Worry less. Test more_ Announcing ISO 27001 Certification

Worry less. Test more: Announcing ISO 27001 Certification

We have some very exciting news...

Global App Testing recently achieved its ISO 27001 certification, an international standard that sets out the specification for an Information Security Management System. The certification verifies that Global App Testing is following security best practices with our people and processes, meaning your data is safe with us. It’s been a year in the making, and we are over the moon to have officially obtained our certification.

It’s a world-renowned achievement which confirms that we meet the highest security standards globally.

That means that Global App Testing is your trusted provider when it comes to security. Working with us means your data is going to be in the safest possible hands. So you won’t have any sleepless nights over potential data breaches from your QA solution. 

We spoke to Wojciech Olearczyk, Director of Engineering at Global App Testing to hear his thoughts around the importance of the new certification, and how it affects our customers. 

Here’s what he had to say.

What is the ISO 27001 certification?

ISO 27001 is the gold stamp of approval in terms of security systems.

The certification provides a model for security management systems within companies. It’s about how we manage the information that we own and how we can ensure that it is secure. ISO 27001 confirms that organisations are capable of securely storing data on behalf of their customers. 

Not only does ISO27001 look at the security of software, but it also assesses the compliance of offices, employees and systems in line with data laws and regulations.

This means that ISO27001 certified companies are compliant with best practices when it comes to security standards, right from the onboarding process to how clients use their software. 

Why did we choose to complete the ISO 27001 certification?

The ISO 27001 certification is extremely well regarded across the board. It ensures that businesses are safe, secure and private, whatever the industry. The certification requires an external audit by an accredited auditor, meaning that Global App Testing has been thoroughly assessed to the highest standards.

We wanted to make sure that our security practices were the best of the best. Furthermore, we wanted our customers to be safe in the knowledge that working with us as a vendor is a secure and reliable process. ISO 27001 confirms that. 

What's more, for enterprise customers of Global App Testing, ISO certification is often of the utmost importance as security certifications help to ensure compliance with enterprise systems and requirements. 

ISO 27001 verifies that we have comprehensive security systems and are best-in-class when it comes to how we process customer information, store data and process test cases. For customers from huge enterprise companies to smaller startups, ISO 27001 signifies that you can trust us. 

What was involved in the certification?

We started the process around a year ago. It was a long process but the importance of  ISO 27001 means it was entirely worthwhile. 

We began by looking at internal processes, starting official projects to prepare for the audit. This process involved introducing new security systems, ensuring we had the right security policies and procedures in place, right down to the safety of our workstations and mobile devices. Every part of our company communications had to be encrypted so we could make sure everything was well protected. It was crucial for us that whatever we implemented would be tightly integrated into our process, so everyone will live and breathe it as part of their culture.

The final steps, after internal procedures, is the external certification audit. This was very extensive, checking all elements of our security systems. There are 142 requirements to be met and we need evidence for each of these. It’s extremely comprehensive!

What does obtaining the certification mean for GAT?

It sets us apart as a crowdtesting provider. Out of the 10 most popular software providers listed on Software Testing News, only 2 are ISO 27001 certified. Global App Testing is one of them.

The ISO 27001 certification means that customers can be safe in the knowledge that their unreleased apps are going to be secure with us. We are well prepared to protect against potential data breaches, and have the best processes in place to ensure our customer’s data is secure.

Going forward, the certification will add an extra layer of credibility in the fantastic work we do for current and future customers alike. It’s the seal of approval that means your engineering team never has to worry about how Global App Testing stores and processes your data. Our service fits seamlessly into your SDLC, without any additional security concerns. 

We know that our security is top-notch, but now it has been externally verified and audited too.

How will ISO 27001 change the way we work going forward?

At Global App Testing, we have always had security front-of-mind. 

Whenever we work on a new project or take on a new client, protecting data has always been a key part of our processes. When working with a new vendor, for example, we have always actively checked how the vendor is going to store our information and what information they are going to process. 

What ISO 27001 has provided us with is an extra level of knowledge about security best practices. Our entire team is even more acutely aware of the fact security is a responsibility for every single person in the company, not just those directly dealing with test data. 

The additional layer of learning has ensured Global App Testing is going forward with a renewed sense of understanding, meaning we are even more confident in our security processes in the future. 

The ISO 27001 certification confirms what we already knew: Global App Testing will protect your data with the best possible processes, procedures, and people to ensure security.

For more information about how we approach security and data privacy check out our security page.