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GAT’s cultural values

When you join we’ll give you a customised learning schedule, based on your goals and visions, as well as access to the full cultural values content and our internal learning library

We have a company vision and we focus on heading towards it every day. But, ultimately, it’s more important for an individual to have a vision for themselves. The clearer a person’s vision for themselves, the easier it is for them to understand why they are doing the thing they are doing.

We work with our team to understand their personal visions, departmental and company visions.

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage”

Arie de Geus

Everyone in this company loves learning. If you don’t like learning you will join GAT and feel that everybody is trying to be better than you. The truth is they are trying to be better than themselves. Understanding your vision for yourself helps us focus your learning into the direction that will lead you to your vision.

“Without trust, communication breaks.” More specifically:

In any human interaction, the required amount of communication is inversely proportional to the level of trust

Consider the following: if I trust you completely, then I require no explanation or communication of your actions whatsoever, because I know that whatever you are doing is in my best interests. On the other hand, if I don’t trust you at all, then no amount of talking, explaining or reasoning will have any effect on me, because I do not trust that you are telling me the truth.

When you join the company you have a neutral trust bar – this is intangible. Delivering on your promises and producing high quality work increases your trust bar – and vice versa, your trust bar decreases with not delivering on your promises and producing a low quality of work. The instances where we’ve let go of people are when their trust bar has dropped.

The trust bar is not just between you and your line manager – it includes departments and everyone around us, even our customers. We vocalise it to help everyone become aware of it.”

Trust is fundamental to success.

“What are you executing this week for the long term success of the business?”

A lot of people work hard but not many people are consistently working in the right direction. It’s easy to focus your attention on urgent activities but you’ll realise in the long run that most of these aren’t making a real difference. We’re not saying don’t do urgent tasks (everybody has to) – we’re saying consistently suppress urgency to focus on activities that are important.

What activities are important? Refer to these two links and read the rest of the guide below.

Getting Things Done

How does one manage time more effectively?

“You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for”

Napoleon Hill

Going the extra mile means the rendering of more and better service than that for which one is paid, and giving it in a positive mental attitude. It is a state of mind (rather than actionable steps), so it is a part of everything you do.

In our company, never let anyone go the extra mile alone. If you see someone going the extra mile, by e.g. staying late to make sure a customer is happy, go with them. We are a unit – this is about creating a siege mentality that we succeed or fail together – so don’t let anyone go the extra mile alone. Imagine a company where everybody helps back everyone else up because they know they all share the same vision.

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GAT Culture


Team culture plays a huge role in what we do here at Global App Testing. From monthly outings to weekly gatherings, we make sure that everyone is included, appreciated and part of the team.



We are huge on personal development and will dedicate time helping to make sure you achieve your personal and professional goals and bucket lists.



You’ll have a role that will be vital to the company’s success and every idea you come up with will always be considered.


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