We test apps for facebook

We tested several thousand apps for Facebook in a short space of time, actually. We managed to exceed their expectations at every turn. Read our success story to learn more.

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About facebook

Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.

Convenience and accessibility

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed trying to manage all your accounts and passwords, so using your Facebook account to log into a new app seems like a convenient option for most people.

To address privacy and security concerns, Facebook announced that they would be migrating to the Facebook Graph API v2.0 and enforcing Login Review for all apps moving forward. This was done to give people improved privacy controls when using the Facebook Login functionality.

With the API and Login Review deadline approaching, many developers using Facebook Login had yet to make the switch.

Facebook challenged us to test 5,000 apps in four weeks

In order to reduce the number of Facebook Login failures on apps post-migration—while maintaining the integrity users expect from Facebook tools—the tech giant tasked us with testing 5,000 of the largest apps that use Facebook Login across various devices and operating systems.

Facebook needed actionable feedback to share with developers showing how apps would respond after the API change. The company’s internal QA resources presented a challenge for app testing on this scale, especially when they were laser-focused on the success of the overall migration. They had projected their in-house team would only be able to test about 500 apps if left to their own devices.

We created and executed a QA action plan for Facebook

Within a week, we were able to assess Facebook’s needs, worries, and goals. We used this assessment to set up a testing infrastructure focused on speed, communication, and an overall seamless process.

We leveraged our elite community of professional testers from around the world and recruited 100 of the best and most relevant testers, based on their expertise in finding bugs in social integrations through past test cycles.

We then adapted our flow to specifically fit Facebook’s needs. In addition to sending out bug reports, we created a special dashboard that provided detailed results on every app. This gave the Facebook team the ability to check on progress during the entire test cycle and quickly pinpoint issues with each app.

After just the first week, over one thousand apps had been tested. The team at Facebook was able to begin contacting developers well before the deadline. For the especially complex bugs, the Facebook team knew they could reach out to us at any time to help troubleshoot.

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Our results exceeded expectations

Testing scaled at speed

In just over four weeks, we tested 5,000 apps and found critical issues in over 900 cases (which could have damaged Facebook’s reputation).

Clear and concise bug reports

We provided actionable bug reports, which allowed developers to quickly spot the issue for an easy fix. The API migration was a success overall, with no negative impact on site users.

Transparency and control

Through weekly reports and a dashboard with detailed results, the Facebook Platform team had complete visibility over progress of the entire test cycle, increasing confidence and removing stress during a high-pressure situation.