Software Testing: In-house vs. Crowdsourced

21% of customers are now abandoning an app after just one use, and nothing disengages a user more than an app full of software bugs. 

Ensuring your business delivers a high-quality app is essential, but as the complexity of software testing increases, it can be hard to know what strategy you should be using. Organisations want to speed up delivery, improve quality and save money. But is the best way to do this in-house or via crowdsourced testing?

Here we take a look at in-house testing vs crowdsourced testing in three key areas: Time, Quality and Cost


5 Advantages Crowdsourced Testing has Over In-House

1) Crowdsourced testing saves you time.

Hiring an in-house, professional QA team is undeniably time-consuming. In Europe, the average number of days to fill an IT position is 66. On top of that, the average number of calls or interviews needed to fill an IT position is 15 in the USA and Canada. Let's imagine you find the right candidate in 50 days, and it takes 8 interviews. That's a lot of your time spent perfecting an in-house team. By using a crowdsourced testing company, you can have immediate access to professional testers from across the world. 

2) Crowdsourced testing improves quality

The highest quality apps are tested on hundreds of devices and OS combinations, but 40% of in-house QA teams don't have the necessary devices available to test on. 

By testing on multiple devices, you can discover more bugs that could impact a wide range of users. Global App Testing provides 20,000 testers in 105 countries with access to many device combinations, meaning that you can get results from a worldwide crowd, fast.

3) Crowdsourced testing is cost efficient

Hiring an in-house team is not only time consuming, but expensive. The average salary for a software tester in the US is $55,457 and £24,000 in the UK. By using a crowdsourced testing company, like Global App Testing, you can have access to 15-20 professional testers, with a scalable price solution to suit your unique QA needs. This will save you money, as well as time.

4) Crowdsourced testing delivers fast results

52% of organisations struggle to find time to test mobile apps. That's because setting up a test, sourcing testers, and ensuring effective results can be difficult in an organisation with a long to-do list. By using a crowd testing company like Global App Testing, you can recieve results in 48 hours or less. 

5) Crowdsourced testing provides experienced testers

To test effectively, testers need experience, creativity and skill. Activities like exploratory testing need very experienced testers to be executed effectively. Global App Testing provide only vetted, professional testers with fantastic testing experience. 

Discover the value of crowdsourced testing

Crowdsourced testing is saves time, reduces costs and improves quality. Find out more about crowdsourced testing by downloading our white paper, or speak to us today to discover how crowdsourced testing can kickstart the growth of your company. 

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