QA in 2018: Everything CTO's Need To Know

QA in 2018: Everything CTO's Need To Know

CTO’s must think about 2018 as the year they focus on QA as a pathway to growth. QA presents an opportunity to deliver exceptional experiences for customers. Yet many CTO’s are unsure of what they should be doing with their QA. Here are the current trends from the World Quality Report that will shape 2018.


- 41% of executives expect QA to increase the quality of their product

- 99% of respondents, face some kind of challenge with testing in agile development

- Automation isn't the key to everything - The average level of automation for test activities is only around 16%

- The number of organizations claiming that they struggle to find the time to test mobile applications has increased over the last three years, from 36% in 2015 to 52% in 2017.

- Mobile applications developers are challenged by the combinations of specific hardware, operating system, network connectivity, and performance.

- 52% of respondents don't have enough time to test

- 42% don't have mobile testing experts

- 41% don't have an in-house testing environment

- 40% don't have devices available to test on

- Only 37% of respondents use exploratory testing

- 44% of respondents lack a good testing approach that fits with agile

- 42% said their test data and environment availability is a challenge

- 42% said their current automation solution doesn't even test mobile testing

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