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As the complexity of software testing increases, it’s essential to avoid it becoming a bottleneck. Proactive organisations that want to speed up delivery, improve quality and save money are embracing crowdsourced testing.


Here we take a look at in-house testing vs. crowdsourced testing in three key areas: Time, Quality and Cost.


  • Average number of calls or interviews needed to fill an IT position (per region):
    • USA & Canada: 15
    • UK & Ireland: 13
    • Europe: 12
  • Average number of days it takes to fill an IT position (per region):
    • USA & Canada: 51 days
    • UK & Ireland: 57 days
    • Europe: 66 days
  • Global App Testing provides 15-20 professional testers to test your mobile app/website
  • We turnaround results in 48 hours or less
  • Test case execution can be executed in under an hour 
  • 52% of organisations struggle to find time to test mobile apps
  • 40% of in-house QA teams don't have the necessary devices available to test on 
  • With Global App Testing you can test on hundreds of devices and OS platforms
  • We have a community of 20,000 testers in 104 countries
  • Average salaries of hiring a Software Tester not including benefits, training and onboarding (per country):
    • USA: $55,457
    • UK: £24,909
    • Germany: €41,910
  • Global App Testing has scalable pricing options to suit your unique QA needs 


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