The Quality Leaders Network EdTech Breakfast of Champions

The Quality Leaders Network EdTech 'Breakfast of Champions'

On Thursday 21 November, EdTech professionals gathered at Vintry & Mercer, one of London’s finest luxury boutique hotels, for a discussion on the challenges facing tech leaders in the education, EdTech and e-learning industry today. This exclusive event was the second Quality Leaders Network 'Breakfast of Champions', and it was a sellout!

Insights from EdTech Thought Leaders

The breakfast featured exceptional guest speakers Tom Hooper, Founder and CEO of Matr, and Kristina Narusk, Board Director and VP Growth and Revenue at Memrise. Matr is an online maths tuition platform used by over 50,000 UK children for SATs, 11+ and secondary school, and Memrise is a mammoth language platform with 35 million users. Playing vital roles in two hugely succesful EdTech companies meant our speakers could provide highly valuable insights into delivering quality products. 

Our discussion focused on how to keep customers active and reduce churn rate with proven strategies and frameworks, the most effective methods of monetising your product and getting your customers to pay for the service and delivering a world-class customer experience with QA and a quality company culture.

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Top tips from EdTech professionals 

Here are just some of our favourite top tips we heard throughout the evening. 

Question: "When scaling, how did you strike a balance between maintaining a quality product and releasing fast enough?"

“At the beginning, we didn’t have any QA. Engineers had a lot more responsibility and ownership. But quality is the thing that has to be in everyone’s mind. As you scale, everybody needs to understand what we are delivering. It’s not just one small team that is responsible for quality” Kristina Narusk, Board Director and VP Growth and Revenue at Memrise

“In a fast-paced environment, we can’t afford to be fixing things all the time. Technical debt is not what anyone wants. That’s why QA needs to be scalable” Kristina Narusk, Board Director and VP Growth and Revenue at Memrise

Question: “How can you exercise a good culture of humility through technical leadership?”

“Most companies have tension between product and customer-facing teams, and each can have their own rhythm. It’s important to create a culture of trust and understanding that everyone is following a similar logic of prioritisation around the customer and business” Tom Hooper, Founder and CEO of Matr

“QA touches everything. It affects the customer, the marketing... everything” Tom Hooper, Founder and CEO of Matr

Question: “How do you maintain a culture of quality in your company?”

“Making sure everybody feels responsible is the key thing. Everyone needs to think creatively about to keep the pace and energy up. People can’t just think ‘ ‘oh that’s a QA problem’” Kristina Narusk, Board Director and VP Growth and Revenue at Memrise

A huge thank you

IMG_0791We would like to say thank you to those who attended this breakfast event. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to build connections with other like-minded Quality Leaders from the EdTech industry. Thank you again to Tom Hooper and Kristina Narusk who made the morning such a success. Keep an eye on your inboxes for information about our next event, coming soon.

If you would like to be part of the Quality Leaders Network, please get in touch.