Crowdtesting: The Ultimate Guide

What is crowdtesting? What are the benefits of crowdtesting? Is crowdtesting right for you? Find the answers to all these questions in our ultimate guide.


What is crowdtesting?

Crowdtesting is all about harnessing the power of a ‘crowd’ of testers to conduct a variety of testing methods. This can include functional testing, exploratory testing, regression testing, localization and test case execution. 

Crowdtesting is not about replacing the entirety of your QA team or overhauling your entire strategy. It is about building on your existing QA process and scaling it with the help of a pool of testers spread across the globe. 

By using the power of the crowd, QA teams can have access to thousands of professional testers without ever having to hire new team members. The fact that the crowd is a global powerhouse means that you can test your app in any country across the world, gaining valuable local insights and device coverage you just don’t get with an in-house team.

At Global App Testing, our crowd has 40,000+ testers in 105 countries with access to a huge range of OS/device combinations. 

What are the benefits of crowdtesting?

1. Speed

By partnering with a crowdtesting provider, you have access to on-demand, remote testing from a team of testers spread across the world. 

This means that if you want to send off a test on Friday afternoon, and have the results ready for you on Monday morning - you can!

Crowdtesting provides QA teams with 24/7 testing support. Testers do not work to a typical 9-5 routine and operate in a variety of timezones. This means that there will always be testers on hand to ensure your product works as it should. 

This will deliver the testing impact you need, and fast!

At Global App Testing, we use a blend of automation and crowdtesting, so you can receive instant test results when appropriate, or exploratory test results from the crowd in 48 hours or less. 

This will give you the ability to release faster, and more frequently.

2. Scale

Every company wants to have the potential to scale. 

But as your product scales, along with your customer base, your QA needs to scale with it. A bug that impacts 10% of customers when you have a 100-strong user base is going to become a big problem when your number of users reaches the 100,000s. 

Crowdtesting can actually act to help your company scale by building on your current QA capabilities and expanding your ability to test exponentially - all without having to hire a single extra person. This means that scaling doesn’t become focused around recruitment of new testers and automation engineers, and you can focus on getting fast results. 

Partnering with a crowdtesting solution means you have access to a worldwide pool of testers at the touch of a button. This streamlines your QA process, integrating crowdtesting directly into your SDLC, so lack of testing capacity and resources never slows you down.

Lifting the pressure of finding available testers every time you finish or update code is going to open up your team’s capacity to work on bug fixes and strategy. And when your SDLC works like clockwork, it makes scaling a whole lot easier. 

3. Localization

Let’s say you want to launch your app globally. 

You’ve tested your app in the UK and it works perfectly. So it should work just as well in new, global markets, right?

Not necessarily.

Language and cultural nuances, local devices and network combinations mean that there are a whole host of problems you could encounter when launching your product worldwide.

That’s where crowdtesting comes in.

The crowd can be utilised to conduct localization testing in the countries of your choice, so you can rest assured that your app works as effectively as it does in the country in which it was created as it does in almost any market. 

It’s all about achieving quality globally via the crowd.


Our testers love to test! 

It’s a fantastic way to work remotely, have freedom in your working hours and increase financial security. Our testers are one big community that like to support each other.

4. Quality

Crowdtesting provides you with local context from professional testers across the globe who can spot bugs an in-house team might miss, especially if they are only based in the UK or US. This will undoubtedly improve product quality, as you are ensuring your app works as effectively worldwide as it does in the country it was created. 

Crowdtesting also provides you with results at lightning speed. This means your team can work to fix bugs quickly, and have the time to run more tests. Product quality will improve when your SDLC is streamlined and QA isn’t considered a bottleneck. Faster feedback loops mean faster results and faster fixes. 

And crowdtesting enables your testing capacity to scale. As your userbase grows and your product grows in popularity, your QA needs to scale with it. After all, a bug that affects 1% of users when you have 50 customers is very different from a bug that affects 1% of customers when you have 50,000. Crowdtesting provides you with the resources to test on a wider scale, without the associated cost. 

Overall, speed, localization and ability to scale all lead to one thing: quality.

Crowdtesting Benefits 2

Benefits of crowdtesting

Is crowdtesting just outsourcing?

In short, no!

Outsourcing typically means passing the responsibility of your testing over to an external vendor. This could be a company that runs automated testing or manual testing by a company with an in-house team.

Either way, the approach doesn’t necessarily add scale to your approach. That’s because you are outsourcing the testing resources you need each time you want to expand your capacity. And traditionally the relationship between outsourcing vendors and their clients is relatively cold - you send off your tests and receive raw results, with little guidance or suggestions of where to go from there. 

Partnering with a crowdtesting solution, like Global App Testing, does not simply mean ‘borrowing’ the resources of another company. Global App Testing works with your current QA process, fitting seamlessly into your SDLC and integrating with your current testing and development tools. 

