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88% of users are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience.

Once new features and enhancements have been successfully implemented, how do you get your app into the hands of real users to ensure their expectations are met?

Your QA team are often too familiar with your website or app, working on new features from concept to delivery. They are also only able to run tests in a controlled environment and with a fraction of your representative customer base.

To get an accurate picture on the usability and user experience of your website or app requires many demographics offering qualitative feedback, rather than just ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ results.


Leverage a crowd of passionate testing professionals

Through a partnership with Global App Testing, you can gain access to our crowd of professional testers who live and breathe app experiences.

  • Diverse crowd from many demographics to represent your customer base

  • 70,000 professionally vetted testers

  • Many years worth of app testing knowledge and experience

  • Insightful and industry focused feedback

  • Astute in getting into the mindset of your customers

Our crowd works with your team, offering qualitative feedback to improve your customers' experience of your app.

Top Testing Capabilities to help provide the best user experience


Usability Testing

Through a set of open-ended questions covering areas of interest in your product, our crowd testers can offer their feedback and opinions on the usability of your app.

User Experience Testing

Let us test how easy and user-friendly your product is, offering advice on how they think it could be improved.

Insights Testing

Our crowd is diverse, offering a range of demographics and locations to offer insights into how they think features can be improved.

Exploratory Testing

Through unscripted testing, our professional testers can explore your application to ensure a consistent user experience.

Customer Journey Testing

Our crowd can cover your customer’s journey from beginning to end to make sure their experience is optimised at every step.

Competitive Benchmarking

A combination of user journeys and questionnaires to assess competing products within target markets.

what our customers say
"Global App Testing is tool agnostic so we’ve integrated their test execution into our existing workflow and tools. The whole team finds it easy to use and we now are testing more often and earlier in our release cycle"

Nick Popivici, CEO at VitaMojo

Vita Mojo and Global App Testing

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