5 UserTesting alternatives to consider using in 2024

If you're looking for alternatives to UserTesting that can deliver user tests, you're in the right place. We have curated a list of the top 5 UserTesting alternatives that consider pricing, evaluate features, and compare the benefits of each tool according to the users' feedback.

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UserTesting – Overview

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UserTesting is a UX software that uses moderated and unmoderated user testing to help businesses gather customer insights for product or service improvement. The platform aims to enhance the user-friendliness of mobile applications, prototypes, and websites through real user tests recorded via videos.

Who is this software aimed at?

The software is aimed at various teams, including UX design, digital product, marketing, and UX research teams. It caters to companies of different sizes, from startups and small businesses to mid-market and enterprise-level organizations. The software spans multiple industries, including automotive, B2B, consumer technology, eCommerce, financial services, gaming & gambling, etc. Notable clients include HelloFresh, GoDaddy, and Canva.

Key features according to UserTesting’s website

Custom test creation:

  • Build personalized tests using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Add multiple questions and tasks to gather diverse feedback from participants.
One-on-one video interviews:

  • Streamline follow-up processes through one-on-one video interviews for in-depth insights.
  • Schedule live interviews with customers to capture real-time feedback.
Audience experience measurement:

  • Utilize multiple-choice questions (MCQs) or rating scales to measure audience experience.
  • Export comprehensive performance reports in Excel format for analysis.
Video recording and screen sharing:

  • Record videos and share screens during live interviews for a richer understanding.
  • Capture test results in video format, enhancing the visual representation of feedback.
Built-in chat functionality:

  • Communicate with clients using the built-in chat functionality.
  • Foster collaboration and discuss results or queries in real time.
Pre-formatted tests:

  • Access pre-formatted tests designed for collecting feedback on sales campaigns and marketing operations.
  • Simplify the feedback collection process with ready-to-use test templates.


At the time of writing, UserTesting offers 3 pricing plans – Essential, Advanced, and Ultimate.

Top 5 UserTesting alternatives to consider

While UserTesting is a robust user research platform, its limitations might render it less than ideal for some users. We've compiled a list of UserTesting alternatives to provide prospects and explore options, particularly for those who find UserTesting falling short of their expectations.

1. Global App Testing (GAT) – best-practice functional and UX testing

Global App Testing is a crowdtesting solution that empowers QA, product, UX, engineering, localization, and digital teams to test their products globally. With over 90,000 professionally vetted testers across 190 countries, the platform facilitates testing on real devices in authentic environments, covering various device combinations.

Who is the software targeted at?

It caters to companies developing software, web apps, mobile apps, websites, and SaaS products, focusing on assisting Agile and DevOps teams to maintain release schedules while addressing identified issues.

Key Features

Remote on-demand QA testing:

  • Conducts functional web and app testing within the workflow using crowdtesting and intelligent automation.
  • Supports the global release of high-quality software, aligning with shift left and DevOps principles.
  • Enables rapid test execution via UI or API, integrating real-time results into the CI/CD workflow.
Release quality:

  • Identifies high-impact bugs by placing the most suitable testers on relevant tests in real-time.
  • Offers real-world test coverage across countries, devices, and operating systems.
  • Supports reproducibility testing to understand the scale of issues.
  • Facilitates benchmarking of QA against other development teams.

  • Seamlessly integrates with DevOps or CI/CD tools to enhance existing workflows.
  • Supports integration with Jira, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, sprintly, DoneDone, Basecamp, and Asana.
Test management:

  • Simplifies test management with intuitive tools for creating, planning, and managing tests.
  • Allows direct test execution via the platform or API, with the option to schedule regular tests for improved release velocity.
  • Facilitates API usage for additional analysis and custom actions.
Test execution:

  • Uncovers high-impact bugs in real-world scenarios through rapid test execution using the crowd.
  • Achieves a lightning-fast test case turnaround time of 30-150 minutes.
  • Provides exploratory testing results within 24-36 hours.
  • Offers on-demand test resources 24/7/365.
Test results & analysis:

  • Prioritizes bug fixing by delivering detailed bug reports with step-by-step test execution details, screenshots, videos, crash and session logs, and environment details.
  • Allows exporting results into existing workflows via API.