What’s more, with Global App Testing, each customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager in order to deliver continuous improvement. This means that not only do you get increased scale, device coverage and test coverage, but you get the benefits of sharing best practices and latest technologies. Whether that includes monthly business reviews, setting goals or reaching milestones, Global App Testing doesn’t just provide the solution, but a strategic arm of that solution.

5 Advantages Crowdtesting has Over In-House

You might be thinking, why don’t I just hire internally in order to scale my testing? 

There is a misconception that hiring internally solves all your scaling problems, providing you with a larger in-house team and more testing capacity as a result. But internal hiring requires a considerable budget and significant time spent recruiting and training new employees. And when your user base grows again or you look to expand to a new country, you’re going to be faced with the same issues you were before. 

So, why is crowdtesting better?

1) Crowdtesting saves you time.

In Europe, the average number of days to fill an IT position is 66. On top of that, the average number of calls or interviews needed to fill an IT position is 15 in the USA and Canada. 

Let's imagine you find the right candidate in 50 days, and it takes 8 interviews. 

That's a lot of your time spent perfecting an in-house team. 

But with crowdtesting, you have immediate access to thousands of testers across the world, all at your fingertips. That means you save recruitment time, and instead start testing immediately, with fast results.

And the beauty of crowdtesting is that testers operate in time zones across the globe, each with working hours that suit their schedules. That means testers can be working hard to test your products while you are fast asleep.

If you need testing at 5pm on a Friday to be returned by Monday morning, the crowd is there.

If you need results overnight, the crowd is there. 

If you need results in just a few hours, the crowd is there. 

2) Crowdtesting improves quality

The highest quality apps are tested on hundreds of devices and OS combinations. But what if you don’t have those in-house?

You don’t want to be scrambling last-minute to order the new iPhone, OnePlus, or Samsung device. It will slow down your entire SDLC as you twiddle your thumbs waiting for it to arrive. That’s not the most tech-savvy approach (but believe us, it does happen!)

With crowdtesting, you have access to testers with a wealth of device/OS combinations and networks. That means you can test on hundreds of devices without having to buy endless devices for your in-house testing team. 

3) Crowdtesting is cost-efficient

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a QA tester in the UK is $35,464 a year. And for a QA automation engineer, that salary is even higher at $70,892

That’s a huge number to contend with. Especially when you need multiple testers working on multiple projects. The costs really do start to rack up.

Crowdtesting solutions, however, enable you to expand your testing capacity exponentially without having to pay for new testers every time. That’s going to save you costs, as well as time.

By partnering with  Global App Testing, you can have access to 15-20 professional testers for each test, from a pool of 40,000+ testers based across the world, all with a scaleable price solution. With a focus on budget efficiency, you will be able to run high-quality testing without the associated price tag.

4) Crowdtesting delivers fast results

52% of organisations struggle to find time to test mobile apps. 

That's because setting up test scripts, sourcing testers, analysing results and prioritising bugs all takes time - especially in today’s fast-paced tech world where team capacity is stretched to the very limit.

By using crowdtesting, you can have your time concerns alleviated. There is no need to worry about sourcing testers, setting up complicated software testing tools or ensuring tests are of high quality. Crowdtesting delivers fast results without the headache.

At Global App Testing, we use a blend of automation and crowdtesting, meaning you can receive instant test results when appropriate, or exploratory test results from the crowd in 48 hours or less. This gives you the ability to release faster, and more frequently. 

Crowdtesting takes the stress out of the testing process, fitting seamlessly into your SDLC and working with your current QA strategy, not against it.

5) Crowdtesting provides experienced testers

Finding effective testers isn’t always easy.

A great tester needs experience, devices, time, and the ability to write detailed bug reports. It requires analytical skill and efficiency.

So, to be part of a crowd, testers need to have the expertise to match. 

Global App Testing provides only professionally vetted testers with fantastic testing experience, so you can rest assured that your testers are of the highest quality possible.

High-quality testers catch high impact bugs, and it’s the high impact bugs that affect your users the most.


Is crowdtesting right for your team?

In today’s tech world, the pace of technology continues to accelerate at a rapid pace. That means your customers demand quality in an over-saturated, competitive market.

So to meet these demands, companies need to be able to deliver quality experiences every single time, with new and exciting features their competitors do not possess.

This means companies are pushed to develop and release software at a rapid pace. And QA should not be a bottleneck in this process.

Crowdtesting is right for your company if you want to continue to release software at speed, without breaking the bank. Crowdtesting enables you to scale globally, remain cost-effective and ensure you are delivering quality time and time again. 

Crowdtesting fits easily into your SDLC, working with the existing process to provide fast, actionable test results. This means your team can keep working to the best of its ability without being held back by the time-consuming, slow process of traditional QA. 

What’s more, leveraging testers in almost any country means that you can keep the competitive edge over your customers, providing experiences that are fully localized, in keeping with local insights and working effectively no matter where the user is based. 

So, if you want to save:

  • Costs
  • Time

And you want to:

  • Scale
  • Localize
  • Deliver quality

Crowdtesting is right for you.

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