Exploratory Testing Week_ The Highlights🎙

Exploratory Testing Week: The Highlights🎙

What a week! Four challenges. Four workshops. Four webinars. Four experience report sessions and a game of family feud. We had so much fun sponsoring Ministry of Testing's Exploratory Testing week, so we thought we'd round up and share some of our highlights....

We loved...

⭐️ Kicking off Day 1 with 'Learn How to Test Before a Line of Code Has Been Written' with Dan Ashby - a great 99-minute workshop to start the week.. followed later that day with Live Experience reports from solving the Shifting Left challenge.

⭐️ On day 2, we loved the 99-minute workshop: 'Wander with a Purpose: Writing Charters For Your Exploratory Test Sessions' with Elizabeth Zagroba as well as 'Testing Ask Me Anything - Managing Risk' with Alex Schladebeck.

⭐️ Richard and Mark's session involving curating all the best resources about Exploratory Testing onto one big, categorised map. They shared how the approach to online content going forward at Ministry of Testing will be changing - so whether you're new to testing and trying to figure out how to improve your testing skills, or have been testing for years and want to share your favourite resources and people, this is an ideal opportunity to check it out.

Don't miss...

The week might be over, but we are pleased to say the content we shared in our Expo Booth is still alive and kicking and available online for you to watch whenever you like. 

We also offered Exploratory Testing Week's attendees the chance to try out new features of Global App Testing's SaaS platform in return for FREE exploratory testing and test case execution. Our offer still stands, so register your interest here to talk to our product team and see if you would be a good fit!

Watch our panel discussion

Make sure you check out our awesome video panel discussing exploratory tests, how to manage them, best practices and some memorable stories from the experts.


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