What Partnering with a QA Solution Means for Your Team

What Partnering with a QA Solution Means for Your Team

QA and engineering teams face a multitude of challenges every day. They fight fires left, right and centre.

Teams are often overwhelmed by testing requirements and under constant pressure to deliver test results at rapid speed. The need to release quickly and keep up with the fast-paced tech world means there is no time for any bumps in the road. 

Let alone a stop sign.

On top of that, achieving full device/OS coverage is a difficult task. In fact, we’ve worked with tech teams that still test using a briefcase full of devices. This method leaves little room for ensuring every device base is covered. Especially when your team is only based in one country. 

This combination of issues means that delivering quality to your users every time isn’t easy. If it was, we wouldn’t need QA!

But in an ever-competitive market, the need to achieve best-in-class customer experience is more important than ever. If your customers find a critical bug, nothing will stop them from deleting your app and turning to a competitor instead. 

Amping up your QA

The dream fix for QA and engineering teams would be an endless budget and endless resources.

And rapid testing speed.

With an endless supply of testing capabilities, these tricky issues would melt away, leaving room for the team to focus on key fixes, strategising and implementing best practice testing.

However, especially in today’s economy, this silver bullet fix isn’t a possibility.

But there is another option…

Many top tech teams are turning to QA solutions that can leverage their current QA capabilities and open up a world of software testing possibilities.

What is a QA solution?

A QA solution is essentially peace of mind for your QA team. It should act as your helper to get you out of a tight spot, your trusted advisor on the best ways to amplify your QA and that extra teammate you really need.

There are a number of different QA solutions on the market. QA solutions can supply automation tools, crowdtesting capabilities and self-serve testing platforms. The decision you make really depends on your demand.

For example, if your team wants to release an app in Brazil and require localization testing to ensure the product is high-quality, a crowdtesting solution can offer you access to test results from local testers at the drop of a hat. 

This way, you can gain local insights into the quality of your product without having to hire a global team. Your team can feel safe in the knowledge that your app will deliver a stellar user experience in a new market, all helped by the use of a QA solution.

And for teams who are already rushed off their feet, this can act as a life saviour.

How it works with your team rather than against it

When QA teams hear about QA solutions they could jump to conclusions. After all, no one likes to feel like they are being replaced by a tool or external organisation. But the idea that a QA solution is going to bulldoze your current team is a common misconception. 

A really great QA solution is an ‘as well as’, not a ‘rather than.’

What this means is that QA solutions should work with your team, rather than against it. By augmenting your current QA process, providers can help your testing go the extra mile, without having to focus budget and time on new recruitment.

It’s like having a whole new team without the associated headache.

What’s more, as many companies face recruitment freezes at this current juncture, QA solutions can be the vital extra hands your team needs, without having to pay out for multiple new teammates. 

What we do

Global App Testing acts as your trusted crowdtesting solution, here to solve the key challenges impacting QA teams. Our goal is to enable you to deliver quality at speed and ensure a smooth running of your lightning-quick SDLC. 

We provide functional testing for some of the biggest tech names around the world - Depop, Verizon, Microsoft and Google to name a few. 

Our crowd of professionally vetted testers are on hand to explore your app and discover critical bugs before they impact your users. What’s more, they have hundreds of OS/Device combinations to test on, so you never have to worry about critical bugs slipping through the cracks. And our platform, Ada, means that you can run tests and receive moderated bug reports by our in-house team in 48 hours or less. It’s a world of testing possibilities at your fingertips.

We call it elastic QA. Because our platform stretches to meet your team’s needs. 

If you need constant access to test cases with endless exploratory testing, we’re here for you. If you need a 24-hour turnaround to ensure you meet delivery deadlines, we’re here for you.

And if you need to test anywhere around the world…. Well, you guessed it. 

Our crowd comprises of 40,000+ testers in 189 countries across the globe. So when it comes to localization testing, the sky is truly the limit. You can obtain local insights with super quick turnaround times, meaning your team never has to pause to wait for crucial insights. You can keep working at full capacity.

That’s how our team works with you

Partnering with a QA solution

We all know QA and Engineering teams face challenges. 

In the tech industry, there is little room for mistakes, unexpected delays, or even life’s little issues that get thrown at you. The pressure to keep up with the rapid pace of today’s SDLCs is enormous.

QA solutions help alleviate some of those pains by acting as failsafe support for teams who are in a sticky situation, and those who just want to scale up their testing capacity as much as possible. 

After all, a well-tested product means a high-quality product. And a high-quality product means happy customers. 

If you would like to find out more about what a crowdtesting solution can do for your team, speak with one of our growth specialists today.