According to G2 users, here are some benefits of GAT:

  • Customers highlight the ease of running exploratory tests and the power of test cases, creating a comprehensive testing platform.
  • While setting up test cases may take some time, the process becomes efficient and powerful for regression testing once established.
  • Users find the service efficient, from account setup to guiding through the testing process and getting tests up and running.
  • The quick test turnaround aligns well with users' processes, and the feedback loop on high-priority issues optimizes the value derived from the service.
  • Submitters appreciate the thorough and complete results obtained within approximately 24 hours after submitting a test job. 
  • The platform provides a simple and intuitive way to create and manage test cases, seamlessly integrating code release procedures.
  • Real-world test execution is cited as a significant benefit, eliminating the need for device farms and enhancing overall test effectiveness.
  • Users value having test case management in one place, streamlining the process, and speeding up internal QA efforts.
  • The customer support team is praised for being responsive and open, addressing issues promptly, and contributing to a positive overall experience.


GAT offers 3 pricing plans, where exact pricing points depend on your specific situation. More information is available upon submitting your information and setting up a call.


2. Looppanel – "Save 10 days on search analysis"

Looppanel background

Why is Loopanel included in this list?

Looppanel is a powerful UserTesting alternative, offering seamless integration with popular video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams. The platform enhances the research process with, as they claim, high-quality transcripts and AI-generated notes, ensuring efficiency and ease of use.

Who is the software targeted at?

Loopapanel is a great fit for product and design teams to analyze and share insights.
Their clients are Miro, PandaDoc, headout, etc.

What do they list as key features?

Integration with video conferencing platforms:

  • Seamless integration with Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams streamlines the research process and enables auto-recording calls.
Transcription and AI-generated notes

  • Accurate transcriptions and AI-generated notes that support multiple languages and accents, including English, Hindi, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.
Data organization and analysis:

  • The analysis feature categorizes project notes, eliminating the need for external tools and providing a streamlined research experience.
Live note-taking with stakeholders:

  • Looppanel allows stakeholders to participate in live note-taking during user interviews, capturing valuable real-time insights.
Ease of sharing and collaboration:

  • Users can easily organize data with tags and create shareable video clips with a single click, facilitating trend analysis and enhancing collaboration.
Free trial period:

  • Looppanel offers a 15-day free trial period, allowing users to explore its features before committing to a paid subscription.


G2 users have reported the following pros:

  • The platform ensures precision in transcriptions and AI-generated notes, catering to users across multiple languages.
  • It incorporates a built-in analysis feature, streamlining data organization and enhancing efficiency.
  • Users can take live notes during user interviews, fostering stakeholder collaboration and capturing real-time insights.
  • The 15-day free trial period allows users to explore its features and capabilities before committing to a subscription.
  • With its features and tools, Looppanel accelerates the discovery and sharing of insights, facilitating a fivefold increase in speed compared to traditional methods.


At the time of writing, Looppanel offers four pricing plans tailored to different needs: Solo Plan, Teams Plan, Business Plan, and Enterprise Plan.

3. Lookback – "Seeing is believing"

Why is Loopanel included in this list?

Lookback is a user research tool promoting usability testing and one-on-one user interviews in moderated and unmoderated formats. This platform allows researchers to bring their own users for testing and interviews, enabling stakeholder collaboration, live note-taking, highlight reel creation, and transcript generation.

Who is the software targeted at?

Lookback is aimed at User Experience (UX) researchers, product managers, designers, stakeholders, and administrators. Their clients are Klarna, Google, and Netflix, among others.

What do they list as key features?

Mixed methods research

  • Conducting diverse research methodologies, seamlessly integrating interviews, usability studies, and unmoderated tasks within a single project.
Team tagging:

  • Identifying and highlighting essential insights or issues by tagging specific team members at crucial moments during recordings.
Public links sharing:

  • Sharing specific live sessions or recordings using Public Links, ensuring controlled access without revealing the entire project dashboard.
Build highlight reels:

  • Compiling highlight clips into themed reels makes sharing and reviewing key findings easy.
Session transcription:

  • Access to verbatim transcriptions of research sessions in multiple languages through AWS services.
Project privacy controls:

  • Sensitive projects remain confidential, with controlled access to authorized team members.
Comprehensive data export:

  • Download of all relevant data, including session videos, screen recordings, transcriptions, chats, notes, highlights, and reels.


Lookback has received the following G2 reviews:

  • Lookback provides a free trial, allowing users to test its functionality in an actual usability study before committing to a subscription.
  • Users can timestamp key moments and add notes during research sessions, providing a convenient reference tool after the call concludes.
  • The observer room feature lets team members discreetly view research sessions without the participant's knowledge, enhancing collaboration.
  • Lookback offers a solution for mobile usability testing, addressing challenges faced on other platforms like Zoom or Google Meet.


