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If you're contemplating transitioning to or from Bugcrowd, chances are you're compiling a list of potential alternatives. To simplify your decision-making process, we've curated the following list to kickstart your software testing journey! Here is a shortlist of suppliers to compare Bugcrowd with:
1. Global App Testing
2. HackerOne
3. Intigriti
4. YesWeHack

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Our shortlist: top 4 Bugcrowd alternatives for advanced testing

As you look into other options besides Bugcrowd, think about how each platform fits your testing needs. Here are some excellent choices, each with its own unique features to improve your software testing.

1. HackerOne


HackerOne is a platform dedicated to vulnerability management and bug bounty programs. Its offerings span across cloud security, application security, and attack resistance management, catering to industries such as finance, government, and federal sectors.

Key features according to their website

Comprehensive solutions: HackerOne provides a wide range of hacker-powered security solutions, including HackerOne Bounty, HackerOne Challenge, and HackerOne Response, which can be fully customized to suit individual customer requirements.
Tailored offerings: Customers can tailor their security programs with features such as security clearance, public disclosure management, CWE, CVSS, triggers, communications responses, SLAs, payments, customizable workflows, parent-child programs, multi-party vulnerability coordination, live hacking events, and more.
Expert delivery: The company offers expert management, mediation, and PR support, along with flexible custom triage services, acting as an extension of customers' security teams.

2. Intigriti


Intigriti is a global crowdsourced security provider that combines bug bounty programs' flexibility with the structured approach of traditional penetration testing. This platform specializes in ongoing, authentic security evaluations dedicated to assisting corporations in protecting their assets and brand integrity. What sets Intigriti apart is its reliance on a community of ethical hackers who simulate the tactics of potential threats to assess the client's security measures.

Key features according to their website

As outlined on their website, the services are grouped into three main categories:

1. Bug Bounty:

  • Secure hosting of bug bounty programs on their platform.
  • Access to continuous security assessments from their extensive community of over 90,000 hackers.

2. Intigriti's Vulnerability Disclosure Program:

  • Proactive management of vulnerability disclosures amidst evolving technology.
  • Utilization of the Intigriti platform for structured incident anticipation by your team.

3. Hybrid Pentest:

  • Cost-efficient and scalable penetration testing with their ethical hacking community.
  • Streamlined backend operations and a focus on impact, leading to significant cost savings compared to traditional pen testing methods.

Additionally, there are also some vital features, such as:

  • Real-time reporting: Clients can monitor live updates and reports via Intigriti's platform throughout the testing process and receive a detailed final report upon completion.
  • Compliance support: Intigriti's Hybrid PenTests are designed to support compliance-focused security testing, offering attestation letters to meet compliance requirements.

3. YesWeHack


YesWeHack operates as a worldwide Bug Bounty and VDP Platform, providing companies with a cybersecurity solution. Through Bug Bounty (pay-per-vulnerability discovered), YesWeHack bridges ethical hackers from various countries with organizations to fortify their exposed scopes and report vulnerabilities in their websites, mobile apps, infrastructure, and connected devices.

Key features according to their website 

1. Bug Bounty:

  • A crowdsourced, platform-driven approach that operates on a pay-for-results basis, aligning vulnerability assessment with your security, IT, and business needs.

2. Vulnerability disclosure policy:

  • Secure channel for security researchers seeking to alert you to potentially critical vulnerabilities.
  • Structured and user-friendly reporting framework that adheres to industry standards and regulatory guidelines advocated by agencies such as NIST, ENISA, and CISA, as well as required by ISO 29147 and ISO 30111.

3. Pentest management:

  • Enhance the user experience for pentesters and streamline reporting processes, thereby saving time for your teams and enabling a focus on remediation efforts.

4. Attack surface management:

  • Comprehensive, real-time overview of your exposed and vulnerable assets.
  • Testing and remediation efforts based on identified risks and exposures, directing resources toward addressing the most critical vulnerabilities and assets.

Is Global App Testing a bugcrowd competitor?


We'll be honest –- if you're searching for alternative businesses to create a supplier shortlist similar to Bugcrowd, we'd appreciate being on your radar. But we’re not exactly a Bugcrowd competitor. Bugcrowd and Global App Testing utilise similar technology. But while Bugcrowd is focused on cybersecurity, Global App Testing is focused on functional bugs, payments testing, and UX issues.

Global App Testing offers on-demand testing services to help businesses ensure their applications perform seamlessly across various devices, operating systems, and markets. We provide an efficient solution for conducting real-world testing on a global scale, leveraging a network of professional testers to identify bugs and usability issues that may go unnoticed in controlled lab environments.

Why should you choose Global App Testing?

Scalable crowdsourced testing: Our approach combines the scalability of crowdsourced testing with detailed analytics, robust integration capabilities, and a comprehensive testing suite.
A global network of testers: With over 90,000 vetted, professional testers worldwide, we ensure thorough testing under real-world conditions.
Streamlined testing process: Clients outline specific testing tasks or scenarios, which are then distributed to testers who match the project's criteria. Real-time feedback and reports are provided through our platform, facilitating quick issue identification and resolution.
Quality Assurance: Each bug report and feedback item undergoes validation for accuracy and relevance, ensuring clients receive actionable data.

