5 Testbirds alternatives to Consider in 2024

Testbirds is a crowdtesting provider dedicated to assisting clients in crafting digital products that resonate with users. Specializing in crowdtesting, bug tracking, usability, UX testing, and compatibility testing, Testbirds boasts a vast global tester pool, emphasizing functionality and UX. But if you're thinking of using Testbirds, you're probably putting together a supplier shortlist. We'd love to be on it; but there's lots of amazing companies you should consider in addition to Testbirds and Global App Testing.

If you're exploring Testbirds alternatives, read on for more insights!

5 Testbirds alternative you should consider

Let’s start with Global App Testing, our first pick, and why we feel it’s the number 1 Testbidaltenative, followed by Digivante, QA Mentor, UserFeel, and Ubertesters.

1. Global App Testing – "functional and UX testing in your workflow at speed" 

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Why is Global AppTesting included in this list?

GAT is the leading end-to-end functional testing solution to help you solve your QA challenges.
What does the software do? Global App Testing offers on-demand QA testing services and specializes in integrating usability testing throughout the software development life cycle.
GAT helps you find and fix high-impact bugs in your app or website by testing it in real-world scenarios. We use a mix of customized tests to discover new issues and check to make sure everything works as it should. 

You can run tests either manually on the platform or automatically through our versatile API – choose the option that suits you best.

Who is the software targeted at?

This software is aimed at QA, product, and engineering teams. The most notable clients are Facebook, Google, Verizon, Microsoft, BBC, TripAdvisor, and more.

Key features

GAT offers multiple testing solutions:
Functional Testing

  • Prioritized testing of major functions
  • Utilization of a combination of test automation and human testing methodologies.

Exploratory Testing

  • Ad hoc testing with 15-20 experienced testers for quick feedback.
  • Results are provided within 36 hours, including videos, logs, and screenshots.

Regression Testing

  • Dedicated QA engineers and testers for quick quality assurance.
  • Adaptation to your product's maturity level, applying relevant regression testing.

Test Case Execution

  • Coding expertise for in-depth examination of source code functionality.
  • Unique workflows tailored to your app or program, combining crowdtesting and testing software.

Usability Testing

  • Evaluation of real-world user experience across different devices and platforms.

Web App Testing

  • Quality assessment for web apps, identifying pre- and post-release bugs.
  • Customized testing at any stage, with options for automated testing using GAT API.

Mobile App Testing

  • Real-device testing for mobile apps, ensuring compatibility, usability, and performance.
  • Emulator-free approach for accurate and realistic results, facilitating quick turnarounds.

Localized App Testing

  • Verification of app functionality and adherence to local laws and regulations.
  • Coverage of 190+ countries for swift identification of local issues.

Accessibility testing

  • The accessibility testing program, led by WCAG-trained and accredited testers, provides comprehensive coverage for AA compliance.
  • Partnering with Inclusive Access, GAT incorporates real impaired testers for diverse scenarios, ensuring a thorough evaluation.
Test Analysis

  • Comprehensive bug reports with screenshots, test details, videos, and environmental data.
  • Integration with existing workflows via API and compatibility with bug trackers like Jira and GitHub.
Fast Test Results

  • Expedited results delivery, including exploratory test results, in under 48 hours.
  • Quick turnaround for test case execution results (less than two hours) and detailed bug reports (under 36 hours).


  • Integrations with popular tools like Jira, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Sprintly, DoneDone, Asana, and Basecamp.
  • Facilitation of smooth communication and collaboration among team members.
Security Measures

  • ISO 27001 audit completion, ensuring adherence to top security standards.
  • Hosting by AWS with SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance guarantees robust data security.
  • Encryption using 256-bit AES encryption and multi-factor authentication for user access.
  • Utilization of Auth0 for secure authentication and Cloudflare with Web Application Firewall for traffic security.


  • The company quickly adapts to changes in workflow, to create a positive  experience.
  • Testing in the staging environment, not just on live products, provides flexibility and thorough testing options.
  • Quick response times, with complete results within 6 or 48 hours, enable teams to address issues, optimizing release velocity promptly.
  • With 24/7 test launch availability, users can release updates and receive results over the weekend, enhancing flexibility.
  • The software simplifies replicating issues, providing the whole environment, test details, and video evidence for efficient bug resolution.
  • Advanced targeting and comprehensive test coverage help discover bugs impacting old OS and devices.
  • Generated written and video documentation supports prioritization and resolution of engineering tickets.
  • Launch tests in 190+ countries and territories for extensive global coverage.
  • Live user testing and feedback to identify critical issues before public release.
  • The software supports general regression tests and deep dives into specific features, ensuring a quality user experience and preventing potential crashes.
  • Supports projects with small headcounts by identifying gaps in project structure around testing, which benefits small startups without dedicated QA teams.

2. Digivante – "Release software that works how it's supposed to" 


Why is DIGIVANTE included in this list?

