includes updates on security assessment myths, comparisons between open-source and licensed software testing tools, automation in software testing processes, and how digitalization impacts the software testing industry​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.
  • Opportunities for contribution: It also encourages contributions from its readers, offering a platform for publishing quality content related to software testing and related fields.

Supercharge your QA in 2024

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