9 Continuous Testing Trends for QA Professionals

Continuous testing? Shifting left? What about automation testing? How do all of these things tie together and are they the same thing? The landscape for QA right now can be incredibly confusing and difficult to traverse. Luckily for you we've picked out the 9 top (in no specific order) articles you need to read to help understand how you can shift left, testcontinuously and improve your QA. 

1. To Shift Left or to Shift Right? Continuous Testing is Everyone's Responsibility

The onus for shifting left is everyone within the organisation. QA's, developers, engineers and DevOps professionals must be incorporating testing to improve the speed of delivery.

shift left continuous testing

2. Why Shift-Left Testing Is Critical for Enhancing Software Quality

By incorporating testers from the start of the production process, defects can be found and resolved that much quicker. You end up with effective use of time and resources, enhanced test coverage and effective collaboration.

shift left continuous testing coverage


3. How Your Software Team Can Successfully Adopt a Shift-Left Approach 

In order to shift-left, the whole team and development process needs to be onboard and ready. This means working out roles, descriptions and processes for doing it right.

Shift left continuous testing team


4. Shift Left: Find defects earlier through automated test and deployment [webinar]

Who doesn't love a good webinar? For all those visual learners in the crowd, this webinar includes best practices from IBM customers to learn from.

Shift left continuous testing webinar


5. Continuous Testing in DevOps...

Dan Ashby built out this amazing graphic to illustrate exactly where testing should occur when operating within a DevOps environment. As you can see, it basically means you should be testing at every single point of the DevOps release setup!

Dan Ashby continuous testing model


6. Continuous testing in a fast-paced agile and DevOps world

Legacy tools, software development and processes are a thing of the past. Yet companies often think of DevOps and Agile without thinking about the testing process. How do all 3 ideas play nice with each other?

Shift left continuous testing devops agile


7. Continuous Testing vs. Test Automation: 3 Key Differences

There is often a thought that continuous testing == test automation. However, there are 3 key differences that should help clear up this notion and prove that continuous testing â‰  test automation.

Shift left continuous testing devops automation - 3 key differences


8. 3 ways to get in shape for Continuous Testing

You can't just start continuous testing. It might be tempting to dive right in and find quick, easy wins for your company but that would be a mistake. Instead, get in shape and get ready!

Shift left continuous testing devops get in shape first!


9. How to adjust QA for Continuous Integration

Dealing with continuous integration and QA, at the same time, can be a cause for major headaches. Find out how you can and should adjust your QA for this particular approach to software delivery.

Continuous integration and QA at the same time? Are you crazy?


These articles should help you gain a fundamental understanding of the current landscape for continuous testing, shifting left, agile and continuous integration! Do you have any favourite articles on the subject that should be listed here? If so, drop them in the comments below!

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