At the time of writing, Lookback offers 4 pricing plans: Freelance Plan, Team Plan, Insights Hub Plan, and Enterprise Plan.

4. Maze – "The holistic solution for continuous product discovery"

maze logo background
Why is Maze included in this list?

Maze is a usability testing platform that offers unique live website testing capabilities. It enables website owners to conduct post-launch evaluations and continuously improve their website. The platform provides various remote usability tests, optimization for different design stages, survey integration, and robust reporting features to help website owners make informed decisions.

Who is the software targeted at?

Maze is the choice for startups, innovators, and product developers. Their clients are Rappi, Uber, and INDITEX.

What do they list as key features?

Versatile testing approaches:

  • Maze supports remote usability tests, including card sorting, open questions, tree, and 5-sec tests.
Survey integration:

  • Users can seamlessly incorporate surveys into usability tests and share them with participants via shareable links.
Capture options:

  • Maze offers screen capture and video feedback features to understand user interactions comprehensively.
Participant management:

  • The platform includes a built-in panel CRM to manage and grow the participant list.
Detailed reporting dashboard:

  • Users benefit from an in-depth reporting dashboard to monitor test results and track success/failure rates, bounce rates, misclicks, and more.
Collaborative team spaces:

  • Maze facilitates team collaboration by allowing the creation of team spaces, inviting stakeholders to observe tests, assigning roles, and adding comments.


Here are the following pros and cons, according to G2 users:

  • Maze supports multiple unmoderated research types, offering flexibility in testing various features.
  • Most mazes are completed within three hours, ensuring fast insights without delaying product development.
  • Qualitative insights are gathered through surveys and participant-recorded video and audio, capturing sentiment and thought processes.
  • Access to over 50 pre-built templates for various research needs.


At the time of writing, Maze offers free and three pricing options suitable for organizations and product teams of all sizes.

5. Loop11 – "An easy tester tool for data driven UX"

Why is Loopanel included in this list?

Loop11 is a UX research and testing platform that streamlines user research processes to deliver valuable insights for enhancing digital user experiences. This platform facilitates the setup and execution of user experience tests across various domains, from live websites and prototypes to competitor websites. 
Compatible with diverse devices, Loop11 enables seamless engagement with users, providing essential insights for user researchers, UX designers, and product managers to improve products iteratively.

Who is the software targeted at?

Loop11 is designed for anyone engaged in website design, development, or marketing.
Some of the notable clients include Nike, Target, and GoDaddy. 

What do they list as key features?

Versatile testing capability:

  • Usability testing on live websites, prototypes, and competitor domains.
Benchmarking and A/B testing:

  • Allows benchmarking studies and A/B testing for comprehensive evaluation.
  • Evaluates search engine findability and performs architecture testing.
Integration with design tools:

  • Connects seamlessly with popular design tools such as Figma, AdobeXD, InVision, Axure, and JustInMind.
True intent studies:

  • Understand visitors' goals and satisfaction levels for informed decision-making.
Search engine findability:

  • Measure the ease of finding your online properties to enhance discoverability.
Information architecture testing:

  • Design or refine your information architecture for improved user navigation.
Clickstream analytics:

  • Track users' clicks and navigation patterns for comprehensive analytics.


According to G2 users, here are the reported pros and cons:

  • Rapid creation and deployment of tests to gather a blend of quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Records user's audio and video during unmoderated tests, providing valuable contextual insights.
  • Loop11 simplifies the interpretation of quantitative insights, particularly regarding website or web app speed and ease of use.


At the time of writing, Loop11 offers 3 pricing plans – Rapid INsights, Pro, and Enterprise.

Choosing the right UserTesting alternative - A breakdown

When selecting the ideal UserTesting alternative, consider your specific needs:

In summary, opting for GAT as your testing partner offers a range of benefits:

  • Continuous testing availability with scalable solutions.
  • Extensive global reach, boasting over 90,000 testers across 190+ countries.
  • Opportunities to increase revenue by incorporating global testing into your market strategy.
  • Assurance of high-quality products through a blend of crowd testing and AI-powered automation.
  • Comprehensive testing approaches, including integration testing for seamless compatibility.
  • Black box and white box testing covers functional and non-functional aspects.
  • Best-in-class testing methods tailored to align seamlessly with your workflow.
  • Rapid delivery of results accompanied by easy-to-understand reports.
  • Adherence to the highest global security standards and measures.

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