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Download our quick GenAI safety and quality primer

We've been deep in consultation with businesses configuring their GenAI tools right now to help them identify the best safety, quality, and compliance practices to build amazing processes for the future. Find inside:

Get the primer

  • Best practices for GenAI safety
  • Best practices for GenAI quality
  • Links to tools and resources across safety, quailty, and compliance
GenAI quality primer

Global App Testing helps top tier software businesses configure client facing GenAI features

Copy the robust testing approach used by the world's biggest software business and use a range of techniques to asses your software.

Check your generated content against guidelines

Run content checks against guidelines or to find content which is obviously false, inappropriate or uncanny.

  • Prompt execution
  • Exploratory prompting
  • Guidelines / bugs comparison
Identify outcomes of bad-faith product use

Get a red team on your product to mimic bad faith user behaviour and protect against damaging use.

  • False or offensive content
  • Inappropriate content
  • Strange or unusual content
Assess perceived content bias for specified user groups

Target a national demographic or age group and send survey to get a pulse check on your content bias.

  • Direct survey Q&A
  • 190+ markets
  • 160+ languages
Benchmark your GenAI against a competitor's

Identify how effectively your GenAI product solves a user problem with a benchmark against competitors.

  • Same prompt comparison
  • Same user feedback
  • Feature benchmarking

Speak to one of our testing experts

  • Understand how our solutions can help you
  • Advise on industry best practice
  • Get an estimate for how much GAT costs
  • Give you a platform demo
  • Talk through examples of how we’ve worked with similar companies to yours
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