Using APIs to Leverage Crowdtesting

Using APIs to Leverage Crowdtesting

As your application develops and grows, so does the importance of testing. You need to rigorously test your new features before they’re released, but you also have to check existing features for bugs and regressions caused by new code.

If that isn’t enough, you’re probably using a few different platforms while working to tighter deadlines and faster release cycles than ever. 

What you really need is to find that all-important balance between speed and quality. 

Pressures like these are affecting technology companies across the globe, and many are leveraging crowdtesting as the answer to this complicated problem. 

Our API allows customers to easily integrate GAT crowdtesting anywhere in the development process. Say goodbye to disparate testing platforms.

What can be achieved with API integrations in the development process?

The truth is, there are unlimited ways to leverage crowdtesting using APIs. 

Endlessly flexible, you can use APIs at any point in your development or testing cycle. 

That means users can execute test cases using professional testers, in 105+ countries using thousands of device combinations, directly into existing tools and processes.

For instance, customers use our API to complete some of the following actions, integrating seamlessly with their own tools and systems:

  • Automatically launching functional tests (test cases) for web and native applications
  • Managing your test case suite, including
    • Importing test cases from your own system to our platform, Ada
    • Retrieving a list of test cases from Ada
    • Updating and deleting test cases
  • Checking the status of recently-launched tests
  • Retrieving test results and importing them back into your systems

Our API is currently being leveraged to cleverly integrate our platform, Ada, with other software platforms to bring new efficiencies to development and testing processes. 

Customers also use our API to integrate with other software platforms such as TestRail, to enable crowdsourced tests at the press of a button and to create a single reporting dashboard that includes test results from their own internal QA efforts as well as our crowd.

Furthermore, we are seeing our API being leveraged in complete end-to-end integrations with customer development systems. Integrations pick up test cases from their own systems, run tests using our professional crowd, and automatically pull results into their bug tracking systems. All without logging into a single  platform! 

Talk about continuous integration and deployment.

We’ll soon be adding more functions to our testing API, so keep an eye out for updates.

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