8 Best software testing blogs to follow in 2024

It is essential for those working in software quality assurance and testing to stay updated on the latest trends and practices in the industry. Following influential QA and software testing blogs is a practical way to achieve this. However, with so many blogs available, it can be challenging to find the most informative ones.

To help you, we have curated a list of the best software testing blogs to follow. This compilation features influential software testing experts and their blogs, each offering a wealth of knowledge, from detailed how-to guides to insightful experiences, attractive to both newcomers and seasoned professionals. Read along to connect with key thought leaders and ensure you are always in the loop!

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1. Global App Testing blog


The Global App Testing blog is a specialized resource regarding quality assurance (QA), app testing, and related fields. It targets a diverse audience, including engineers, QA, product, and localization teams. The blog extensively covers a wide range of software testing aspects, including functional, usability, localization, and accessibility testing. This makes it a one-stop resource for comprehensive insights into the field.

What makes this blog unique?

  • Diverse content for varied audiences: It provides articles suitable for different professionals involved in software development. The content ranges from specific testing methodologies and emerging trends to practical advice on effective testing strategies. It also provides professional interviews with relevant QA experts in the industry.
  • Focus on practical application: The blog stands out for its real-world focus, featuring case studies and success stories. These illustrate how Global App Testing's services have made tangible impacts on businesses, adding practicality and relevance to the content.
  • Global testing practices: Insightful articles on global testing practices are a highlight. Topics such as testing in multiple countries, rapid localization testing, and device compatibility are explored in detail.
  • Regular updates with wide-ranging insights: The blog is frequently updated, providing new perspectives on diverse software testing challenges encountered on various platforms. Additionally, it supplies helpful guides and solutions to address these challenges.
  • Resources for more profound understanding: Various playbooks, guides, and webinars are valuable tools for teams looking to enhance the quality and efficiency of their software on a global scale. These resources are especially beneficial for in-depth learning about QA and testing practices and are free to use.

2. The Test Guild blog


TestGuild encompasses a blog, podcast, and online conference, serving as a cost-effective educational platform for software engineering. Its primary focus is assisting testers and organizations in excelling at test automation. The blog covers various topics, including automation testing, performance testing, security testing, and general software testing. While it doesn't adhere to a fixed posting schedule, readers can expect new content at least once every two months.

What makes this blog unique?

  • Emphasis on automation testing trends: The blog provides insights into the latest developments in automation testing, helping professionals stay abreast of industry changes.
  • In-depth tool reviews: It offers comprehensive reviews and recommendations for a variety of testing tools, invaluable for those looking to integrate new technologies into their workflow.
  • Practical guides and tips: Readers can find actionable advice, like crafting more reliable automation tests, beneficial for testers at all expertise levels.
  • Advanced testing topics: The blog explores complex areas such as AI in test management and enterprise testing strategies, reflecting a deep understanding of the testing landscape.
  • Expert insights from industry professionals: Incorporating interviews with hundreds of experts adds real-world perspectives and enriches the blog's content.
  • Podcast integration: Featuring podcasts with test engineers and specialists, it provides an engaging auditory learning option.
  • Community involvement: With its connection to webinars, courses, and conferences, the blog fosters a strong sense of community among testing professionals.

3. On Test Automation


The blog "On Test Automation" by Bas Dijkstra is dedicated to enhancing test automation practices for individuals, teams, and organizations. Dijkstra is a renowned expert in the test automation community, and his extensive knowledge and experience add significant credibility and depth to the blog.

What makes this blog unique?

  • Practical tutorials: It includes hands-on tutorials, such as how to handle multipart requests in RestAssured.Net and discussions on API security vulnerabilities.
  • Real-world applications and case studies: The blog frequently covers real-world scenarios and case studies, making it an invaluable resource for professionals seeking practical applications of test automation concepts.
  • Educational resources and workshops: More than just a blog, it's a platform for Dijkstra's training and mentoring services, offering free public workshops and other educational opportunities for continuous learning in test automation.
  • Community engagement: The blog encourages community interaction by hosting workshops and training sessions, facilitating professional development in the field.
  • Personal reflections and professional insights: Dijkstra shares his personal journey and professional insights, adding a unique and relatable perspective to the blog.

4. A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball


Maaret Pyhäjärvi's blog, "A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball," specializes in software testing, highlighting areas such as test automation, exploratory testing, and the professional development of testers. While there isn't a set schedule for new posts, readers can expect updates at least once a month. This blog takes a comprehensive look at testing through a historical lens, examining its evolution and future trends. It delves into a wide range of subjects encompassing testing methodologies, test automation, public speaking in the tech domain, and approval testing, offering a rich tapestry of insights for professionals in the field.

What makes this blog unique?

  • Personal insights: Maaret shares her extensive experience, offering unique perspectives on software testing, including her challenges and learnings, which are valuable for testers at all levels.
  • Advanced testing concepts: The blog delves into sophisticated testing methods like model-based testing, demonstrating a deep comprehension of complex testing environments.
  • Real-world case studies: It discusses practical applications and case studies, providing tangible insights into the application of testing concepts in real scenarios.
  • Educational and inspirational: The blog serves as both an educational resource, covering various testing practices, and a source of inspiration through stories of personal and professional growth.
  • Team dynamics and management: Unique posts explore the impact of team dynamics and management styles on testing efficiency, adding a human element to the technical discussions.

