Deliver high-quality mobile apps to your users anywhere, anytime.

Mobile users expect perfection. Up to 62% of mobile users will delete an app outright if they find a bug and app crashes cause 71% of uninstalls. While maximising code cycle speed is incredibly important, it can’t be at the cost of product quality.

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Mobile app testing without fragmentation

Testing with real users on real devices guarantees a consistent user experience for your customers. Real data in context will give you a competitive edge in app development.

  • We test in 189+ countries to find issues affecting your users on the ground

  • Our extensive device/OS/network coverage will cover just about any combination

  • Flexible testing on both native web apps or mobile browsers


Increase the quality of your mobile apps.

We’ll uncover the hidden problem areas to address before your customers do.

  • Improve user satisfaction

    Earn the trust and satisfaction of global users by ensuring bugs don't affect their interactions with your brand and products

  • Customised exploratory testing

    Exploratory testing results in 24–36 hours and test case execution results in just 30–150 minutes

  • Gain fresh insight where and when you need it

    Avoid blind spots with real test data from actual users


Help speed up your app releases.

Our collaborative approach to testing maximises release velocity at every release. Our goal is to make it as painless as possible for you to sync actionable results reporting with top bug tracking and project management software.



Enhance your QA tech stack.

Our app testing solutions are engineered to integrate seamlessly with the DevOps and CI/CD tools you already use and enhance your existing workflows.

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Instead of testing the top 500 apps as planned, partnering with Global App Testing allowed us to increase our testing surface area by an order of magnitude within the same time window.”
Reagan Wiliams, Platform

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