Unlock Team and Company Efficiencies with APIs

Unlock Team and Company Efficiencies with APIs

At Global App Testing, we believe that technology companies producing mobile and web apps should never have to choose between quality and speed. 

But this is a choice that we see being taken every day, often due to a lack of internal resources. 

To deliver a quality release late, or to deliver an untested release on time, that is the real question that we see companies grappling with time and again.

In today’s competitive market, our customers want to increase efficiencies and to find more ways to streamline their software development lifecycles (SDLC).

That’s where API integrations can help. 

How can APIs help you release faster?

With the rise of agile and DevOps and the increasing pressure on product and development teams, we’ve seen a rise in software products designed to make the process more streamlined. 

Each of those products has its own platform, adding unnecessary blockers to your release cycle. New accounts to create, new platforms to learn and use, new logins to remember… The list goes on.

That’s why many engineering teams are using our API to integrate testing software directly into their development and testing cycles.

Without doing so, your team needs to log into another platform and create new test cases by hand, in order to access high-impact low-effort testing solutions.

As a result, many teams are struggling to keep up with faster release cycles and may be forced to sacrifice quality for the sake of speed. 

If your deadlines are impacting on quality, using APIs to streamline your testing process could give your team and company the boost in efficiency that it desperately needs.

How can APIs provide even more efficiency?

With Global App Testing, your development team can now quickly and easily integrate our crowdtesting services directly into your development pipeline.

Our API allows customers to plug a scalable, high-quality testing solution anywhere in your development process using simple programming scripts. 

This unlocks the ability to streamline parts of your development cycle such as regression testing, or pushing new releases to production if no critical bugs are found.

Customers can get started in just two simple steps:

  1. Obtain your API key so GAT can authenticate your integration’s API requests
  2. Make a test API request to confirm everything is up and running

How are other brands using APIs to improve team efficiency?

With on-demand QA plugged directly into your development cycle, you can rest assured that your users will have a quality experience and your team will be more efficient than ever before.

Engineering teams are already using our API to streamline their testing processes, integrating their system with our platform, Ada, as well as other software platforms like TestRail. This allows customers to launch a crowdtest via Global App Testing, at the press of a button in TestRail.

Other customers are working on complete end-to-end integration, picking up test cases from their system, running a test with our crowd, and automatically pulling the results back into their own bug tracking system. 

All without logging into a single external platform!

New use cases are just waiting to be dreamed up, the sky’s the limit. Simply write your script, and plug in. 

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