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Why should Global App Testing be on your list of applause alternatives?

Global App Testing provides crowdtesting solutions, utilizing more than 60,000 vetted professional testers in over 189 countries. We’re a quality assurance (QA) testing platform built to meet the highest security and compliance standards, including ISO 270001.

Global App Testing (GAT) offers test management, test execution, test results, and analysis. We specialize in exploratory testing, test case execution, usability testing, on-demand testing, localization testing, regression testing, and web app and mobile app testing. 

We also use real testers with real devices to make the process as useful and relevant to the final end user experience as possible. What’s more, all GAT testers undergo a rigorous selection process before they’re included in the GAT network. That ensures the highest quality testing possible. 

Global App Testing solutions increase release speed, improve product quality, localize QA coverage, and maximize team productivity.

Software Testing Market

Who is Global App Testing for?

It can be challenging to spot bugs and errors until a certain level of usage has been reached in new software. In-house testing is both time-consuming and expensive. Trusting crowdtesting to an external company like GAT facilitates testing at various stages of development.

Global App Testing allows developers to test their software for bugs and errors, and make necessary fixes before it reaches end-users. This reduces the risk of negative user experiences. It’s also considerably cheaper to fix bugs pre-release; 640 times cheaper, in fact:

Defects graph

 GAT is a market leader in website and mobile application testing. We use a combination of crowdtesting and smart technology to ensure the effective and timely completion of projects. GAT is used by industry giants like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft due to a combination of GAT’s rapid testing, quality, and the volume of testing made possible. In fact, Global App Testing tested 5000 Facebook apps in just four weeks!

It is notoriously difficult to calculate the ROI on localization, which is project-oriented and tends to span involvement from marketing, product, and engineering teams all eager to claim a commercial performance improvement belonged to them, 

Why do you need Global App Testing?

GAT’s all-in-one testing services can help you effectively address your QA challenges. With GAT, you can leverage over 60,000 vetted testers to help you save time and resources on fixing errors.  

GAT’s on-demand testing platform facilitates rapid response to feedback, helping you deliver faster releases. What’s more, we help you:

Maximize budget ROI

Businesses today demand QA that focuses on providing quality in line with their budget and delivering robust ROI. 
With GAT you can:

  • Scale on-demand QA without increasing headcount
  • Use GAT’s crowd to execute tests that are tough to automate
  • Free up teams’ time to to spend on maintaining automation scripts

Improve release quality
GAT can place the best testers on your testing process anywhere in the world, in real time.
  • Leverage real-time test coverage in any country/device/OS
  • Understand the scale of issues with reproducibility testing
  • Benchmark QA against other development teams

Integrate into any tech stack
GAT’s flexible API enables seamless integration into any tech stack, meaning you can both launch tests and receive results within the tools you already use. Your teams can also integrate GAT with their Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to maximize team productivity and minimize time to release.

The GAT platform is commonly integrated with workflow management software like Jira, Azure DevOps, GitHub, Zephyr, Slack, TestRail and more.

Exploratory testing

Exploratory testing is a subsection of functional testing. It’s a dynamic testing process that allows you to uncover edge case bugs that you didn’t know existed. 

Testers aim to learn and iterate with greater freedom as compared to scripted testing where you first design test cases and then conduct test execution, always looking for a pre-designed answer. Exploratory testing is used extensively in Agile models and is focused on investigation and learning.

GAT offers unscripted exploratory testing for web and mobile app development. An elastic QA process enables on-demand testing with minimal preparation. Every exploratory test uses around 15 professional testers who use best practices to locate reproducible bugs within your app.

On-demand exploratory testing results are generated in just 4-6 hours and include:
  • Real-time reporting during the process
  • Reproducible bug reports including video, screenshots, logs, and other information
  • Seamless integration with your bug tracking or project management software


Test case execution

Test case execution is a way for customers to test exact user flows, with clear instructions to testers. This gives them confidence that core flows are working as expected. That’s as compared to exploratory testing, which allows them to uncover edge case issues outside of these core flows. Test case and test suite execution records reflect the most recent test case result or test suite result (pass, fail, blocked).

The GAT platform lets you test specific workflows for your web or mobile applications to ensure they work correctly. The GAT network takes on repetitive testing tasks so you can focus on more important areas like test strategy and analysis.

Test case execution might be used to test if the software has regressed when new code has been introduced - this is also known as regression testing - which is a key reason that people run test case executions.

GAT’s on-demand platform is designed for rapid test launch results. You get real-time test results, triaged and prioritized as soon as they’re reported. This makes it easier to reproduce, share, and resolve issues, and ultimately gives you greater confidence in your release. 

Usability testing

Usability testing is a method of testing the real-life experience when using a mobile app, website, or other software products, by surveying real end users as they try to use it. Where functionality testing checks, for instance, that a button or link physically performs as it should, usability testing assess how simply a user can find and utilize them. Usability testing aims to reveal pain points in the app or software deployment process and help to improve the overall customer experience.