Key features

Here's an overview of the key features and services we provide:
Functional and UX testing: GAT offers functional testing to ensure software operates as intended and UX testing to enhance user experience, pinpointing usability issues and confirming feature alignment with design specifications.
Testing across SDLC stages: Support for testing throughout various stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including design, development, release, and live product stages, aiding in early issue detection and continuous improvement.
Diverse test types: GAT covers a wide array of testing types, including functional, usability, localization, accessibility, and compatibility testing.
Global coverage: Testing conducted in over 190 countries ensures comprehensive global coverage, especially beneficial for localization and internationalization testing, ensuring apps meet the needs of diverse local markets.
Integrations: Seamless integration with popular tools like Jira, TestRail, GitHub, and Zephyr streamlines incorporation into existing workflows.
Add-on services: In addition to standard testing, we offer supplementary services like test case build, competitor benchmarking, and consultancy for a more tailored testing experience.
Test Case execution and exploratory testing: GAT supports both scripted test case execution and exploratory testing, allowing testers to uncover unexpected bugs and usability issues.
Quality Assurance and Test Management: Detailed bug reports, video support, and reproducibility steps ensure high software quality. The platform provides comprehensive insights into test cases and results.
Custom solutions for long-term strategy: GAT can be customized to align with long-term testing strategies, offering solutions tailored to various stages from design to production.

Why is cybersecurity important?

Cybersecurity is indispensable in safeguarding various forms of data against theft and loss, including sensitive data, protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, and government and business information systems. One of the most pressing challenges is ransomware, a trend expected to persist into 2024. The Internet of Things (IoT) presents significant vulnerabilities, as hackers exploit connected devices like smartwatches, baby monitors, and smart fridges to access personal devices containing sensitive information. Compromised data security also stems from inadequate encryption, authentication practices, and poor cloud settings.
For businesses, cybersecurity entails protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, networks, and data from malicious attacks and unauthorized access. Five essential types of cybersecurity measures include:

  • Application security
  • Critical infrastructure security
  • Network security
  • Internet of Things (IoT) security
  • Cloud security.

How can Global App Testing help – 10 key security benefits

These are stand-out features of security policies at Global App Testing:

1. Data security excellence

Global App Testing prioritizes data and security, a significant reason many businesses choose our services. Our stringent security measures ensure your data's integrity, availability, and confidentiality. Achieving ISO 27001 Certification in 2023 underscores our commitment to meeting the highest global security standards.

2. Robust network and system policies

Our platform operates exclusively on Amazon Web Services (AWS), benefitting from their advanced physical data center and network architecture designed to meet the needs of the most security-sensitive organizations. AWS holds various certifications, including ACIPA SOC 2, ISO 27001, and ISO 27017, ensuring the highest level of hosting provider security.

3. Encryption and Data protection

We employ robust encryption protocols to safeguard all applications, databases, and storage, ensuring data remains encrypted at rest and promptly replicated. Our encryption standards include 356-bit AES encryption, managed through AWS key management services.

4. Authentication and Access control:

Global App Testing utilizes Auth0 for authentication, offering single sign-on (SSO) technology through Google G Suite Directory. This ensures strong password policies and multi-factor authentication, enhancing access control and security.

5. Disaster recovery and Business continuity:

With disaster recovery and business continuity plans integrated into our Information Security Management System (ISMS), we maintain high availability infrastructure in multiple regions, including Ireland and Stockholm. Our professional crowd of testers and test managers are available 24/7 to ensure rapid recovery in case of a disaster.

6. Firewall protection:

All incoming traffic undergoes Cloudflare with Web Application Firewall enabled, safeguarding our platform from malicious internet traffic. We strictly negotiate TLS at minimum version 1.2, ensuring all web traffic is transmitted through a secure SSL channel.

7. Product security measures:

We adhere to secure development procedures, implementing layers of load balancers and reverse proxies for all REST and GraphQL requests. Regular external web penetration tests and a bug bounty program further enhance our product security, ensuring timely identification and resolution of vulnerabilities.

8. Employee and IT security:

We prioritize employee security through mandatory security and privacy awareness training, encompassing ISO 27001 compliance and data security policies. Each employee undergoes a referral check to ensure trustworthiness.

9. Secure Build Distribution:

We employ proactive measures to protect unreleased builds, apps, and websites, ensuring secure distribution via platforms like TestFlight, App Center, or Firebase. Our testers sign NDAs, and we offer additional security layers through safelisting via VPNs, IPs, or email domains.

10. GDPR compliance:

Global App Testing adheres to GDPR regulations, with all employees undergoing mandatory security and privacy awareness training. Our policies and procedures, aligned with ISO 27001 certification, prioritize risk monitoring, system improvements, and stringent hiring practices to uphold data privacy.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, don't hesitate to schedule a call with our QA specialist!

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