Need to drastically scale up your QA resource?

Testing can fluctuate throughout your development cycle, how do you quickly scale up your team in order to meet tight release deadlines and ensure maximum quality in your product?

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Sometimes your team just doesn’t have enough capacity

When it comes to releasing new features, your QA team are left stretched and exhausted trying to cover every aspect of your testing portfolio. You lack the capacity to carry out appropriate testing. So where are you able to pull extra resources from?

In today’s job market, hiring extra QA resources is expensive and requires training to bring testers up to speed. Pulling engineers or members of the product team from their day-to-day role is distracting and causes delays in your development process further down the line.

Your team requires a flexible approach to give you confidence that you are releasing a high quality product on time for release but not wasting resources during quieter periods.


‘Tap on; Tap off’ scalability for your QA team

Global App Testing acts as an augmentation of your QA team offering scalability and flexibility during busy periods to enhance your testing capabilities.

  • 70,000 professionally vetted testers

  • Available 24 / 7 for your testing needs

  • Results fed back to you in less than 6 hours

  • Analyse or export bugs directly into your development workflow

As soon as your testing is completed and you are confident of releasing to a maximum quality, you can simply switch off the tap to scale your QA team back to it’s original size, meaning no resources are sat idle waiting on your next release cycle.

Top Testing Capabilities to help scale your team


Regression Testing

Simple yet comprehensive testing to ensure your existing functionality has not been negatively impacted by new features can be carried out within 6 hours when you scale your QA team with our crowdtesters.

End-to-end Testing

Often a luxury due to resource constraints, we offer test execution and exploratory testing to cover different flows of your product from beginning to end to identify edge case issues that are often left unidentified.

Sanity Testing

Let our crowd take care of making sure that new features or enhancements are working as designed allowing your team to focus on other capabilities.

Smoke Testing

Define a set of high priority functional tests that our crowd can test on a regular cadence to ensure core product functionality.

Alpha / Beta Testing

When your product is ready for release, let us act as your customers to validate the expectation and quality of the release.

In-sprint Testing 

Removing delays and bottlenecks from your sprint cycle to ensure effective handovers between developers and QA.

what our customers say
"Global App Testing is tool agnostic so we’ve integrated their test execution into our existing workflow and tools. The whole team finds it easy to use and we now are testing more often and earlier in our release cycle"

Nick Popivici, CEO at VitaMojo



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