With GAT, you can leverage over 60,000 vetted professional testers across 189 countries, to get key insights into how your app works from a user perspective in specific environments. Nuances in the content are more easily understood and perceptions of usability can therefore be more accurately identified. 

GAT’s usability testing lets you:

  • Check that new features feel intuitive and are engaging for customers before launch
  • Determine cultural differences that need to be understood about new markets
  • Verify content and app flows for local users 
  • Choose the feedback you receive — whether from multiple markets or a single source


Web app testing

Web app testing is a type of software testing that tests the functionality of a web application to validate its quality as per its specific requirements. Web testing facilitates the discovery of bugs and errors on a day-to-day basis. 

Web app testing is a significant part of software testing and development. Every new modification to code poses a risk of bugs appearing in the system. Fixing these errors and bugs can be a costly affair. So, the right web testing solution can effectively help you save time and money while developing your web application.

The Global App Testing platform lets you perform tests on nearly any device, browser, or desktop OS. GAT’s professional tester network will run your web app through the gauntlet, rigorously testing it from every angle to ensure it's working, bug-free for your release. 

GAT’s web app testing:

  • Pushes your app to its limits so you don’t miss edge cases
  • Provides high-quality results through either an in-house moderation team or via the on-demand platform
  • Performs thorough cross-device and cross-browser testing
  • Can be performed in production or via test environments, depending on your preference.


Mobile app testing

Mobile app testing is the process of testing application software developed for mobile devices (like those you find on the App Store) to check for usability, functionality, and consistency. Mobile app testing uses a variety of testing methods like interface testing, compatibility testing, and more. Each of these methods tests a particular aspect of the mobile app.

For example, compatibility testing checks the deployment of the app across different devices and OSs, like Android and iOS. Usability testing checks the app for its ease of use so it can provide a positive user experience.

Mobile app testing with GAT performs tests with real users on real devices to ensure a consistent digital experience for end-users. Real data in context will give you a competitive edge in app development. An estimated 62% of mobile users will delete an app if it has bugs.

GAT’s collaborative approach to testing maximizes release speed at every release. We facilitate a seamless end-to-end journey for you to sync actionable results reporting with top bug tracking and project management software. Once again, we can provide mobile app testing via test environments or in production, it’s up to you.

percentage report

Localized app testing

Localization app testing is a software testing process that checks that an app or website is performing to its full capacity and functionality in a particular location. Localization is one of the most important steps in a company’s growth plans, especially if planning a foray into foreign markets.

Businesses need to customize their software products for the target language or region. Localized app testing verifies the accuracy and suitability of this content. At GAT, too, we also provide linguistic QA, which checks for any cultural and linguistic faux pas, in addition to testing standard UX.

GAT’s localized app testing solutions offer a global testing framework that minimizes risk on device configuration. Leverage a global network of testers to improve your apps based on valuable insights from real users. Discover localized issues that impact your ability to compete against local incumbents.

With GAT’s robust testing solutions, you can assure end-users that your software products are specifically designed for them. So, whether you’re launching a SaaS platform or a new social media app, localized app testing can ensure the product’s success in consumer markets and generate positive user reviews.

Why choose Global App Testing?

Global App Testing has been selected as one of the top late stage companies in Tech Nation’s Future Fifty 9.0 cohort for 2021. GAT’s test management team operates as an extension of your in-house team to help develop a long-term QA strategy that can consistently deliver higher quality software at speed.

GAT’s testing solutions take on manual testing tasks so you can focus on more important aspects of the testing process and deliver high-quality products. Integrations with your existing tools let you execute manual testing at DevOps speed.

With GAT you can have access to:

  • Fresh insight on your apps from working with some of the top teams in the world, with every tests having been vigorously vetted for quality
  • Wider device/OS testing coverage than in-house options
  • A dedicated customer success manager focused on continuous improvement every time you run a test
  • Detailed, actionable reporting that includes videos and screenshots
  • High impact and high speed testing with your existing tools



Global App Testing is one of the top Applause competitors in the market today. GAT’s testing solutions are designed to enable a seamless integration with your existing CI/CD and DevOps tools and enhance your workflows. 

GAT also facilitates collaboration between teams by integrating your test results with advanced bug tracking software. Everything we offer, too, comes with the highest possible security standards, as evidenced by our ISO 270001 certification. 

You can provide your test builds in multiple ways. Distribution platforms like Testflight are a popular choice for this. GAT can test in production or via test environments, depending on your preference. With GAT, you can rest easy about the qualification of testers.

Every tester undergoes a rigorous selection process before they’re included in the GAT network. This includes submitting various documents like their registration information and signed NDAs, followed by an online assessment that tests their QA knowledge and experience. What’s more, we pay testers per high-impact bug. That means they’re incentivized to find the bugs that will have the most impact on your products, resulting in higher quality service across the board. 

So, if you are looking to release high-quality software at scale, Global App Testing is the right company for you.

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