Struggling to test within new markets?

Expanding your product globally can be difficult, how do you measure a seamless customer experience in your target markets?

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How do you achieve global test coverage?

As your product grows,  global expansion becomes inevitable.  But how can your QA team guarantee quality in new regions or countries where they cannot physically test?

There may be subtle cultural nuances or location-specific considerations that your internal testing team will be unaware of. This could negatively impact your brand at a time when making a good impression matters most.  

Only local users will have the insights on the ground to test in precise locations, replicating your customers’ experience as they interact with your product.


Localisation made easy with Global App Testing

At Global App Testing, we boast a global community of professionally vetted testers spread across over 189+ countries to resolve all of your localisation testing needs.

  • 70,000 professionally vetted testers

  • Real people on real devices in real locations

  • Testers available 24/7

  • Over 10,000 devices

  • Local knowledge and cultural understanding

  • Results fed back to you in concise English

  • Qualitative feedback to improve translations

A partnership with Global App Testing enables localisation testing all over the world to help you release in to new markets.

Top Testing Capabilities to help with your localisation testing


Localisation Testing

Test the content, UI, functionality and usability of your product as it appears in multiple locations.

In-market Insights Testing

Gain insights to help develop your product to resonate with new target markets in specific locations.

Linguistic Tests

Utilise our multilingual crowd to report on contextual and translation errors that can lead to misunderstanding from your users.

Competitive Benchmarking

A combination of user journeys and questionnaires to assess competing products within target markets.

IoT Testing

 Ensure that IoT devices are correctly operating in accordance with specific local requirements.

Real Device Testing

All our crowd testing takes place on real devices in real locations by real people to fully replicate your users' journey through your product.

what our customers say
"Global App Testing is tool agnostic so we’ve integrated their test execution into our existing workflow and tools. The whole team finds it easy to use and we now are testing more often and earlier in our release cycle"

Nick Popivici, CEO at VitaMojo



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