Does Your QA Save Lives? [Upcoming QA Webinar]

We were sitting there in a room trying to work out how on earth this was even practical. The biggest concern they had was he might get stopped by airport security and held up. Nobody could afford a screw up at this point but what else could they do. 

Nobody ever plans to run their QA like this. Stuffing tons of devices in a suitcase with 50 different chargers and sending your top guy or gal half-way around the world. Yet here was one of the biggest real estate apps in Europe doing exactly that.




How is he going to explain that to the airport security? The whole thing just looks dodgy” I remember our Growth Manager saying as we talked through their processes that day. The team at the company didn’t really know what they were going to do. They had a huge release coming up and were about to be featured on the app store.


What this company needed was a solid QA strategy and approach to testing on real devices. The problem is, is that they had been ignoring QA.


Some companies build products and services that literally save lives. For them, the ability to release their mobile or web apps with confidence is critical to not only their commercial success, but also their customers lives.


Now, we get it. Releasing the next version of Bouncy Ball 4 on the Google Play Store probably doesn’t carry the same level of intensity as other companies. But, it’s still important. And if you don’t place enough focus on your QA you can end up in a right mess.


So, what do we recommend you do? Join us on our upcoming webinar of course!


In our upcoming webinar we’ll cover how ignoring QA will:

  • Result in a decrease in efficiency
  • Deliver less overall product quality
  • Not be fixed through hiring alone
  • And, what you need to do about it!

At the end of the webinar we’ll be sending everyone a copy of the presentation and our latest white paper which goes into much more detail.

One of the biggest trends for 2018 will be the blending of testing tools across the stack, optimising your approach to testing and using QA to grow your company. We call this QAOps and we’re so excited to announce that Fahim Sachedina, Growth Manager for QAOps, will be joining us to discuss with us in greater detail what this means for the future.

The days of traveling around with suitcases full of devices is over. Gone are the days of ignoring QA. The smartest brands and companies in the world have realised that they can turn their QA teams into massive growth monsters. I hope you’ll join us on either November 8th or 9th.


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(p.s. if you can’t make it to the event, just sign up anyway. I'll send you a copy of everything.)