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Improving Patient Outcomes Through Better QA

How can you improve QA when you're growing incredibly fast? By leveraging crowdsource testing, Dialogue has been able to reduce high severity bugs will increasing sprint...

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Ultimate Guide:
Crowdsourced Testing

In this eBook we've put together everything you need to know about crowdsourced QA. Companies all over the world use crowdsourced testing as…

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing for
Enterprise Guide

What it means to deliver high quality websites and apps for your consumers is changing. They demand that you release apps with speed and quality. Find out...

Facebook Case Study

Testing 5000 Apps in 4 Weeks with Facebook

Millions of websites and apps use Facebook Login to simplify account creation and login. More than 5000 apps were at risk of going offline so they partnered with...

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Buying Guide:
QA Solutions

From enterprise to start-ups, and everything inbetween, the QA Solutions Buying guide will help you identify the right bang for your
testing buck.

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Delivering a Healthy Experience
for PromoFarma

PromoFarma were looking to release a new website and offer mobile applications. Global App Testing enables them to increase their confidence around releases and...

LiveSafe Case Study

Safe and Secure in Over
19 Countries

LiveSafe relies on Global App Testing to ensure that their apps work globally in highly critical situations. Global App Testing has tested in over 19 countries to ensure that...

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Crowdsourced Testing:
A New Approach to QA

Traditional QA is broken. It's time for a new approach. Learn how to address costs with hiring in-house QA, improve device coverage in a fragmented world, develop localized…

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Reducing Crashes and
Increasing NPS for Acasa

Acasa had too many bugs and not enough resources to manage them. They realised they did not have the tools in-house to both develop the app AND test it. Acasa turned to…

You can't ignore QA

Why You Can't Ignore QA
Any Longer

The pressures to release an app or a website within faster development time increases exponentially. Join us for our webinar as we discuss why you can't ignore any longer!

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