5. Think Like a Tester


Kristin Jackvony's blog, "Think Like a Tester," is dedicated to software testing with a focus on enhancing logical reasoning and critical thinking in the testing process. This blog is updated several times a week with concise, informative articles, providing insights into various testing topics.

What makes this blog unique?

  • Emphasis on logical misconceptions: The blog uniquely explores different logical fallacies and their relevance to software testing, aiding testers and developers in identifying and avoiding common errors in their approach.
  • A wide array of testing topics: It covers a diverse range of subjects, from automation challenges and exploratory testing to developing effective testing strategies.
  • Practical insights and solutions: Kristin offers actionable advice to address common software testing issues, presenting solutions and strategies that enhance testing practices.
  • Experience-based expertise: Drawing from her experiences as a seasoned tester, Kristin lends credibility and a personal perspective to her writing, sharing valuable lessons from her professional journey.
  • Educational resources: Beyond problem discussion, the blog provides a variety of educational materials, including articles and podcasts, making it a well-rounded resource for software testers seeking to deepen their knowledge.

6. Smart Bear blog


The SmartBear blog is a thorough resource containing a broad spectrum of software development and testing blog posts. It covers various facets of software development and testing, like test automation, API testing, and performance testing, and it is a valuable asset for diverse professionals in the field. While keeping pace with evolving industry trends and technologies, such as artificial intelligence in test automation, the blog offers insights into the forefront of industry developments.

What makes this blog unique?

  • Actionable advice and best practices: It provides readers with practical tips and established best practices to enhance their software development and testing methods, making it especially useful for those seeking implementable strategies.
  • Insights from industry experts: Featuring articles by seasoned experts, the blog delivers in-depth knowledge and professional viewpoints, enriching the content with authority and experience.
  • Educational resources: Including tutorials and guides, it is a valuable learning platform for individuals at all levels of software testing and development expertise.
  • Updates on industry news: The blog keeps its readers up-to-date with the latest happenings and software testing and development trends.

7. LambdaTest blog


The LambdaTest blog is a software testing resource emphasizing modern practices, tools, and technologies. Its wide-ranging content includes automation testing, Selenium testing, browser compatibility testing, and CI/CD practices, making it invaluable for software testers and developers. The blog is updated almost daily, reflecting a solid commitment to providing timely and relevant information.

What makes this blog unique?

  • Integration with LambdaTest platform: The blog uniquely integrates with LambdaTest's cloud-based cross-browser testing tool, offering practical tips for effectively using their services and tools.
  • Latest technologies and trends: Readers are kept informed about new developments in software testing, including updates on tools, programming languages, and frameworks.
  • Practical guides and tutorials: The blog has user-friendly guides, tutorials, and best practices suitable for novice and experienced software testing professionals.
  • Industry news and updates: LambdaTest ensures its readers are well-informed about the latest software releases, updates to testing tools, and industry events.
  • Community engagement and expert contributions: The blog fosters an interactive learning environment by featuring diverse expert opinions and encouraging community discussions.
  • Educational and inspirational content: Beyond technical guidance, it offers content focused on professional development and motivation, catering to the broader needs of testers and developers.



TESTHEAD, authored by Michael Larsen, is a blog that delivers a distinct, personal viewpoint on software testing. Larsen writes about continuous testing, integrating artificial intelligence in testing, and applying agile practices. He updates the blog frequently, featuring interviews with leading software testers on various topics. The blog explores various subjects, including software delivery, development, testing, and insights into online test conferences. Larsen also uses his blog to promote his co-authored book "Software Testing Strategies," demonstrating his expertise and commitment to the testing domain.

What makes this blog unique?

  • Personal insights and experiences: Michael Larsen brings a personal angle to his blog, sharing experiences and lessons from his career adding depth to the discussions.
  • Real-world scenarios and case studies: The blog is a practical resource with discussions on real-world scenarios and case studies, offering applied perspectives on testing.
  • Analysis of industry trends: Larsen thoughtfully analyzes current trends and developments, providing critical insights into the software testing industry.
  • Integration of broad topics: The blog delves into more comprehensive subjects, such as psychology in software development, offering a comprehensive view of the field.

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Why should I follow software testing blogs?

Following software testing blogs keeps you updated with the latest trends, tools, techniques, and industry best practices. It's a great way to learn from experienced professionals and stay connected with the software testing community.

What kind of topics do software testing blogs cover?

Software testing blogs cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to test automation, manual testing strategies, QA processes, new tools and technologies, industry trends, case studies, and professional development tips for testers.

Can beginners in software testing benefit from these blogs?

Yes, many software testing blogs provide beginner-friendly content, including tutorials, basic concepts, and step-by-step guides, making them a valuable resource for newcomers to the field.

Do software testing blogs provide practical advice or just theoretical knowledge?

Most blogs aim to provide a mix of both practical advice and theoretical knowledge, with many offering real-life case studies, how-to guides, and reviews of tools and methodologies.

Do software testing blogs discuss the latest software testing tools?

Yes, many blogs review and discuss the latest tools and technologies in software testing, providing valuable insights into their features, benefits, and practical applications.

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