Test Any Mobile App on Any Mobile Device

Mobile App Testing from Global App Testing provides your organisation with access to professional crowdsourced testers around the globe. With support for just about any mobile device and operating system combination, our team of professional testers will ensure that your mobile app works. Delivering you the highest quality bugs in the shortest amount of time means your organisation can keep doing what it does best. From mileage tracking, taxi-booking, gaming to social media - we’ve tested it all.

Exploratory Testing

Functional Exploratory Testing for Mobile

Our testers will explore your application in a secure environment on their own devices. During the testing, they will find real world bugs, crash the app and push functionality to the limits. This will ensure your mobile app functions exactly the way you want. Our testers can also conduct mobile app usability testing to provide relevant feedback.

Test Cases

Test Case Creation and Execution

Need help creating test cases? Want to produce predictable, executable test steps on any mobile device combination you can think of? Our mobile app testers can test your test cases or we can build a suite of tests to ensure each release of your application functions just the way it should.


Localisation for Mobile

Launching in a new market? Wondering why your mobile app isn't doing so well in an unfamiliar country? Global App Testing's localisation services utilise real testers operating in the countries you need. Localised testing includes mobile app functionality, usability, competitive benchmarking, cultural factors and much more. These unique insights empower your organisation to excel globally.


Regression Testing for Mobile

As your organisation adds news features or releases updates, our team of global testers can test to make sure that everything still functions the way that it should. Regression testing of your mobile app using a crowd allows full confidence that it still performs correctly after it was changed. At Global App Testing, any bug we find that you fix we'll happily verify - at no extra charge.

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