QA bottlenecks causing you to miss release deadlines?

Your QA team cannot be rushed when it comes to ensuring high quality within your product, but is this impacting your release velocity?

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Like all good things, QA shouldn't be rushed...

When your testing cycle takes longer than anticipated, you are left with the difficult decision of whether to reduce the scope of requirements to meet a release deadline or delay the release entirely. Such a decision is never taken lightly and can have a detrimental impact on your product and team.

Testing ensures quality within your product and therefore cannot be rushed but the blame of delays is often pointed at the QA team.

A testing bottleneck begins to form as engineers begin work on their next task leading to a testing backlog. Pressure starts to build on your QA team until something has to give...


Global App Testing speeds up your testing velocity

Our crowdtesting solution accelerates your team’s testing capabilities so that you can release on time and with confidence:

  • Test results back within 6 hours

  • Available 24 / 7 for your testing needs

  • 70,000 professionally vetted testers

  • Submit multiple test runs parallel to each other

  • Reduce timescales that span days or weeks into hours

  • Analyse or export bugs directly into your development flow

Through a partnership with Global App Testing, you can ensure that your product is released on time and to a high quality subsequently removing any QA bottlenecks and relieving pressure on your team.

Top Testing Capabilities to help speed up your testing


Regression Testing

With the ability to submit multiple tests runs in parallel, our crowd can test your entire regression suite within 6 hours.

End-to-end Testing

Global App Testing offers test executions and exploratory testing to cover all aspects of your product to identify any edge case bugs.

Sanity Testing

Have peace of mind that your new features are working as designed with any bugs being identified quickly so they can be resolved.

Smoke Testing

Continuously test the core functionality of your product, submitting test runs at any point in the day and receiving results back as quickly as 6 hours.

Alpha / Beta Testing

When your product is ready for release, let us act as your customers to validate the expectation and quality of the release.

In-sprint Testing 

Resolve any testing bottlenecks forming within your sprints through fast turnarounds that ensure high quality in your new features.

what our customers say
"Global App Testing is tool agnostic so we’ve integrated their test execution into our existing workflow and tools. The whole team finds it easy to use and we now are testing more often and earlier in our release cycle"

Nick Popivici, CEO at VitaMojo

Vita Mojo and Global App Testing

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