Global App Testing Trial Terms of Use Agreement

By participating in this free trial ("Trial") of the Global App Testing (‘GAT’) on-demand testing platform, you agree to be bound by the following terms:

  • The person or company undertaking the trial (‘Trialist’)
  • Software testing (‘Services’)
  • The on-demand platform (‘Product’)
  • Trialist and GAT are referred to as (‘Party’, ‘Parties’)
  • Information relating to either Party’s business that is not available publicly. (‘Confidential Information’)

Confidential Information

  1. Treatment. All Confidential Information remains the property of the disclosing Party. Each Party in receipt of Confidential Information agrees: (i) to maintain such Information in strict confidence; (ii) not to use such Information for any purpose unrelated to this Agreement.
  2. Destruction. GAT will maintain complete records relating to this Agreement for 18 months.

Privacy and Personal Data Protection

  1. Data protection. By accessing Services through the Product, the Trialist accepts the GAT Privacy & Personal Data Protection Policy and consents to the collection, use, storage, and processing of information.
  2. Legal permission. The Trialist is solely responsible for ensuring that use of the Services is compliant with all applicable laws, regulations, and our Privacy & Personal Data Protection Policy.


  1. Trial testing period. The Trial testing period commences fourteen days (14) from Trial sign up date.
  2. Trial testing volume. During the Trial testing period, a fair usage policy applies, limiting test cycle  launches to a maximum of ten (10) for each of the fourteen trial days.
  3. Testing quality. GAT aims to provide trial test results through the Product within four hours, and will offer the highest level of testing quality. However it cannot guarantee timing of results, nor that all existing issues within an App will be found, or reported in any given test. 
  4. Trial results. Test results will be made available through the Product. At the end of the fourteen day period, the Trialist will no longer have access to any data entered, nor test results, and such results may be lost, without upgrade to a paid testing plan. 
  5. Trial termination. At the end of the Trial period, this contractual obligation will automatically terminate unless the Trialist exercises their right to opt-in through payment to the continuation of the Services. GAT reserves the right to terminate the Trial at any time.
  6. Refusal of Service. GAT reserves the right to refuse the Service.

Liability and Governing Law

  1. Limitation of liability. Except as specifically permitted in this Agreement, in no event shall either of the Parties be liable to the other for any incidental or consequential damages, lost profits or lost data or otherwise.
  2. Governing law. This Agreement will be governed by the laws of The United Kingdom. Parties consent to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England, to settle disputes relating to this Agreement.
  3. Assignment. Trialist may not: i) transfer or otherwise assign the Agreement or any of their rights or associated obligations to a third party; ii) duplicate or distribute any part of the Product or Services.