Digivante specializes in digital performance analysis and continuous testing for websites and applications.

What does the software do?

Leveraging a vast global team of quality assurance testers, Digivante aims to rectify digital issues on a site or app level.  Its capacity to deliver extensive testing services within a specified timeframe sets it apart, making it a valuable Testbird alternative.  Furthermore, the company provides a comprehensive digital performance platform, empowering businesses to enhance customer experience and boost their revenues.

Who is the software targeted at?

Digivante is aimed at QA leaders, digital product owners, and technology and software engineering leaders. Their most notable clients include Specsavers, Gymshark, and Strawberry Soup.

What do DIGIVANTE list as key features?

Digivante provides a comprehensive range of services, including:
Rich User Insight

  • Beyond defect detection, you also get detailed insights into user issues, enhancing your understanding of customers' digital expectations for future development.
Regression Testing

  • Fast and thorough regression testing at scale, leveraging a professional community of testers and incorporating test automation for maximum efficiency.
Accessibility Testing

  • Covering 79 test cases based on WCAG guidelines, the accessibility testing ensures a positive user experience for all users, emphasizing digital inclusivity.
Localization Testing

  • In-depth testing by local testers in various markets ensures your website or app reflects local knowledge, culture, and standards, avoiding inauthentic experiences.
Cross-Browser Testing

  • It identifies potential problems before reaching the customer and ensures consistent performance across all platforms.
Usability Testing:

  • Working with real users in their natural environments, we document interactions to optimize the user experience, identifying issues and areas for improvement.
Exploratory Testing

  • Testers matching your audience profile are selected to improve conversions and stability by replicating random, unscripted, real-world behavior.
Payment Testing

  • It goes beyond functional issues, incorporating performance and usability testing to enhance the customer journey.


  • Testing is conducted by a diverse community of QA and UX professionals spanning 149 countries, providing a broad range of perspectives to identify niche issues.
  • Defects undergo internal team cross-checks before reaching the client, as the entire community of vetted testers reviews reported issues, ensuring the client receives a usable volume of bugs.
  • The testing community's performance is actively managed, with rigorous steps for tester inclusion, expectations for defect quality, adherence to test scope, instructions, language, and defect articulation.
  • High testing speed accelerates sprint execution, allowing defects to be identified, categorized, and prioritized with recreation steps and videos within 72 hours.
  • Digivante's testing community matches worldwide demographics and encompasses diverse locations, ages, ethnicities, and genders.
  • Agile testing aligns with client methodologies and sprint patterns, which is crucial for companies following agile practices in software development.

3. QA Mentor – "Best for optimizing cost-efficiency"


Why is QA Mentor included in this list?

QA Mentor employs efficient and effective testing methodologies encompassing Security Testing, Automation Testing, Compatibility Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing, Static Testing, and the creation of a Traceability Matrix.

What does the software do?

Founded to enhance organizations' QA processes, QA Mentor offers 37 distinct quality assurance testing types and 24 services, many exclusive to the company. 
With a global presence and a pool of over 1500 crowdsourced testers, QA Mentor employs a unique blend of onshore and offshore resources to optimize client cost efficiency.

Who is the software targeted at?

They support over 250 clients across nine diverse industries, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 organizations, offering a hybrid approach featuring flexible on-demand testing services and solutions at cost-effective rates.
Some of their stand-out clients are Bosch, HTC, Afex, and City.

What do QA mentor list as key features?

The QA Mentor crowdsourcing service has a variety of testing types, including:

Functional Testing

  • QA mentor is designed to ensure that their application operates as designed in various scenarios, employing techniques such as white box testing, black box testing, unit testing, and user acceptance testing.
Compatibility testing

  • It employs tools and methodologies to pinpoint issues and enhance efficiency in applications, ensuring an optimal user experience across diverse setups, including add-ons, mobile platforms, and connection speeds.
Security Testing

  • Security testing encompasses reviewing design specifications, formulating a test plan with test cases, executing the plan, logging defects, and retesting after addressing identified issues.
Mobile Testing

  • It involves evaluating mobile applications for functionality, usability, compatibility across diverse devices and platforms, and occasionally, compatibility with other mobile applications.
Automation testing

  • Integration with test management, defect management, and continuous integration tools to ensure comprehensive traceability and automate the entire lifecycle.
Regression testing

  • Following the implementation of a patch or bug fixes within regular software development cycles, conduct manual or automated regression testing—to verify that the applied changes did not negatively impact other system components.
Integration testing

  • Essential expertise and oversight to address communication flaws within your module, aiming to identify errors early, minimize costs, and mitigate risks.
Database testing

  • This testing enables a thorough review of functional specifications, the creation of a comprehensive test plan, rapid test execution, assistance in addressing defects, and iterative retesting until the project is completed.
Performance testing

  • Performance testing services encompass various aspects to assess software and hardware thoroughly, reveal weaknesses, and establish benchmarks to pinpoint when and where issues may arise.


