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Professional Crowdsourced QA Testing for Mobile

Developing mobile applications for today’s demanding customer is no easy task. Consumers expect and demand impeccable experiences from their mobile apps. If you aren’t delivering the absolute highest quality experience for them you can bet your competitors are.

The vast combination of devices, operating systems and global networks means that you must ensure users globally experience a mobile app that will work for them on day one.

With the pace of development increasing and demands of consumers at their highest level, how can you develop a mobile app that meets everyone's needs?

Challenges of Traditional Mobile App Testing

Device fragmentation

In a wide-reaching study conducted by OpenSignal in 2016, there were more than 24,000 different OS and device combinations in the wild. Combine this with the large volume of global networks, and device fragmentation becomes the number one issue for testing thoroughly.

Your testing team needs to provide large testing coverage that can effectively fight back against device fragmentation. This remains a difficult challenge to overcome as teams must either maintain expensive architecture or virtualise their testing environments.

Unfortunately, these two options deliver sub-optimal results for the end user.

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Speed of Mobile App Testing

Traditional testing, until recently, has been very much been relegated to the end of a development cycle. With the advent of DevOps and Agile approaches to development however, testing has become an incredibly important factor in the release cycle.

The time afforded to test a mobile app properly has shrunk and, according to the 2017 State of Testing Report is a major factor impacting testing teams of all sizes.

Returning mobile testing results quickly is of paramount importance if organizations want to remain competitive.

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Mobile App Localization

Because consumers demand a localized experience when they load your mobile app, it’s imperative that you test and QA in those environments.

According to research and analysis firm IDG, a slow time to market is the number one challenge organizations face when localizing their mobile apps. The ability to get real testers, on real devices, in the locations you need is imperative.

How else can you surface localized mobile bugs without this?

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Benefits of Global App Testing

Global App Testing uses a crowdsourced approach to solve the challenges typically associated with Android and iOS testing. We allow tech teams to leverage over 20,000 vetted professional testers with real devices in real environments in over 105 countries. By taking a customer-focused approach to quality, hundreds of leading brands rely on Global App Testing to improve quality at a speed that allows Agile and DevOps teams to release faster and more often.

Deliver Mobile Apps Faster

Using test cases you can design a testing plan to cover your important app features, flows and regression. Combined with the power of our crowd, we deliver test case results back to you in under an hour! Export results directly into JIRA, GitHub or CSV for rapid testing and development. Avoid costly test automation engineers as UI tests can be written and completed by non-technical teams. Benefit from lightning-quick test case execution results that help you deliver high-quality apps to end users.

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Improve Mobile App Quality

Get insight into the quality of your mobile app in just about any country on almost any device! Use exploratory testing to find hidden quality blind spots in your app and discover the edge-cases affecting your users.

Our testers deliver high-quality bug reports which are moderated in-house by a team of QA experts. Each bug report includes steps to reproduce, videos and screenshots so that your development team can get right on to fixing them quickly.

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The Missing Piece for Modern QA Teams

QA is an integral part of your development process and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to create amazing mobile apps for your customers. This means you don’t need to maintain expensive device farms in order to determine quality. Virtualized testing environments and automation suites require costly in-house expense and expertise which you no longer need.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

"Instead of testing the top 500 apps as planned, partnering with Global App Testing allowed us to increase our testing surface area by an order of magnitude within the same time window"

Reagan Williams

"You can count on GAT to cover your suite of tests. You know how long that’s going to take, so when you say it’s going to take 48 hours, it will take 48 hours. They made everything more predictable during each sprint"

Alexis Smirnov 
Co-Founder and CTO

"Having professional testers test our app in locations where its used gives us the confidence to assure customers LiveSafe can help keep their people safe"

Matt Hagopian
VP Engineering

We've tested over 6480 unique apps for some of the biggest brands in the world in over 105 countries

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