Restaurateurs have a problem. They’re accepting orders from multiple channels; they need to manage everything from a single backend. And they want to take orders directly to bypass the hefty fees that come with platforms like GrubHub.

That’s where LineTen comes in. Their omnichannel solution allows restaurants to manage their orders from a single device, and take back control of their orders. This way restaurants can accept more orders, with less hassle.


Country: United Kingdom



From the outset of the pandemic this delivery-focused company found itself in a race within a highly competitive market transformed by the pandemic, where QA was a bottleneck with such a tough product to test.

Their challenges included:

squares-plus copy 2 Complex integrations: LineTen integrates with point-of-sale, delivery, and payments systems. These integrations are critical to the LineTen business model and a failure might lose their client their nights’ takings.

squares-plus copy 2 Lack of user feedback: As a B2B2C company, LineTen had no direct line to end users. And in eCommerce, they don’t tell you that something has gone wrong – they click “exit.” 

squares-plus copy 2 Difficulty managing payment requirements in multiple markets: LineTen is live across international markets and has regulatory and payment requirements in multiple countries and devices. But this was a centralized UK team. Could they get a handle on the challenge?

plus-circlesquares-plus copy 2 Smoke testing was building technical debt: The scale of smoke testing requirements was starting to become a core difficulty. LineTen had built some technical debt and needed to smoke test at scale more effectively.

squares-plus copy 2 Low resource capacity: All of this added up to a single big challenge: a lack of resources to match the challenges they had. With a forthcoming push for new feature launches, LineTen reached out to Global App Testing (GAT)  to see if we could help.


Our testing increased LineTen's execution capacity X 5

Crowd testing was the perfect solution for LineTen.


 Out-of-hours testing with real-time results meant that LineTen's internal team could write, test and head into work the next day knowing that their tests would be complete. They could launch as many simultaneous tests as they wanted (GAT have 70,000 professional testers) and receive them back in less than 6 hours. 


 An international issue assessment by our localization team allowed LineTen to instantly identify the risks which would confront their product as they launched in new markets and develop a testing framework for verifying them. 


 Exploratory tests introduced LineTen to qualitative feedback on the software. The internal QA team was able to get evaluative feedback from people with an outside perspective on their product front-end, and testers with enough expertise to test the B2B dashboard in a cogent way. 


 TestRail integration Global App Testing integrates with TestRail so LineTen were able to manage their tests out of a single dashboard, and harness the analysis and planning features of TestRail in addition to Global App Testing. 

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"Through taking advantage of TestRail’s integration with Global App Testing we have been able to launch tests directly into Global App Testing’s crowd of professional testers and receive results back into TestRail in real time - this seamless integration and approach to functional testing has been quick and effective and provides our clients and us with the high confidence needed to release defect-free applications.."
John Smerek, CTO, LineTen

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