  • Team of 300 QA resources across 6 countries, covering various time zones.
  • Serving 437 clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies in 28 countries
  • Expertise in supporting applications across 9 diverse industries.
  • A comprehensive range of services, including crowdsourced testing with 12,000 testers.
  • QA education is provided through corporate training and e-learning.

4. UserFeel – "Best for easy user testing subscription-free"


Why is UserFeel included on this list?

Another Testbirds alternative, UserFeel, is a Pay-as-You-Go User Testing tool that works without a subscription or monthly fee. It offers access to a panel of high-quality testers starting at just $30.

What does the software do?

The platform supports moderated and unmoderated user tests, providing audio and video recordings of testers performing tasks on your application or website. These recordings, accompanied by annotations, facilitate collaboration within your team to enhance the overall user experience of your website.

Who is the software targeted at?

This software is designed for organizations seeking to observe real-time user interactions by tracking mouse movements on their website or app. Simultaneously, users can provide feedback by answering questions and completing designated tasks.

What do they list as key features? 

Here are the most prominent features UserFeel offers:

Worldwide testers

  • A diverse panel of over 850,000 testers proficient in 40 languages, allowing testing in any language, even when testers provide comments in languages you may not understand.
Unmoderated and live moderated user testing

  • Userfeel provides unmoderated and live moderated user testing options, allowing you to choose between quick feedback and detailed insights.
Various device testing

  • Conduct tests on various devices, including desktops, mobiles, and tablets, allowing you to identify issues across different platforms.
Test session video insights

  • Add insights and comments to test session videos, facilitating collaboration and easy sharing of observations with team members.
Video highlights

  • Quickly generate highlights videos showcasing critical issues, enabling effective communication of usability study results within your team.
Multilingual voice transcription

  • An automatic voice transcription for all languages using the Google Speech API, allowing easy search within transcripts.
  • System Usability Scale (SUS) ratings reflect perceived usability for each test session, enabling measurement of website usability evolution over time.


  • Adopting a pay-as-you-go model, you are billed for each interview, eliminating the requirement for monthly or yearly subscriptions.
  • Real-time video recordings, coupled with annotations, provide a vivid depiction of the user experience, aiding in identifying areas for improvement.

5. Ubertesters – "Best flexible and cost-effective way to scale your QA testing"


Why are UberTesters included on this list?

This service offers assistance with software testing and provides user feedback to enhance the digital experience. 

What does the software do?

Ubertesters is a manual mobile app/web testing solution that offers companies a crowd-based approach to testing their applications and IoT devices in real-world scenarios, ensuring a thoroughly tested product launch.
The company also offers a robust Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, allowing organizations to manage the entire mobile testing cycle efficiently, integrating external and internal QA teams.
By consolidating tools and resources into a single dashboard, Ubertesters simplifies the mobile app/web testing process for organizations. 
Boasting a pool of over 25,000 global QA experts, the company claims they enable rapid scaling of QA efforts. 
Clients benefit from receiving testing results in less than 48 hours, with the flexibility to choose any device, carrier, or location.

Who is the software targeted at?

Ubertesters is aimed at organizations looking to leverage the crowd's capabilities for their digital testing and quality assurance (QA) requirements.
Notable clients are Akamai, NetEase games, My Heritage, etc.

What do they list as key features? 

Ubertesters offers the following features:

Exploratory Testing:

  • Potential issues and defects are revealed through dynamic and intuitive testing approaches.
User Experience Testing:

  • Evaluation and enhancing the overall user experience to ensure optimal usability and satisfaction.
Mystery Shopping Testing:

  • Undercover evaluations to assess real-world user interactions and experiences.
Test Cases Execution:

  • Detailed test cases to validate the functionality and performance of your product.
Usability Testing:

  • Assessment of user-friendliness and ease of interaction to optimize overall usability.
Regression Testing:

  • Detection and addressing any unintended impacts on existing functionalities after updates or changes.
Payment Testing:

  • Secure and flawless execution of payment processes within your product.
Localization Testing:

Remote Interviews:

  • Conduct remote interviews to gather valuable insights and user perspectives.
Bug-Hunting Program:

  • Engage testers in proactive bug hunting to identify and resolve potential issues before deployment.


  • Reliable and unbiased perspective on your product or service through the thorough testing of hundreds of qualified quality assurance experts.
  • The flexibility of selecting a precise target audience based on various parameters without incurring additional costs.
  • Access to a vast array of thousands of different devices for comprehensive testing.
  • Quick average turnaround time of 48-72 hours for efficient testing processes.
  • Each client is assigned a personal project manager for personalized support.
  • Top-notch platform equipped with unique functions tailored to suit the needs of any business.

Testbirds Alternatives - which solution to choose?

The ideal Testbirds alternative depends on your needs, budget, and preferences.
But if we would like to summarise, it would look like this:
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