Top 10 QA Blogs to Follow in 2021

Top 10 QA Blogs to Follow in 2021

This year, every CTO is thinking about how their team can learn and grow given the current climate. In order to supercharge your QA team and wider strategy, it's important to keep on top of trends, theories and valuable content from thought leaders in the industry. Sharing and discussing articles from software testing professionals is something we encourage at Global App Testing, and we recommend you do the same with your team!

That's why we have compiled our top 10 QA blogs that provide brilliant insights into the software testing field and beyond. Check it out below: 

1. Dan Ashby's Blog

Dan says his blog is 'blethering about testing,' but we think it's so much more than that! Dan is a top thought leader in the QA industry and produces insightful technical content that will really get you thinking.

Don't miss:

Dan's blog, "Adapting Crosby's 4 absolutes of quality into a software context."This article explores the core principles of quality and how you can apply them to a QA capacity. 

"Software quality needs to be seen at a wider perspective relating to "goodness". Looking beyond the explicit requirements into the realms of product risks and investigation of unknowns, determining the amount of delight or despair the customer will have while using the software. That is to say, the scale of how good (or bad) the software is to use." Dan Ashby

2. Develop Sense

James Bach and Michael Bolton's hugely popular blog is well known in the QA universe. Learn from Michael Bolton in his detailed articles and testing resources that are widely shared among testing professionals. 

Don't miss:

Michael's better software testing article 'Testing Without a Map,' all about why you don't necessarily have to wait for testing specifications before embarking on a testing process.

"An effective tester can always obtain valuable information by exploration, even if the sole purpose of exploring is to gather information for a more detailed test strategy." Michael Bolton

3 . TechBeacon

TechBeacon is fantastic for getting up to speed with DevOps news and testing techniques with guest blogs from thought leaders and industry professionals. Learn how to improve your agile development and the key to highly successful product releases from top engineering professionals.

Don't miss:

Ronald Cummings-John, author of Leading Quality and co-founder of Global App Testing's guest blog 'Why you should test according to your product's maturity.' This takes you through the three stages of product maturity, and why you should adapt your QA strategy at each stage.

"There may not be one set method of testing for each stage of your product's evolution, but there are common challenges all companies need to overcome. Using a blend of different testing types that match the stage of your product's maturity will help you continue to scale." Ronald Cummings-John

4. DevOps Online 

DevOps Online has a comprehensive collection of white papers for you to get stuck into, as well as the latest news in DevOps to keep you on top of trends. Check out their product news and fantastic features to level up your DevOps knowledge.

Don't miss:

This excellent article about why the sheer scale of DevOps testing now needs machine learning, written by Eran Kinsbruner, Chief Evangelist at Perfecto

"Tools are on their own are not enough: just as important is adopting the right cultural attitude within the organisation to modern test processes." Eran Kinsbruner

5. Global App Testing Blog

Ok, so we may be a little biased about this one. The Global App Testing blog posts regular hints, trends and best practices to equip you with the knowledge to take back to your QA team. From top tips on how to build the ultimate QA strategy to creating a quality culture in your company, we cover all your burning software testing problems. Find several guides and white papers in our resources section too.


6. Software Testing News

Software Testing News covers all the latest (you guessed it) news in the software testing industry. You'll find tester insights, AI developments and QA features to get you thinking about how to improve your QA strategy. It's a fantastic resource.

Don't miss:

This guest blog by Ronald Cummings-John about ways to improve your feedback loops and supercharge your testing process. Feedback loops are vital to your feedback process, so it's essential to make sure they are working as efficiently as possible. 

"No matter how your testing team is organised, you can always break down your QA strategy and see where there is room for improvement. Set out where you believe needs to be changed and identify the feedback loops that may be needed, or could be made more efficient." Ronald Cummings-John

7. Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin

Lisa Crispin is an authoritative influencer in the QA sphere, and her agile testing blog proves why this is the case. Find her podcasts, books, training and presentations as well as fantastic blogs. 

Don't miss

This insightful blog about what testers and developers can learn from one another. 

"While everyone on an agile team should be willing to help out with any activity involved with building, deploying and nurturing software, we all have specialised skills we can transfer to each other." Lisa Crispin

8. DZone

DZone is a huge source of content for a number of topics in the tech sphere. They cover Agile, DevOps, AI and IoT, so you can research a broad range of trends and schools of thought. 

Don't miss

Their 5 reasons to model during QA guide. It's a five-part piece about the relationship between coding and QA, and you can find part one here, which teaches you about the benefits of Model-Based Test Automation. 

“A bug identified during testing costs on average 15 times more to fix than one discovered during the design phase.” Thomas Pryce

9. Software Testing Help

This blog provides actionable software testing resources and helpful QA hints and tips. Alongside this, Software Testing Help run tutorials, online testing courses you can take part in, and a free ebook to download and enjoy.

Don't miss

This ultimate guide to writing test cases, including an in-depth tutorial and downloadable assets. 

"Writing effective cases is a skill. And you can learn it from experience and knowledge of the application under test." Software Testing Help

10. Angie Jones Blog

Angie Jones is a Senior Developer Advocate specialising in test automation strategies and techniques. Her blog is a fantastically presented look into the software testing world, including detailed articles about test automation.

Don't miss

Angie's free course on how to set a foundation for successful test automation. 

"Many companies begin their test automation journey with proof of concepts, as opposed to with strategy. This often leads to failed test automation initiatives that do not meet expectations." Angie Jones

Supercharge your QA in 2021

Regularly visiting these fantastic sources of content will ensure that you keep up to date with all the latest news, trends, and opinions from thought leaders in the QA industry.  Power through 2021 with knowledge to supercharge your QA strategy and inspire your team.

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